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[17] A year later, Sandilands referred to contestant Bobby Flynn as a "mong" – a derogatory slang term for mongoloid, referring to people suffering from Down syndrome. The film was first shown in Australian cinemas on 27 November 2014. "[15] On Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating based on reviews, the film has a score of 35 out of 100, based on 28 critics, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews". Interviewed in 2005, Stevens recalled for The Sydney Morning Herald that the young Sandilands: used to listen to that Tammy Wynette song D-I-V-O-R-C-E and just cry and cry. The show's usual 6:00 am to 9:00 am slot on 3 August was filled by Chris Page who announced that "They have not been suspended ... the show has not finished." The movie is so consistently pitched at the same note, indeed, that the structure robs it of possibilities for dramatic tension. [8], Much media coverage of Sandilands has focused on the negative aspects of his personality and behaviour, notably his widely publicised clashes with and criticism of other media figures, his intemperate on-air outbursts and his alleged "out of control" ego. Wanderer, inserted inside Melanie's body Wanderer is a Soul who is implanted into Melanie Stryder's body by Healer Fords Deep Waters. He finished 3rd on day 23. On June 27, the release date was set for the film for March 29, 2013, and it was also announced that principal photography would begin in February 2012, in Louisiana and New Mexico. Boyd Holbrook. It opened at #6 at the US box office, and for its opening weekend grossed $10,600,112; screened at 3,202 theaters it averaged $3,310 per theater. Tired of the many lives she’s lived and finding it too painful to leave everyone behind, Wanderer makes Doc promise to let her die when she is removed and not tell anyone. [19] A Network Ten spokesman said of Sandilands' firing: "Idol has remained a family-focused show, even more so this year with the 6.30 pm Sunday timeslot. Kyle Dalton Sandilands (born 10 June 1971) is an Australian radio host. Kyle. [13] He returned to his radio show on 18 August 2009 but was suspended on 9 September 2009 due to on-air comments relating to Magda Szubanski. In his youth and young adulthood, Kyle tried to navigate life as an active Latter-day Saint–and his identity as a closeted gay teen. [14] In the same year he was again named the most hated by Zoo Weekly. [50][51] They split up in 2019. In August 2009, The Kyle and Jackie O Show was put into "indefinite recess" by the Austereo network as a result of a controversial on-air stunt on his morning show on 29 July 2009. Jackie O Henderson (pictured) was sent into a rage after her co-host Kyle Sandilands played N.W.A. They discover that their captors are humans, who reveal that there are several other human groups as well. When Cook tried to make light of the question, Sandilands then made a joke about her weight, saying, "You're a belly full of laughs". [16] In September 2006, Sandilands told 2006 runner-up contestant Jessica Mauboy to lose her "jelly belly". Network Ten had held crisis talks with advertisers in the days prior to his firing amid concerns Sandilands would damage their brands. [54], Australian radio and television personality, Lie detector incident and sacking from Network Ten, "Australian Communications and Media Authority Documents related to Mr Sandilands", "Administrative Appeals Tribunal review of Australian Communications and Media Authority Finding regarding Mr Sandilands broadcast 22 November 2011", "Short Cuts: Kyle Sandilands lets fly in Fat Pizza and Housos film",, "Kyle and Jackie O reveal their chemistry", "Kyle and Jackie O win Best On-Air Team at Radio Awards", "Sandilands radio sacking may follow: expert", "Kyle Sandilands suspended again: this time for 'concentration camp' slur", "Woman upset over Kyle Sandilands treatment on Australia's Got Talent", "Kyle Sandilands brings back The X Factor", "Kyle Sandilands announced on 2Day FM that he won't be returning to X Factor",,, "Kyle and Jackie O radio stunt backfires", "Rape claim on Kyle and Jackie O show to be investigated", "Kyle Sandilands dumped as judge on Australian Idol", "Kyle Sandilands investigated over 'spider baby' comment", "Every Australian Counts – including those with a disability (2011 Media Release)", "Kyle Sandilands, Jackie O break pledge to help disabled boy", "Christian and Muslim protesters gather outside KIIS FM studios demanding Kyle Sandilands be FIRED over his 'offensive' comments about the Virgin Mary", "Kyle Sandilands hires security guards to protect home", "Kyle Sandilands' new girlfriend attends shock jock's 41st birthday party". [48][49], Since March 2012, it was reported that Sandilands was in a relationship with model Imogen Anthony. The others in the shelter intervene with Doc, who inserts Wanderer into Pet, a human who was left brain-dead after the Soul inside her was removed. The series debuted on 9Go! It tells the story of a young woman, Melanie, who is captured after the human race has been taken over by parasitic aliens called "Souls". Doc removed Sunny from Jodi's body. In October 2005, he referred to the eventual 2005 Idol winner Kate DeAraugo's arms as "tuckshop lady arms". Kyle is Ian 's older and very stubborn brother. He also live in the caves. [43], On 19 September 2019,[44] Sandilands commented on air that the Mother of Jesus was a "liar who got knocked up behind a camel shed"[45] (a sceptical reference to the virgin birth of Jesus), among other related comments. [28] The pilot proceeded to a series in 2019. At 17 his father sent him to live in Townsville with his aunt, Jill Stevens. [35], On 29 July 2009, a radio segment involved a distressed teenager who was asked to discuss her sexual history live on air, and in front of her mother. The Host. Kyle Dalton Sandilands (born 10 June 1971) is an Australian radio host. [47] However, on 12 July 2010 it was reported the couple had split. Deeming the humans too violent to deserve the planet, they have now almost successfully taken over Earth. [18] Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter felt that "it's cloaked in yawningly familiar teen-romance terms and cries out for even a little seasoning of wit, irreverence, political smarts and genre twists that, given the well-trod terrain, seem like requisites when presenting visions of the near future. 's F*** Tha Police LIVE on air on Friday 'But here is a … "Kyle: "Australia, this is what a real man looks like! [11] Sandilands and Jackie O were again named "Best On-Air Team" at the Australian Commercial Radio Awards in 2007, 2011, and 2015.[12]. He called a child with disability a "spider baby" in 2012,[40] and using terms like "spastics" and "retards". The Host is a 2013 American romantic science fiction thriller film adapted from Stephenie Meyer's 2008 novel of the same name. Wanderer offers to show Doc the proper method of removing Souls, on the condition that he later remove her from Melanie's body. Seeker has continued looking for Wanderer on her own, but Jeb captures her. Melanie instructs Wanderer not to tell anyone she is still alive, since it would provoke them, though she later allows her to tell Jamie. It was also announced that the Kyle and Jackie O Show on 2Day FM and The Kyle and Jackie O Hour of Power would be in recess until a review was completed. He continued as a judge on Idol until, just before the premiere of its seventh season, he was dropped from the show in August 2009. Helping him analyse the evidence is former The Bachelor Australia contestant and criminal lawyer Anna Heinrich. "[36] The stunt was cut short and co-host Jackie O was quick to apologise; however, several of the show's prominent advertisers quickly withdrew sponsorships. Melanie's consciousness, however, has not been completely eliminated; she and Wanderer carry out an internal conversation and debate with each other, eventually forming a friendship. Kyle O'Shea Kyle O'Shea is Ian's older, stubborn brother. Sandilands replied: "Right... is that the only experience you've had? In 2006 Sandilands won a defamation suit, with the court ruling that Today Tonight had defamed the radio host. On review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes the film has an approval rating of 9% based on 128 reviews, with an average rating of 3.58/10. From 2005 to 2009, Sandilands served as a judge on Australian Idol. While Kyle was supportive of Stefanovic and 60 Minutes during the Nine host’s appearance on air, earlier on the show, he admitted he was surprised at how they’d chosen to promote the segment. on 16 May 2017, and attracted very low ratings of just 98,000 viewers, being beaten by numerous other multichannel programs in the same timeslot. The two have always been classic brothers, playing sports with each other like soccer. [31], On 20 August 2007, Media Watch examined Sandilands' on-air comments asserting that smoking was not as harmful to people as many institutions would lead people to believe and that the statistics presented by these institutions are falsified. After isolating herself for several days, Wanderer learns that Jamie is critically ill with an infection in his leg. [27], In 2018, Sandilands appeared in a pilot for a possible television series, Trial By Kyle, on Network Ten. It was believed Sandilands earned A$1 million of his estimated annual A$2.8 million income from Idol. The site's consensus states, "Poorly scripted and dramatically ineffective, The Host is mostly stale and tedious, with moments of unintentional hilarity. With Melanie’s guidance, Wanderer escapes and makes her way to the desert, where she is found by Jeb, who takes her to a series of caves inside a mountain where the humans (including Jared and Jamie) are hiding. On 14 July 2008, two weeks before the season finale, Sandilands appeared on the 2007 Australian season of Big Brother. [16] On CinemaScore polls, audiences gave the film a grade of "B−" on a scale of A+ to F.[17], Manohla Dargis of The New York Times gave the film an unfavorable review, calling it "a brazen combination of unoriginal science-fiction themes, young-adult pandering and bottom-line calculation".

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