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The best way to use the Magnet Sphere is to fire it once and swap to something else, making it essentially a free DPS upgrade. You ideally want the fireballs to bounce as low as possible, so its damage will be concentrated on grounded crowds. I love building pixel art, so I just wanted to spread a little bit of how I build my pixel art! However, as a stationary AoE sentry, it is a bit more situational than projectile sentries. Provides the highest single-target DPS of any sentry at this point, except for panicked Ballistas. If I wanted to tackle the Old One's Army as a mage, I would probably run a Hallowed/Apprentice/Apprentice hybrid set while using either Lightning Auras or Ballistas. I just didn’t know if I was crazy or not. Like the previous explosive traps, this is best used as a primary weapon for summoners (through resummoning), and can compete with sources of AoE piercing damage from other classes (but only against grounded enemies). © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. At this stage of the game, a mixture of both minions (1 Imp, rest Hornets) is typically recommended, but a full set of Imps is better against the Wall of Flesh. It's probably best used for midair strafing runs. At the time of writing, over 12 million copies of Terraria have been sold, and I'm willing to bet that none of those people have the computer-like reflexes you'd need to consistently activate Striking Moment. It is also very inefficient for attacking faraway enemies, though at least you can switch to a different weapon while the Anchor is out, so you could try throwing the Anchor over a crowd of enemies and then hitting them with something else while the Anchor retracts and pierces them. Its infinite throw time is an extra bonus compared to Yelets. A Tier: A good weapon, does its job well without being overpowered. Second, it burns mana at an incredible rate; even when buffed with Mana Regeneration, you will often have to drink mana potions when using this thing. Don't buy this. So it usually doesn't do well against bosses. And while wall penetration is a cool ability, there's no more underground content to use it against. When using this, you'll want to swap to a Hallowed Helmet rather than Shroomite. Its ability to boost its own attack speed easily puts it ahead of the Morning Star as an attacking weapon, and whipping an enemy with Durendal first will grant a burst of even higher attack speed. This weapon is amazing for juggling enemies in close- to mid-range, and it will be among your top choices for the battle against Plantera. It's a very strange whip that doesn't improve your minions' performance whatsoever. It is also usable for short-range wall cheesing, though the spear itself does not pierce through walls. It covers a much wider area than the Stake Launcher and pierces through enemies, ensuring that your intended targets can't be body-blocked. It is also rather poor if your playstyle revolves around dealing high burst damage and allowing your mana to regenerate between bursts, making it more suitable for use with the Mana Flower. Like all broadswords, this is a difficult weapon to use, but unlike most broadswords, the Bladetongue is powerful enough to possibly justify the increased danger it puts you in. Here's an interesting fact: the Shadowbeam Staff's total DPS against an infinite number of enemies is lower than The Eye of Cthulhu's DPS against one enemy. Can be used to great effect in nearly any situation, and/or has a useful role in which it vastly outperforms everything else. The Xeno Staff and Blade Staff benefit tremendously from an extra 20 damage tacked onto each hit, if you can afford to get an attack in. This gives it a niche, but arguably not a very good one. For a similar list with information about all types of weapons, see. It may not be a great bossing weapon, but it is excellent for almost everything else, including the Hardmode dungeon. It mainly works well against the Old One's Army and any situation where you're fighting in a flat arena. With Cursed Darts, it melts the Destroyer (even offscreen), incinerates the Old One's Army, and still deals more damage to bosses than any other ranged weapon you'd likely have at that point. Some weapons (like broadswords and stationary AoE weapons) cannot be aimed. You won't find a better source of tag damage until after the Empress of Light, and Durendal's ability to nullify the speed penalty of its range-increasing modifier is very neat. It's no substitute for a proper ranged weapon, but it can handle crowds fairly well without leaving you completely vulnerable to shooters. In my opinion, you're better off using an Obsidian Swordfish or even a Hallowed Jousting Lance. True, but if you use true night's edge's blade, it's much better. Their attack range is just too limited, and they don't offer that much DPS, either. Each dart doesn't deal exceptional damage per hit, but this is easily made up for by their ability to hit the same enemy multiple times. Nicely done with the 2nd part of the tier list! In order to use it effectively, you really have to know what you're doing. Compared to the Bubble Gun, it's less risky to use, but costs more mana and isn't as reliable against enemies that get all up in your face. But, these weapons make the trek to be a wizard worth it. It’s the best way to burn up extra mana stars lying on the ground. damage per second dealt to a single target. KO Cannon can be obtained via statues, so it’s actually quite easy to get if you farm for it. It has slightly lower DPS than the Spider Staff, but with a Shark Tooth Necklace equipped, it becomes about the same. After a bit of testing, I've concluded that the Anchor deserves F rank way more than the Crystal Vile Shard does. And I know the same can be said of the Fetid Baghnakhs, but at least the Fetid Baghnakhs deals twice as much DPS. Nice list, but true nights edge deserves to be a higher tier than true Excalibur. With its consistently high damage output, it’s a good choice for Spectre Hood users who can use it as they flee. Probably the most well-executed weapon with a primary and secondary attack; both attack modes have great utility depending on the situation, which notably does not include boss fights. No one could possibly mistake it for a remotely good weapon. Almost as good as the Cell Staff (with some controversial claims that it’s actually better), and more consistent. It should be down in the pits with the Crystal Vile Shard. When an enemy dies, all nails that were attached to it fly off at random angles and will usually be wasted, so I can't really recommend using this against enemies with low health. The Firecracker also has more lategame utility. A dedicated summoner who already owns a Blade Staff or Sanguine Staff should have no reason to ever use this. Despite being obtained much later in the game, the Flying Dragon has basically the same DPS than the Terra Blade (and the Terra Blade is starting to look very outdated at this point). This is... definitely still a melee weapon, and like most mediocre melee weapons, it can deal with fighter enemies just fine, but doesn't have enough range to work well against anything else. Destroys all the crowds of enemies you'll encounter in the remainder of the Celestial events, but falls somewhat short against the final boss due to its middling range. Though it is somewhat difficult to obtain, the Spirit Flame is possibly the best magic weapon to use against the flying bosses like the Twins, Skeletron Prime, and Queen Slime thanks to its homing abilities and high damage value relative to its modest mana consumption. You need to stick to the ground to get the maximum benefit from its bouncing projectiles. The Nimbus is a great part of early hm Mage. Recently started playing again and would like to know where all the summon weapons stand. Even if it can be very good, you usually only look for this to complete a collection rather than to use it. The Cool Whip does not add tag damage, and its secondary effect does not interact with your minions at all. A very straightforward weapon that doesn't really excel in any particular area, but is more viable than most swords thanks to its decent range. Note that fishing in the Corruption can be rather dangerous since you could be attacked by a World Feeder at any time. Its ability to dismantle the Destroyer in seconds is pretty cool, but that should hardly be counted in this weapon's favor considering that the tier 2 Old One's Army is far more difficult to take down than the Destroyer anyways. Some people compare it to the Mushroom Spear, but the Mushroom Spear's attack range is vastly inferior and it fails to deal significant damage when used for wall piercing. Its accuracy and velocity are also not as good as the Megashark's. Thanks to the existence of the Endless Quiver and Endless Musket Pouch, its ability to conserve ammo is hardly unique, but the Toxikarp has a number of other things going for it. Many other weapons can offer nearly as much DPS from a much longer range. A highly spammable single-target weapon that deals enough DPS to challenge bosses with, and will probably be among your safest options as a melee user. The Xeno Staff also gains a respectable boost from Dark Harvest since it attacks at a rapid rate. The Crystal Serpent is the weapon you'd be most likely to compare it to; in comparison, the Frost Staff has better crowd control and a faster fire rate, but lower single-target DPS. They have infinite throw time and a bit more range and damage than Yelets, and Yelets is already considered a very good yoyo. With its massive base damage, it can even be used for bossing, and apart from shredding the Destroyer (obviously), it also deals reasonable damage to Skeletron Prime; I was able to destroy most of the boss's arms without even meaning to. Its range is so short that it's difficult to avoid taking contact damage when using it, so I would recommend using it as a "get off me" option in situations where you're already taking contact damage anyways. Kind of plays like a ranged version of Shadowflame Knife. 548. The biggest problem with the Pygmies is obviously their aim; for example, they deal pretty good damage to Golem during its first phase, but then Golem starts jumping around, and the Pygmies start flinging their spears all over the place without actually hitting the boss. While it can be used as a primary weapon when first crafted, it retains its usefulness as a quick defense debuffer throughout the entire game, remaining viable even after its own DPS starts to fall off. Its performance is rather lackluster compared to other early rocket weapons, but Celebration's advantage is that it will never hurt you. Aside from the Flask of Ichor, this weapon also benefits greatly from Durendal's Blessing, as its base speed is quite slow. The Terra Blade is definitely a bit overrated, but it's still the strongest pre-Plantera melee weapon for most purposes, with better range than the Death Sickle and practically the same DPS as the Chlorophyte Shotbow. Its single-target DPS isn't high enough for taking out bosses, but it's pretty good against everything else. It kills things a lot faster than Durendal for sure, and it's safer than most broadswords thanks to its relatively decent range and wide arc. On their own, the mushrooms won't contribute much. If you haven't obtained The Eye of Cthulhu yet, the Kraken still does an excellent job, and the Dungeon is the perfect environment for yoyos to perform well in. It clears out Duke Fishron's detonating bubbles and deals significant collateral damage to Golem's fists. 10.03.2019 - Recently started playing again and would like to know where all the summon weapons stand. So the Keybrand ends up being a sort of inferior Psycho Knife clone 100% of the time, but at least it's usable, and you can have fun with it if you like seeing big numbers and pretty lights.

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