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He decides to use him to destroy the Legion and sends him to the 31st century, where he crashes in a farm outside of Smallville. He can also harden Time and Space. He was even afraid. SBP is trapped in Time and Space Like amber and then Mentally dominated into forgetting that he has any powers at all. When Batman, Wonder Woman, Kal-El, and Kal-L arrive to save Metropolis, Kal-L confronts Alex about his role in the destruction. This is a non-jobbing, fully powered Darkseid (not the one who gets whipped by Superman). The two Supermen arrive and fly Superboy-Prime through Rao, the red sun of Krypton. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. [4], After the destruction of the Anti-Monitor by Kal-L, Superboy-Prime joins Alexander Luthor, Jr., of Earth-Three, Kal-L, and his wife Lois Lane in a "paradise dimension". He encounters the elderly couple who own the farm, and they refer to him as Superboy, which enrages him. SuperKamiNappa. His change proves apparently pointless as the Darkest Knight had already rigged the Mobius Chair so it would always direct the power to himself, allowing him to remake the Multiverse in his own image.[58]. But I finally realized—we saved the wrong Earth". He is too fast for Darkseid! [45], During the battle, Prime kills two Legionnaires whose abilities manage to hurt him: Sun Boy of Earth Prime's "Threeboot Legion", who uses red solar powers; and Element Lad of Earth Prime, who managed to turn the ground around Prime into green kryptonite of the Earth Prime universe. But PC Darkseid wes above PC Superman, and PC Superman>Emo Prime! [23], Superboy-Prime has a fear of the Flash Family, due in large part to them pushing Superboy-Prime into the Speed Force, where they imprison him under red sunlight to depower him for several years until he breaks out. [38] Solomon tells him that if he releases Forerunner, he will show Prime what he wants; Prime does so. After Alexander Luthor confirms Ted's belief that he has been manipulating events and denounces Prime as an idiot he manipulated into helping him, Luthor kills the Earth-2 Superman and Lois when he tries to kill Prime with a specially designed kryptonite weapon, only for Prime to kill him. You can see this from his fight with Orion in the same story. [42], After freeing the prisoners, Prime burns a huge S shield into the prison planet, determined to turn the shield from a symbol of hope into a symbol of terror. During the fight, the Trapper is revealed to be an aged Superboy-Prime. Superboy-Prime, i mean C'mon even SUPERMAN did! quanchi112. Superboy-Prime uses his powers to stop a tidal wave. The character first appeared in DC Comics Presents #87 (November 1985) and was created by Elliot S! SBP wins the majority I think. This assault caused ripples that altered reality, which was used as an explanation for character changes and retcons in DC continuity. Superboy-Prime has all the basic abilities of a Kryptonian except at a much higher level when compared to most adult Kryptonians, especially Superman, with exposure to yellow sunlight: superhuman strength, speed, senses, healing, endurance, superbreath, flight, X-ray vision, telescopic vision, microscopic vision, heat vision, and invulnerability.

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