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All Rights Reserved. This is how John explains it: He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world. God has all eternity to prove it to the heavens and the earth. That document, titled Dominus Iesus (“The Lord Jesus”), went even more deeply into what it means for Christians to assert that salvation is found in Jesus alone. But Jesus was not only unconscious, He was dead. God is perfect, and expects us to aspire to the same standard. In Placuit Deo, most of these controversies have been avoided, not because the text takes back prior claims, but because its focus is not so much on the uniqueness of salvation in Christ, but rather those factors that make it difficult for modern men and women to believe. For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive. Let’s remember the story of the creditor who forgave those who were indebted to him. Rather, the thing we believe is that Jesus is the Savior, and because He is the Savior, He can therefore be my savior. The Greek word for Jesus comes from the Hebrew word yehoshua, which means “he will save” or “YHVH is salvation.” This name was not given by accident. Even items that are advertised as “free” come at a price. 10), Episode 151: On How Much a Pastor Should Care About His Reputation. Although you may not pay for it, someone, somewhere, in some way, did! According to Catholic teaching, this does not mean that only Christians are saved or that all Christians are saved. Think of God’s mercy as an investment in our future growth. The good news is that God destroyed the curtain that separated us from Him. Lee is the author of the Bell Mountain Series of novels and a contributing editor for our Faith for All of Life magazine. Is this a salvation issue for born-again Christian? As He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). He speaks the truth in love, and that adds hugely to his book’s usefulness in evangelistic relationships. It was regarded as so sacred in ancient Judah that no one would utter it. The Jesus Seminar. The Restored Church of God is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. By using our site, you agree to the use of cookies. The younger folks have no idea!!! You have a better chance of jumping to the moon through practice, practice, practice. Can a person that is saved lose faith and be sent to hell at judgment time? Writing for the LA Times, Richard Boudreaux said that proclaiming Jesus as “the sole redeemer” was “expected to stir unease in Asia and other places where Catholics are a tiny minority” noting that such “exclusive language about salvation” is offensive to Asia’s dominant religions—Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. God will do “tough” love to all His children, since we ALL sinners, to “straighten” us, no matter how long it takes (He has all the time in the world, this or next), even if it is unimaginable zillions of years in His “correctional facility”. Is eternal suffering love? He shows humility and charity even as he strongly affirms the truth that Jesus is the savior of the world. Death is not God’s desire but sin’s wage. Surely He will endlessly forgive all of my sins, the thinking goes. Sin is too serious not to be punished. People certainly can have their own opinions and we can cherry pick various scriptures if we want to bolster a certain view point but I’m thankful that all the religious fervour of the Pharisees who believed they had a strangle hold on what Gods focus was in redemption turned out to be wrong. In love, Dave Rumfelt. “It would be a cruelty if a cure for a dreaded disease were discovered, but not delivered to those suffering from the disease” (p. 239). What about the sun’s rays? Edwards’ tool is reasonable argument — apologetics, if you will. The anti-supernaturalist conclusions of groups like the Jesus Seminar and other quests for the historical Jesus, he argues, “are not determined by unbiased scientific evidence…but by prior convictions and personal beliefs” (32). What I found on your site is the reality of being saved from the moment I asked Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior to come into my heart and life, “Thank You Jesus”. Finally, the kind of person who would perhaps benefit most from this book is the skeptic who is sympathetic to the claims of the Jesus Seminar and other similar scholars. Brothers and sisters, we are being fooled into making something so simple so elite. I believe it is a natural question that will evolve through relationship. Can Christianity maintain that claim in a world as pluralistic as ours? The simplicity should confound the wise. You read scripture with the view that the creator is in competition with the creation, no wonder you are so confused. (Isa 49:6). Jesus and all the apostles exhorted sinners to put their faith in God and be saved. Those who say He isn’t do not have a compelling argument. The problem I have with the “God is sovereign” mantra – apart from the fact that it is absurd, foolish, and unbiblical – is that it promotes passivity, a “she’ll be right” complacency among those who have been commissioned to preach the good news to the lost and the poor. So this is not eternal because it will be abolished and is used by God to destroy the sin nature of humanity so saving humanity, Ever man’s works…. Insightful Post, i really enjoyed this page. God does not intervene and sentence us to death. In other words, human beings do not possess an immortal soul that goes to either “heaven” or “hell” upon death. (For more information, you may wish to read “Should Christians Use Sacred Names?”), Yet we do know the word’s meaning: the “self-existent” One or “the Eternal.” In other words, the Being known as YHVH in ancient Israel has existed forever—for all eternity. Method conveys meaning, and to establish the uniqueness of Jesus by applying modern historiographical methods to the New Testament is finally to make historiography the ultimate authority. Perhaps I didn’t explain Christian Universalism as opposed to Pluralism (all religions are equally valide, all roads lead to God, etc.). Neither do I. Prov. Are you growing spiritually, obeying God’s law more completely? ( Log Out /  Jesus was also fully God—He was human (born of a woman) and divine (begotten by the Father). Now they have packaged it under a new title. (I’m not good with labels.). I know this is against the original intent of this blog entry, but it goes directly to the question “was Jesus the Savior of the whole world” – albeit in a different context. Only God in the flesh could save mankind. Different things, right? But only in Jesus does the full picture come together: “we do not find any support for an uncritical pluralism” in the New Testament (p. 227). The last enemy that shall be abolished is death” (1 Corinthians 15:26) Yet this is what Jesus said: “The Father judges no one, but has entrusted all judgment to the Son” (Joh 5:22). Even those that are born in Grace who are being misled into keeping the Law are still under Grace in spite of what they are taught. What I am talking about is the transformative power of Grace in action. First, though Edwards addresses all the necessary aspects of salvation at some point, he never combines them to make clear the response his readers should have to Jesus’ unique saving act. Growing up Catholic I didn’t receive many answers, only to obey, confess, pray penance, take communion, say the rosary, and go to catechism. What about,all have sinned and come short of gods glory,in that all have any been excluded?ur answer all means all. Is it a bad idea to tell a sinner that they are saved? It was not possible for a dead Jesus to raise Himself. This is not what the gospel is about. 1:21). Think of it like this: While buried in the grave, Jesus was as much “out of it” as a boxer who is knocked out cold. Questions: Can we truly say we believe Christ accomplished His goal on Calvary if we think His goal will never be completely accomplished? Can God fail in His perfect plan (all His ways are perfect), can His love ever fail? God let Himslef and His will be known over time,right? He rose from death! All of the universe is within God’s mind. Now the father had to provide for his son with other means. It could only have happened on the cross. He is exceptionally clear about sin and our need to be forgiven, but he largely skims over Jesus’ call to repentance (e.g. The Father allowed His Son to be put to death for a grand purpose, for He “so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16). To also prove to you that only God is the savior from literal point of view, Jesus cry and pray to God to save him in(john 12:27, mark 15:34, john 20:17, matt. Without His blood, Jesus would not have been able to exist.

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