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195 meters (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night; Star Trek Magazine Issue 156: "Building the Aventine"; ST novel: A Singular Destiny), The Vesta-class design also included landing gear for planetary landings. The variant was a loose hybrid between the standard Vesta and the Aventine variant. The Esquiline variant was built upon the tremendous success of the Rademaker-class and was among the most technologically advanced Federation starships when it was introduced. With all of this new knowledge, actual sensor readings from a ship within Slipstream and some of Starfleet’s own advancements outside of Voyager’s information, it was decided that the Vesta would be designed specifically for Slipstream. The system created a temporary, large fermion field around the starship, which bolstered the Vesta's shields and structural integrity. Service Period More Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki. For defensive purposes, the Vesta Class is equipped with some of the most advanced shielding systems in the Fleet. Dimensions Unfortunately exploration of the tunnels was not completed in time to prevent the full force of the Borg Collective, when an armada of more than seven-thousand Borg ships entered the Beta Quadrant. A quantum field focus controller was also installed in the Aventine variant. The radiation bombardment matrix of the Palatine-class allowed the starship's deflector to periodically bombard enemy starships in its frontal arc with deadly radiation. It was classified as a multi-mission explorer and served as a test-bed for numerous Starfleet technologies. As with the Aventine variant, Rademaker-class was developed as part of a refit of the USS Rademaker. Defiant (Gallant • Incursion • Sao Paulo • Vigilant escort) • (ST - Destiny novel: Gods … Decks: Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Vesta-class The Vesta-class is type of Federation Starfleet starship in service from 2380. (ST - Destiny novels: Mere Mortals, Lost Souls), Ships of the class had twenty available transporter sites, including four cargo transporters and six emergency evacuation transporters. Length: [3] Schiffe der Vesta-Klasse werden gerade in der Anfangszeit ihrer Dienstzeit der 2380er mit zahlreicher experimenteller Technologie ausgestattet, so auch zum Beispiel das Multidimensonale Wellenfunktionsanalysemodul. Behind-the-scenes and technical article, including numerous development images, a new finished render, and orthographic projections. See the template to the right for a list of playable starships and NPC mobs in Star Trek Online based on the Vesta. (TNG novel: Greater Than the Sum), With the launch of a Borg invasion in January 2381 the Vesta-class, with its state of the art weaponry, was found to be one of the few Starfleet classes able to mount an effective defense against the massive Borg assault. The Vesta-class also boasts an expansive Shuttlebay, capable of holding eight Shuttles and a Runabout, with an expanded area to accommodate larger vessels such as Captain's Yachts or Support Escorts. Crew: Since 2380 these ships have more than proven themselves in combat and exploration alike. Fearing the ship would break apart if it ever attempted Slipstream, the Vesta was sent back to spacedock, where the ship’s outer hull was stripped and a new Tritanium/Duranium composite hull was designed. These tubes can fire both Quantum and photon torpedoes. Dax later did use the Aventine's slipstream drive in an ambitious plan to ambush a Borg vessel and plant a fake Borg Queen to take control of the Borg armada. Eventually, due to the success of the class, multiple variants were developed to further increase the versatility of the multi-mission explorer line. While many of the ships that were a part of the program completed their design phase within a few months before production began, the Vesta program went through various setbacks before in 2382 it was decided to restart to vessel all together and go a new direction. The Vesta-class was type of Federation Starfleet starship in service from the year 2380. Furthermore, the drive seemed to hit a point where the Benamite Recrystallization Matrix was not able to keep up with the power demands, and fractures in the Benamite crystals would begin to occur. With the return of the USS Voyager in 2378 and the multitude of new technologies from highly advanced astrometric Sensor systems thanks to the Borg, advanced new Transphasic Torpedoes, and a new insight into Quantum Slipstream technology thanks to the Dauntless incident, their meeting with the Think Tank, and their own attempts at creating a Slipstream Core. Auxiliary craft: IE if a crew member is from a predominately aquatic world, thus typically resides underwater, or if a crew member is from world with a different atmosphere, say methane, their personal quarters can be altered to accommodate that though they may still require some form of equipment likely to function normally outside of their quarters. Dimensions Vessels of the class had entered service by at least September 2380, at which time Ezri Dax was serving on the USS Aventine. The class could also hold up to twenty-four-thousand metric tons of cargo. The variant included an omni-directional tachyon wave siphon, which allowed the Esquiline to drain the shields of nearby enemies while bolstering its own secondary shields. During the design of the Brigid-subclass, two variants of it were also in development. The Esquiline was among the first three ships in that fleet to be fitted with the slipstream drive required to make the journey. Vesta-class 745-750[3] The quantum field focus controller allowed the starship … Draft SHORT RANGE SENSOR SYSTEMS: Calibrated for use while in a star system. As of February 2381 there were seven vessels of the class in service. They are Starfleet's set of Multi-Mission Explorers. Ships of the class were assigned to defend the Federation's core systems, including Sol, Vulcan, Andor and Tellar. Width: Further expanding on the standard Vesta, the Brigid-subclass was developed by drawing upon the technological advancements of the early 25th century. These options were designated Type 1-5, Vesta, Upgrade and Veteran. LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS: Can support full complement for several years. Hermes scout (Cygnus • Monoceros) • Inquiry (Avenger battlecruiser • Arbiter) • Oberth (Gagarin (23rd century) • Sagan) • One notable vessel is the U.S.S. (STO - The Klingon War mission: "Welcome to Earth Spacedock"), Furthermore, the installation of deflector shields from specific factions modified the hull appearance, including shields from the Reman Resistance, the Breen Confederacy and the Dominion. Ships of the class were assigned to defend the Federation's core systems, including Sol, Vulcan, Andor and Tellar. More tactically focused that the other multi-mission explorers, the Palatine variant of the Brigid-subclass was built upon the success of the Aventine-class at combating the Borg and the multitude of other hostile forces Starfleet engaged in the early 25th century. 745 (ST - Destiny novel: Lost Souls), The ships' main shuttlebay was located on deck twelve. Service period Enemies struck by the blast suffered heavy electrical damage to their ships' systems and interrupted engine power. The Vesta has been on skids ever since, waiting for the Quantum Slipstream program to be started up once again. The Vesta class was designed by Mark Rademaker for the U.S.S. Apollo (Akula frigate / light cruiser) • 30 The class was designated as a multi-mission explorer and was a test-bed for a number of experimental technologies, including quantum slipstream drive. Vesta Class Starship; Classification: Heavy Cruiser: Role: Defense / Patrol / Escort Shipyards: New Aberdeen Yards (Aldebaran) Production Dates: 2380-present Standard Refit: 5 Years Recommended Overhaul: 15 Years Offensive Rating: 76.47 Defensive Rating: 261.61 Total Rating: 338.08 Dimensions: Hull: Duranium-Tritanium Double Hull Armor: 5 cm HD or 5 cm Ablative Length The Vesta-class was type of Starfleet starship that entered service in the late 24th century. Range is several million kilometers. Norway (Oslo) • MULTI-ENVIRONMENT CREW QUARTERS: One of the features of the Luna-class was the highly adaptable life support systems in place throughout the ship, including unprecedented customization of crew quarters. (TNG novel: Indistinguishable from Magic, STO mission: "Graduation Day") The USS Vesta is named after the virgin goddess of the hearth, home, and family in Roman religion.. History [edit | edit source]. Destiny (Nimbus • Oracle • Trident) • Solanae (Helios • Montgomery • Omega) • The Vesta-class was a type of Federation Starfleet starship in service from the year 2380. Prometheus (Cerberus • Hephaestus • Hestia • Phoenix) • (VOY novel: The Eternal Tide). Nebula (Magellan) • As of February 2381 there were four vessels in service with the Starfleet assets available to Novus Limes. Torpedo Launchers: Affiliation (VOY novel: Full Circle; ST novel: A Singular Destiny), During a hostile encounter with the Children of the Storm, the Quirinal attempted to escape the battle through slipstream and crash landed on a planet. Mass During an attack by the Borg on Acamar, more than two-hundred-and-fifty of the USS Aventine's crew were killed. Thanks to the aerodynamic design and the high powered warp core, the Vesta-class quickly made a name for itself, being one of, if not the fastest class in the fleet. It was classified as a multi-mission explorer and served as a test-bed for numerous Starfleet technologies. Thanks to its speed and long range and excellent science capabilities with its advanced sensors, the Vesta-Class has quickly become one of the front line exploration ships within the Fleet. By the 25th century, Starfleet engineers were incorporating sympathetic fermion transceivers into Vesta-class starships as they entered space dock for repairs or were constructed new.

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