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48. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Pond" in Example Sentences Page 1. A body of water, naturally or artificially confined, and usually of less extent than a lake. Easily browse through english vocabulary, listen the sentences or copy them. CK 1 277294 The pond has dried up. If using too much, it will shut down their kidneys, and one of the reasons many people have Koi with “pop-eye” or symptoms like Dropsy. We're going to have to haul all these dead trees out of the pond if we want to be able to swim here in the future. Skating on the pond is dangerous. 68. I cannot express how happy I am that I chose to use your company instead of the other, You will use these measurements to find the volume of the, The easiest way to do this is to use a rope to measure the. Here are some examples. Having reached Gangasagar, I made circumambulation to the, When the flax is sufficiently watered it is taken out of the, The air here is damp and chilly, but it smells so fresh, mixes of sweetgrass and, Just last week one of his little chums did a spectacular swan dive into the school, The site had become unkept and littered with refuse and waste, in particularly the actual, He liked to watch the swans and the geese in the big, In addition, Thoreau notices circular heaps of stones about six feet in diameter that sit on the, Green algae do not cause off-flavors, and they play a significant role as a base for aquatic food chains and as oxygenators for, I swing round a corner and spot what I think is a duck, Introducing water plants and scavengers such as water snails and tadpoles into a, In addition, safety features have been considered in the, Until quite recent times there was an outlying cottage which disappeared when the, We had deliberately cut our hole at the edge of the, She added that lab tests have ruled out a bacteriological or viral cause of the explosions, and have further shown the, Kevin Whincup also advises that a recent consignment of roach into the front. The pond has dried up. pond in a sentence - Use "pond" in a sentence 1. Water gardens are ponds having water falls, This uses two giant corkscrew pumps to shift over 7 million gallons of water a day into a holding, The water in the center of the atoll is undrinkable and holds only, She sets traps to try and poach fish from the local, Television broadcasters on this side of the, She was enraptured by the sight of two young men sitting in half barrels trying to sink one another whilst staying afloat in a freshwater, Other invertebrates survive dry periods by remaining in the, In the other half, hard paving leading to a fish, It is a closed circuit operation that uses mostly ground water for sluicing and settling, And what is there to life if a man cannot hear the lonely cry of the whippoorwill or the arguments of the frogs around a, Sometimes, for musicians, being a big fish in a small, Our land, and all in it, would have been destroyed mercilessly, as pitilessly as a wild elephant in a lotus, Pikeperch aquaculture in Finland mainly involves semi-intensive, I had asked to see a pied kingfisher, and was taken to a, Avoid rampant non-natives species such as Canadian, Areas near the new traffic-signalled junctions, a service road and a new, The resin found its way into the trading estate's balancing, Grassed mounds, ornamental trees and a lily, One displayed snowy hills dotted in black firs surrounding a frozen, A central patio with a lush garden and a small, Phase one upgrades for the center include a new 4,600-square-foot, There is a paved split-level patio and a lily, On this grassy pasture, it was covered with a few boulders here and there, a small, In 1985, we installed buried irrigation pipes leading from the, The loricas of these Trachelomonas cells collected from a small, freshwater, For his Olympic-level faux pas, his fellow conservatives across the, The loud ribbits of frogs come from the lilies in the smelly, Tracey Gough added to the beauty of the gardens by having a lily, Americans are still just as squeamish about eating our equine friends as our cousins across the, Farmers harvest the full-grown fish and restock the ponds with more fingerlings, meaning that several different ages of catfish are present in a, The demon's eyes seemed to narrow intensely as they fixated their dark depths on the shimmering, angelical woman kneeling in the shallow water of the, An RSPCA dragnet of the area surrounding the, As happens with arguments that start in bars, the men hauled their ducks to a farm, The hunt for treasure will include a visit to the old rose garden, the hop garden, the old engine, Better help may be on the horizon for many catfish farmers in the form of a natural-based algicide that kills blue-green algae but is much safer for other, The train passes mature hardwood maple, beech, yellow birch, hickory and American linden trees, and softwood alders and willows weeping over a calm, Plans for the houses include water waste disposal via a reed bed located in a, Wisteria, weeping willows and reeds are mirrored in the calm of the, Besides, it takes all sorts to make a world, there have never been swans on the farm, Everyone in the dining hall watched as Nina stood from her chair and stormed off, blonde hair streaming behind her like rays of light rippling across a, Our first project after we graded the road was to dig a 10-acre-foot, Just who is crazy enough to go swimming when the, Why are right-wingers on both sides of the, I woke to find Graham out in the garden carrying out some much needed maintenance on the fish, A large water snake was writhing on the surface of a small, Ovid's imagery pulses with energy, from Salmacis the water nymph's spluttery sexual assault in a, In autumn the mudflats host migrant shorebirds including plovers, yellowlegs, and sandpipers, and warblers are common in woodlands at both ends of the, The first dividence bounds with his front upon the pond at the West end of the said plain, only a cart way being left between the said front and the, In southern Arizona, an endangered fish, the Quitobaquito pupfish, inhabits the springs, stream, and, Tramp the informal trail looping this tree-ringed, The skull was complete but for a recent break across the snout which is interpreted as being caused by mechanical dredging of the, Among the gifts were gardening books, a new garden, We harvest two crops strawberries from the raised sleeper bed and expect pears this year from a small fruit tree next to a, The beatings, the verbal abuse, after every time he felt like. Regarding what kind of salt to use in your koi pond, avoid table salt and any iodized salt. - Example Sentences for pond use the word pond in a sentence From the lip of the pond, the panoramic scene was breathtaking. The pond was dotted with fallen leaves. They looked in the pond and at the flowers, and improved their time. sentence examples. How to use pond in a sentence. This website focus on english words and example sentences, so everyone can learn how to use them. The pond froze over. The pond has frozen over. Pond pronunciation. Translations of the phrase LARGE pond from english to finnish and examples of the use of "LARGE POND" in a sentence with their translations: pebble dropped into a very large pond . use "pond" in a sentence. There used to be a lot of frogs in this pond. Three years ago, I decided to dig the pond myself, 2. In spring, the pondgarden that will later be a symphony of deep purples, yellows, blues and reds is a pristine, almost bridal white. 277309 The pond froze over. Since UV clarifiers are ineffective against string algae. Pond in a sentence (esp. 16. pond. Different species of ducks make different use of ponds and wetlands. CK 1 1360041 Don't swim in that pond. good sentence like quote, proverb...) And if the man at the top gets up again and salaams and strokes your hand, and says, 'Be my brother,' then it's a full Nile, and the fig-tree putteth forth its tender branches, and the date-palm flourisheth, and at the village, He lifts the giant from the ground and pitches him into a, However, the morrow took thought for the things of itself, for when I came to take the scythe in my hand to mow the short grass, I looked into the, And I found, morning after morning, there lay two or three of these fish at a time, dead, just as I wanted them, till I believe there was not one live fish remaining, six inches long, in the, Just as one sees not in the water of an unruffled, As for myself, I was dressed in much the same manner as that in which I departed from London, having on, in honour of the day, a shirt perfectly clean, having washed one on purpose for the occasion, with my own hands, the day before, in the, Looking between the tree-trunks, Ralph saw laid out on the perfectly flat and richly green meadow at the bottom of the hill a small gray manor-house, with, She knew it as well as possible, and it was not very far, quite a short distance, in the _daylight_-you had only to go down the lane, and turn a little to the right, and go in at the white gate near the, Her eldest boy wished to be a sailor, and would walk miles to a, And, leavin' us out of the count, there isn't a relation this side of the salt, Over the kitchen roof and to the left he saw little rolling hills, valleys, cranberry swamps, a, One was a high, wind-swept knoll, overlooking the bay, about a half mile from the hotel, another was a secluded nook in the pine grove beside Carver's, So came the Thanksgiving season, with strong, black ice on the mill, The freshets swept down the valleys, the myriad yellow twigs of the brookside willows turned green, a cheery piping rose from the, Wishing to play a joke on Giles, she had slipped away from the fireside company of him and Sarah to put a match to his fagots on the.

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