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He smiles, picking it up; as he looks at it, he hears Emma approaching him. (See "Manhattan") "I'm a coward, Belle. (See "The Dark Swan"). I knew you could make it," the brunette beauty exclaims, to which the former Dark One states he should know better than to argue with her by now. "Merida, you don't have to do this," Rumple pleads, but the Princess insists she tried to fight it and couldn't, so now Belle's fate rests in his hands. Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Sorry, I'm more of a hit first, ask questions later kind of lass'.". Their silence is soon disturbed, however, by the little light lit going out, but suddenly being blasted by more than they can handle. Still at the Storybrooke Free Public Library, and looking through the blinds, Belle sees that there is no one out and about on the streets, and turns to Rumple, stating that the coast is clear, and they should go now. Belle gets down on her knees, taking the hands of her seated husband; she states that she's always seen the man behind the beast, but now she sees something else too: a hero, something she believes Rumple needs to learn to see too. "He lied to us," the Prince exclaims, to which Regina replies that he must not have realized magical toadstools don't burn. (See "The Broken Kingdom), David assures that everything's alright though, for he and Mary Margaret are no longer under Arthur's control. The brunette is confused, questioning why, but before she has the chance to act any further, Merida states that it's so they don't see what happens next, that being the Princess knocking Belle out. The two embrace in a loving hug. Getting them out of the way, Merlin makes his way in, followed by Belle; the Sorcerer pas… Macintosh doesn't buy what the Princess is saying though, for he questions her and what army; from there, Merida pulls out the potion, removing the cap, and chugs it down. Meanwhile, still Merida's prisoner, kept tied up in a small camp set up in the Storybrooke woods, Rumple pitifully sits on his knees, looking up at the chipped cup which remains sitting on a small fold-out table. Mary Margaret wonders, to which Belle obviously points out that it's Rumple. The two gals continue watching as Merida's three brothers are marched, sacks being removed from each of their heads. As the group continue walking, Merida slows down a bit, with Belle by her side, allowing everyone else to get further ahead. Flash to the past, Belle and Merida are now on land, crept behind some bushes. "Well that's because none of them are me." Belle argues, but Rumple retaliates that he use to be the Dark One, so he knows Emma better than she knows herself, and she will keep coming until she gets what she wants. "I promise we'll find a way to save them from this fate," Belle assures, but this gives the Princess an idea. Isn't that a better way of proving to the Clans you're worthy of being their Queen?" Belle tries to reassure that it's not true and they can still rescue them, but Merida fears they have no time to plan a proper escape. However, Regina realizes that perhaps they are not, for there is one other person in Storybrooke who was chosen by the Sorcerer: the Author. "He bested me, fair and square," the Princess exclaims, to which Emma replies she was getting worried, for there was a moment she thought she was going to have to drag them down there herself. to which Belle replies with, "Glad someone's noticed." "The Bear and the Bow" is the 94th episode of Once Upon a Time. Flash to the past, once more, Belle and Merida have found themselves at the Southern Moor. Though Zelena's not in the mood, Emma poofs herself and the Wicked Witch out of the hospital cell and into the Dark One's home. Belle doesn't think it makes sense though, seeing as how she kidnapped him, but Rumple states that it was to turn him into a hero so he can pull Excalibur from the stone. "Who?" Belle argues that her husband has told her why he has that limp before; he walked for days on a broken foot just so he could return to his son. From there, the transformation takes place, and Merida becomes a full-grown bear. He knows what he most do though; "Forgive me, Belle..." he says, giving the cup one long kiss, before smashing it against a rock on the ground. And from there he leaves with Belle and Merida, allowing Emma to think about what has been said. David wonders why Arthur wouldn't want them to talk to Merlin, and Mary Margaret states that now they need to more than ever. Not knowing what this could mean, Belle grabs the fire extinguisher off the wall as a weapon of self-defense, holding it up to use for when the elevator opens. Emma questions, to which Rumple smugly replies that that is exactly what he thinks, and so a bitter Emma raises the Princess' heart, squeezing it, making her come closer. Belle asks, to which the Princess confirms that she does, stating that it's the Southern Moor. Fearing for their lives, Merida asks for Belle to hand over the potion, but the brunette responds with another question, that being of why the Princess needs magic to save their lives. The Dark Swan states that Merida gave her the one thing she needed to know: Belle is still the one he's willing to fight for; however, Merida points out that it didn't make him a hero. Regina hands Arthur the toadstool, but he simply stares at is for a moment, confusing everyone. ("Dreamcatcher") Tied to Emma's car, Merida's heart is ripped from her chest by the Dark Swan. The cauldron is seen brewing, and Belle pours in a potion that makes the smoke steaming from it turn a more blue color. Emma doesn't answer, however, but instead follows the Wicked Witch's request and poofs her back to her cell. Belle, meanwhile, carries on back down the streets, but is startled to find Merida, bow and arrow in tow. He joined the army to prove he wasn't a coward, but when he saw the wounded coming back from the front lines, he didn't want to die. Rumple ignores his pleading wife, so Belle decides to take matters into her own hands, unbuckling her seat belt and proceeding to open the moving car door. However, Belle still argues with Merida that she doesn't need magic to change fate. Meanwhile, looking through the peep-hole of the cell is Nurse Ratched, who proceeds to open the door, bringing with her a meal for Zelena. "What, and risk getting a 'no'? Having arrived at the tent though, Merida's shocked to see Rumple is gone, and notices the remains of the chipped cup lying on the ground. ("Siege Perilous") Hook asks Merlin if he can free Emma of the darkness, which the Sorcerer confirms he can. Their silence is soon disturbed, however, by the little light lit going out, but suddenly being blasted by more than they can handle. With that, Merida pulls out an arrow to fire, and so Belle and Rumple make a run for a back room, closing the door behind them, but the arrow is soon fired, shooting through the door, and just barely misses Belle's head. Macintosh, MacGuffin, and Dingwall each go for their swords, but so does Merida, who barks, "You saw what I can do with an arrow, do you really want to see what I can do with a sword?!" Pulling out a small vial, Merida reveals that Emma is making her drink what's inside, and before Belle can question what exactly that is, Merida drinks it. Even though I never saw the film I would have liked this title better. Zelena looks to see Emma now holding two take-out bags from Granny's Diner, and upon putting them on the table, she pulls out a bag of onion rings, holding them out to the Wicked Witch. The message continues though, with the Sorcerer stating that there is only one person who can help them defeat the Dark One now, revealing her name to be Nimue. Hook apologizes, but believes Rumple had more chances than anyone, to which David adds on that right now they need to give Emma her best chance, which means contacting Merlin. Meanwhile, down in Regina's vault, a cauldron boils as the formerly Evil Queen stands before it, the Crimson Crown in tow. "Well I hate to burst your bubble," the blonde exclaims, but points out someone beat her to it. Belle goes on to share her story, revealing that she lost her own mother in the Ogre Wars, and she blamed herself too until she finally realized the truth: it wasn't her fault. A terrified Belle makes a run for it, as Merida lets out a roar. Merlin states that it's not important how he got his message to her, but what is important is if she remembers what he said. "And if something bad happens to Rumple?" The episode's numbers remained steady for a fifth week with a 1.5/4 among 18-49s, but slipped a tenth of a point with 4.83 million viewers tuning in, mostly affected by the World Series on Eox and Sunday Night Football on NBC. He states that it's a reminder of what he was when he fled the Ogre Wars (See "Manhattan"), what he continued to be when he became the Dark One (See "Desperate Souls"), and what he still is: a coward. Blinded, the guards are put at a disadvantage when the dungeon door swings open, and in comes Captain Hook and Prince Charming, fighting off the guards who try to hold them off. Six Weeks Ago, Back in Camelot of six weeks prior, marching through the night, the main group trek through the woods and away from the Camelot castle. The smoke then reveals the three leaders of the clans: Macintosh, MacGuffin, and Dingwall. Lord Dingwall and Lord MacGuffin do the same, and all three aim at Merida's brothers, each firing. "You..." Emma realizes, having come to the revelation that the usher from all those years ago was Merlin. The two then head out. A teary-eyed Belle replies that it's never too late, and from there Rumple nods, proceeding to do what he promised he would, and pulls Excalibur from the stone. ("Dreamcatcher") Queen Guinevere orders that Lancelot be thrown in the dungeons where he belongs. "The ones who wanted to marry you?" Rumple calls for her, but she doesn't listen, and so he gets back in the car and drives off. She demands Merida tell her, otherwise threatening to pour the potion on the rocks. "Right now those wisps will only lead you to one thing: your death," Merlin exclaims, "I assure you we will find another way to rescue your brothers." Belle and Rumple both duck, and turn back to see Merida making her way through the shop door, clearly unhappy. With the lords last to stand, MacGuffin and Dingwall drop their weapons, kneeling as well, leaving just Macintosh. Merida questions Belle if she thinks she'd ask her to make it if she didn't, but the beauty is still unsure, knowing that the potion will turn Merida into a bear. she asks confused, to which Rumple states that it's for when he was in the coma. Immediately grabbing a wooden stick, Belle holds it up ready to hit the Princess; "Where are you taking me?!" "Do you know where that is?" Belle looks around a bit, not knowing what Merida is talking about, but she finally admits she just needed Belle's friends to get out of site. "What about me now?" "It's a risk we'll have to take," Regina regretfully informs. She stops in her tracks, however, shushing the brunette, asking if she heard a certain sound. She asks what Belle plans to do about the man she loves... or loved, but the brunette still does not know - all she can do right now is hope she gets home and finds a way to save him; "But, succeed or fail, I do know one thing: I won't give up." Belle then gives Merlin a bo… (See "Dreamcatcher") Hook is confused though, seeing as how if they did find the Sorcerer, then why wouldn't he destroy the darkness in Emma. Belle doesn't quite know how to respond, but she quickly stands to her feet, telling him to come on, for it won't take Emma long to find out where he's gone. Merida asks how the brunette would know, to which she replies that she just watched her split arrows without blinking an eye; "You can make your own fate. "No! Storybrooke He continues that he thought the spell was about to make contact but then it simply fizzled out, thus leaving everyone else disappointed. Unwilling to leave anything up to fate, she brings Belle along on a dangerous journey that culminates in an invaluable lesson in bravery. Merida questions what Belle did with the real potion, but the beauty states that if she beats the Clans with magic then they still won't follow her - she needs to defeat them as a Queen.

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