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Please advise. Once the time timer goes off, allow it to natural release for 10 minutes. Weight Watchers: 3 Blue Plan Points | 5 Green Plan Points | 3 Purple Plan Points when using low fat Greek yogurt and low fat cottage cheese. When I was getting the baked egg bite out of the pan, parts of it crumbled. Can you make ahead and freeze? Thanks for sharing! Baking pan with water, check. Hi there. Posted on February 21, 2018 Categories Breakfast, Pressure Cooker Recipes, Home » Pressure Cooker (Instant Pot) Egg Bites Recipe. I’ve omitted the heavy cream and cheeses that Starbucks uses and replaced them with ingredients such as cottage cheese and Greek yogurt in this Instant Pot egg bite recipe. Blend until smooth consistency. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I’m so glad you liked them and I’m sorry about your mold! But fill your tins a little less too. Haha how does that happen? Thought I heard you say low fat cottage cheese in the video and I didn’t realize bacon can contain sugar. Fill a large baking dish halfway with water and place that on the bottom rack. Hey Roy! The good and the bad ?? Mine turned out a little flat tasting. I would appreciate any advice, and excited to make this recipe again. Thanks, Bobby! More tips are in the post above. Could that be why they taste more eggy than soufflé-ish? I feel like I’ve been flooding my most recent blog post with a ton of Instant Pot recipes. Happy you could eat these egg bites rather than ONLY true liquids! Your teaching me to cook.. YaY I followed this recipe exactly and every time, they come out looking so yummy and then they fall. Feel free to add and veggies or toppings to this recipe. Since we don’t eat pork in my house, how much spinach can I substitute? What temp do i cook these if im using silicone in the oven. They really were better than Starbucks and even a lazy person like me can make them without getting bored. Please note that you cannot cook with the plastic cover that comes with the molds–it’s not heat safe. Great recipe & great hack for the sous vide. Cook on high pressure using the steam function for 8 minutes. Glad I found your site! Perhaps fill the tins 2/3 the way up. Add 1 cup of water to an Instant Pot and place the trivet inside. Much better than the Starbucks ones and way cheaper. And great idea on the ice cubes. In place of the cottage cheese? Make sure to check out my keto breakfast Mc’Muffin sandwiches too – they are part of my breakfast meal prep and are paired with coconut chia seed pudding. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Quick question, would it work if I put a couple of strips of bacon in …before pouring the egg mixture on top? They turned out even better than Starbucks. Yours was the first recipe to pop-up during my search. It could not be any easier. Hi Kathryn, my guess is either the water wasn't added or the seal wasn't inserted properly in your machine. Egg Bites were awesome. To reheat wrap in a paper towel and microwave for a minute and a half to two minutes. I have both, but was curious if there would be a difference using one versus the other. They turned out perfectly. How should I adjust the time if I use a mini muffin pan instead of a regular sized one? Have you ever done a video on bacon ? I think I didn’t blended enough, because my daughter did and was perfect ?Thank you and my family enjoy all your recipes I made so far . They were delicious, Silky and flavorful! Make sure to cook the slices of bacon before making the egg bites. Keep on cookin’! Late to the party but mine came out with half silky smooth texture half more eggy/curdy. Reheat in microwave or warm oven. I’d assume they will be fine but not as fluffy as if you made them right away. Although that also could be from adding broccoli and spinach into the cups instead of sundried tomatoes. Enjoy immediately or refrigerate for up to 4 days. Great to hear that it’s kid-approved! Recipe Index  |  Meal Prep I loved making these! These can be reheated easily in the microwave. Thank you so much for sharing! The best thing about these egg bites, other than the fact that they are creamy and delicious is the fact that you can hide veggies in them. But if you like creamy eggs and don’t have the patience to make Gordon Ramsey’s creamy scrambled eggs in a skillet (my favorite way to make them), then this Sous Vide Egg Bites Recipe is for you. Cook at 375 degrees for 20 minutes with a casserole dish of water on the shelf below. Give this copycat Starbucks egg bites recipe a chance and I know you will love them. I added a bit of extra bacon and sautéed onions along with red and green bell peppers. Remove the silicone molds and let cool. Make sure to use the water bath, and don’t over beat the mixture otherwise too many air bubbles form. So happy to hear that, Teresa! Excellent recipe Thank you!! ;), You can, but I’d double the Greek yogurt to keep the consistency. I had a slight problem though: while they were baking, they looked amazing, but as soon as I pulled them out they deflated and looks sort of sad now (lol). Add 1 cup of water to bottom of Instant Pot and place trivet inside. But Gosh darn it, that Instant Pot is amazing. double bacon is always a good idea! I used only turkey bacon in these ones. DELICIOUS!! Definitely, try adding more veggies to the egg bites. But in the directions it says to fill them almost to the top? You can also thaw them on the counter or in the fridge. Easy peasy! However, you might not be able to fit 14 cups in the Instant Pot and will need to cut the recipe in half or make two batches. As you can see, the texture of these eggs are creamy. Please see Policies for more information. These. When you customize these, be sure to use low carb veggies and recalculate the net carbs for your creation. Process eggs… Spray a muffin tin with a little non-stick spray and fill the tins almost all the way to the top with the egg mixture. I also use cream cheese and it works great. Pre-heat oven to 300 degrees F and place a baking dish that is filled with 1 inch of water on the bottom rack. you can order them on Amazon…they’re amazing. Try filling the molds to only 3/4 full of the egg mixture. Hi Aubrey, good question! HI Bobby. I recommend using aluminum foil or these silicone lids which can be safely heated to 450º. Glad to hear it, Luka!! […] Egg Bites (Pressure Cooker Recipe) […]. I grabbed this from it: I haven’t made them and then refrigerated them to cook later. Hi Lenora, There is a section of the post for oven directions. Glad you loved them! I’ve had several sets and they’ve been ok, can I ask which brand you bought? Homemade Hamburger Helper with Green Chiles, Southwest Egg Roll in a Bowl {with Chipotle Ranch Dressing}, Turkey Chorizo Breakfast Casserole with Eggs, Instant Pot Burrito Bowls with Frozen Chicken, Vegan Pineapple Fried Rice in the Instant Pot, Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats with Peanut Butter. I hit the jackpot! We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. All you need is a blender and an oven for this keto breakfast recipe. You can buy silicone lids tho! Thanks for sharing your skills! Cup measurements never seem to work for me and when I look it up. If I were to use Monterey Jack cheese in combination with the cottage cheese would this change the texture/creaminess of the egg bites? I highly reccomend. Copyright © 2020 My Forking Life | Trellis Framework by Mediavine, Pressure Cooker (Instant Pot) Egg Bites Recipe. Thanks! The keto egg bites are way cheaper than Starbucks and honestly taste better. Thanks, Bobby. I will NEVER waste money on Starbucks’ version of these again. Is is OK to mix Gruyere and American cheeses together,,,or should I stick with Gruyere to maintain consistency——I don’t want eggs to be too soft. Gently reheat in microwave. Hey Tasha, you can def try it, but I don’t think it will turn out the same way…. Just make sure to season and cook them a few minutes in a hot pan. I cannot always find something that I am looking for on my phone when I want to revisit an ap, so I have saved you on my desktop and look forward to visiting often. If you don’t already have a set of these silicone molds (I used two for this recipe!) Hi Linda, you need to use cottage or cream cheese, and you need to blend (in a blender) not whisk as you need to whip up a lot of air in the eggs. Towards the end of the cook time, the bites began popping out of their tins–fyi. The best part about the breakfast recipe for eggs is that it’s easy to make and portable. Is the bottom of the muffin tin submerged? Dairy-free cream cheese would also work if you prefer that. These taste amazing! So glad ! Sous Vide Egg Bites: Bacon & Gruyere (5375) Nicole Poirier San Francisco. Followed the recipe exactly and they were delicious. Any thoughts on this cause? I love this recipe! Hi, I’m Tanya, attorney, busy wife and mom, and lover of quick, easy, and delicious meals. So glad you found us Maureen! All you need is a blender and an oven for this keto breakfast recipe. I love using mine to freeze 1/4 cup servings of chicken broth, or pasta sauce. So excited to try them but made a couple mistakes already. Maybe let them cool some more in the pan, that should not happen if they were cooked through. Blend too long, or not long enough? breakfast, copycat, gluten free, Starbucks Egg Bites. Any idea what I did wrong or what caused this? I realized quickly that my readers loved making these egg bites but wanted a few more ideas on how to customize them a bit, so I created a few more variations for you. Be the Boss of Your Instant Pot Video Course. Can 8 make these up and stick in the fridge till im teady to cook them. It could not be any easier. *See note about creating a foil sling or use tongs for easy removal. No water bath container is needed for this recipe, as it’s cooked by itself in a pressure cooker or in the oven. Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites. I have tried many egg muffin recipes before and always failed. Starbucks egg bites ingredients include: egg, bacon, cheese, cottage cheese, unsalted butter and a few … To create the sling, take a 20 inch long piece of foil paper and fold it into thirds. ❤️THANK YOU. Would this work just as well on a piecrust to make a quiche? They still turned out pretty good though, just a little extra moisture so i dapped them off with some paper towel. Thanks for doing the hard work and figuring this recipe out.

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