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I went to several interviews and they were all wanting me to have years of experience in their frameworks, although I assured them I could learn to use these frameworks in a reasonable amount of time they wanted years of experience in it before they would hire me. Let me rephrase your wonderful observation. Loved the article. I would rather they go for MD or JD. In my time, there were three “programming” degrees. Have people been deeply scarred by the big tech bubble? This article plus the fact that Indians are hired seems to suggest a local shortage. Compilers, Data Bases, Operating Systems, Telecommunication are essential engineering tools created by excellent CS majors and not by just any CS majors. Big companies hired recent college grads but only from the top of the class. The NCES table quoted is incomplete, listing 59,581 for 2014-15, Here is a list of degree paths to Computer occupations. It really should be 50 % learning, 50 % writing damn code. No new development is taking place and companies which originally got involved now have surplus employees and they are let go. Look a New York, New Jersey, etc., taxi drivers, gas station owners, temple related workers, grocery store owners and such others are not CS majors rather beneficiaries of the best earlier migrants. Programming is a method, not the content itself. Your learning about the architecture of managing info. He’s not really interested in delivering code that does the work as much as proving his code is correct. Thanks for doing this analysis. Software is an assist to everything, but by and large people have bad experiences with it. What need could there possibly be for Von Neumann to code/configure SAP? Then, they immigrated into France. ( no emotion other than surprise! It’s not easy to migrate huge code bases to newer versions of a platform. Rather, I learned how to think from the things I did outside of computer science. Worse, management still thinks they are in the software industry. CS classmates appear stupid (my main turn-off was hearing “nested loops are crazy!”) and other STEM degrees have more interesting knowledge based on the real world which would change slower if ever. It seems to me that most tech recruiters look on CS majors with favor. Most companies want people with 5 years experience. 11.0301 Data Processing and Data Processing Technology/Technician By a generous definition, of the workers in the Bay Area work in tech. There must be other reasons for the 1985 peak. Too many topics in CS too, my expertise has been changing a lot over the years. The CS department did not have a grad program and was crap. Text books are in general, created by contract persons who had never taught a CS degree class. In fact, I feel, Philosophy is one of the most underrated major. So, what is left over is the application areas such as, graphics for automatic lane changing software based on camera input, navigation and so on, or optical instruments in surgery or DNA analysis in medicine, Economic an business modelling and so on. yes, good point, I’ve added another chart that goes back to 1975. Why this is so? So, let’s start with the beginning. Startup stuff doesn’t capture my interest so much. And in order to make the model work they had to take those of us who were good programmers and stop us from programming and have us spend all our time writing specs, reviewing code, doing all that sending of code back to be corrected… really nasty, not enjoyable work. I work for a manag ent consultancy (I specialise in what can best be described as custom and mathematically complex software. (Data referenced in this paragraph comes from this table.) This article plus the fact that Indians are hired seems to suggest a local shortage. Zach likes to write elegant code to solve inelegant problems. Every good programmer I know today is the first to admit that their own early programs were just bad. We have all heard legends of programmers self-taught at 10 or 12 years old and who by 15 started their “serial entrepreneur” careers. They either “get it” or never will. Big successful companies (young and old) recruit CS graduates. So, here again one has to use a guess approach and the final result may be correct or not depends on the assumptions one makes. Consider the building trades. They will never reach that level of skill, ever. You need to keep enough money on hand to get back to a place with a job. Yet another, quality assurance. 32.5% more men earned bachelor’s degrees in the previous decade, a slightly higher rate than 31.5% for women. (Data is via the National Center for Education Statistics, Digest of Education Statistics) That means that the share of people majoring in computer science has decreased, from 3.76% of the all majors in 2005 to 3.14% of all majors in 2015. Many of the students who failed went on to pass in an engineering field, so clearly they weren’t lacking in intelligence, something just never clicked for them. After getting bored with cryptography I went to write code for weapons. With a thread this long, I did not expect to have something to add, but I think I do. If you go deep into the dynamic part of the program or the system behavior, excepting for the syntactical differences, an arithmetic statement is still the same and so on. I agree now that the ’01 bubble explains a lot of the decline afterwards; people graduated into a bad job market and that scared many students away. Then, I moved from MS/DOS in the 80s to Linux, and started to use C. C++ when it became available and Java in the 90s. The industries which thrived have developed all most all tools such as compilers, operating system, Data Base Management and so on, and none of them will be newly developed unless there is a perceived need. It’s as simple as this: Anyone who cares about longevity in their career will avoid software development. So I only got a basic degree and went out of school. I was frustrated with the complex maths required in some parts of the engine. He realized he had no passion for computer science, but felt pressure (from society and home) to choose a “marketable” degree. 52.1201 Management Information Systems, General, Citizens and permanent residents: In 2014, the number of people majoring in CS surpassed the figure in 2005, the previous peak. The well motivated and achievers naturally go Physics, etc. Personal experiences vary but are not helpful to answer the question asked by the author. 7. Copyright © 2018 IDG Communications, Inc. I offer a couple of thoughts. A graph in a 2014 NPR article shows a significant decline in the share of women majoring in computer science from 1984 (where it was over 35%) to 2008 (where it was less than 20%). People want to get into the heads of serial killers, just like the lady on TV. D) Again this simply isn’t true. The market for developers isn’t constrained by some guild like the American Medical Association, which caps the number of people who graduate from med schools in the name of quality control. Then check out our 3-month Career Blueprints to really get going on your path to a fulfilling new career without a new degree. They are made for it, they are, at their young age, already at that best level there is which it took you 10 to 20 years to reach. I was a philosophy major, and no I didn’t select on the basis of its dazzling career prospects. All my fun is optimizing code and having very simple, elegant code. Most jobs don’t expect you to be on a constant learning binge for your career. I majored in electrical engineering but I learned a lot about programming and I work as a programmer today. At the University I attended, we had a great Engineering program with excellent professors, because they all wanted to come and do research there. And finally there is a demand which is constantly being fed by the programmers themselves, which consists of mastering the last fashionable and in so many cases arguably unjustified or simply rediscovered new tech, that makes the contents of any computer major look like selected for extinction within a few years. So, full time teaching is not valued at all, thus having many students is not an encouraging sign for most faculty. I switched from math to computer science about six months ago and have finished most of the CS classes people take in their sophomore year. Even Apple used stock open source tools when it create the compiler for Swift. I wanted to make sure I was prepared for such a transition though, so I began taking some university courses in the area. Suits, Good Wife, lots and lots of others. Remember that no matter the economic climate, companies will always be in need of good, reliable CS professionals. What are the work conditions? Are wages high? That’s more difficult to prove rigorously, but I submit the answer is yes. Major publisher routinely collect the best books, copy right it and dump them, as their contractor No problem - you can still land a job in tech! It could be a huge time sink. Lots of great opinion here. Isn’t it reasonable to expect that people with an aptitude for math, physics, and engineering will also have an aptitude for CS? So, only those who will create intellectual property wealth will be allowed to be here and rest will be packed out. They break anything, write amazing clever code, fast and easily. Sure, you can do basic programming after just reading a book, but the deep understanding, and being able to the really hard stuff in computer science, you do need a university comp. Most companies have their tech division in one of the major tech hubs. If you consider web-dev technology stacks as the hard important knowledge, I’m not sure you understand CS. Does it make sense to investigate all of the ideas emanating from the schools today — or wait patiently until they’re finally ready for general use? Now there are an array of different education options and focusses that teach computing related skills within different domains. A hypothesis. I can believe, though, that it’s possible for a school to do such a bad job of teaching that it’s essentially useless at developing programming skills. I left with a degree in education. If you passed, you would likely graduate. Philosophy major here, working in IT. I would not glance at what students do and immediately derive that they’re hyperrational creatures. CS is a giant logic puzzle with little practical application unless you are making those specific pieces of software. But we all know there are some people that at 15 or 20 years old, they’re already as good as you when you spent all your life learning to do it. Unlike Ph. Knowing what memory addresses and logic gates are, while certainly important, didn’t generate a love of computer science in me. We need to transform the entire programming paradigm, and when that happens, I think that most of what we identify as the classic CS curriculum will become obsolete, at least the parts that aren’t already. Students: state universities admit more students at first to collect per student reimbursement form the state education department. In the end you will find yourself obsolete and know nothing of any value. I absolutely love C++ and optimization once something works fine. Any possible interest in the subject was neglected for years while interest in other subjects was nurtured! You can resubmit your post here without the textbox. They see mechanical, civil, electrical as core fields of study and they will stay green for years to come, (arguably) forever. Perhaps all the professors are too theoretical and would never make it as coders at tech companies. Why one would spend 4 years studying CS and incur student financial debt, when an Indian with a Java boot camp will take his/her job?! I think any university get’s one class to introduce the department and the field to students and my intro class definitely fell short on both accounts. Typical American technical skill does not include management skills and when a CS guy becomes a manager he is miserable and does not know how to deal with creative software developers, and ending up micro managing the staff.

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