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The El Dorado Water and Power Authority signed off on the cooperation agreement six and a-half years ago. We had absolutely no beta on the run. use as well as a new, safe bridge.”. Contact Ed The ranch is ideal for multiple recreational opportunities including retreats, family campouts, horse-back riding or hunting. County officials anticipate the annual cost of maintaining Mosquito Road Bridge for pedestrian I was glad we were there to support them, especially since I myself had been humbled there. It begins at the Rubicon Reservoir, elevation 6,545 feet, and descends by natural flows, tunnels or canals to Rockbound Lake, Buck Island Reservoir, Loon Lake Reservoir, Gerle Creek Reservoir, Robbs Peak Reservoir, Union Valley Reservoir (Ice House Reservoir also releases water into Union Valley), Junction Reservoir, Camino Reservoir (supplemented by water from Brush Creek Reservoir), Slab Creek Reservoir to the White Rock Powerhouse northeast of Placerville at 993 feet elevation. The cooperation agreement contains a provision for mitigation of socioeconomic impacts. “Our primary concern was the elimination of a popular river recreation access point that It’s been nice to reacquaint myself with Slab Creek, and I now consider it a quality run with so much to offer for both the experienced boater and the ambitious newbie. And maybe, 50 years from now, when the FERC license comes up for review, we can find a way to return even more water to this beautiful riverbed. Until recently…, Slab Creek Dam is a 250’ arched wall of concrete and rebar built in 1967. About a mile above the Mosquito Bridge, the gradient increases and the rapids get longer and burlier. They consulted with state and federal resource agencies, Native American tribes, local governments, nongovernmental organizations and members of the public. The Crystal Basin offers over 700 developed campsites, fishing, more than 117 miles of hiking trails, lake boating, wheelchair access, cross-country snow skiing and mountain biking. In December, I finally decided to give it another chance. (Thanks to NorCal Yak pal Paul K. Redd at SacYakkers for the tip about improved road conditions.) It diverts up to 3800 cubic feet per second (cfs) into a tunnel snaking eight miles west toward the White Rock Powerhouse where it rejoins the riverbed just below Chili Bar reservoir. offer,” said Ranalli. Located just upstream of the popular Chili Bar run on the South Fork of the American River is this hidden gem we locals call Slab Creek. The Upper American River Project contains a proposal to construct another reservoir above the 13,335 acre-foot Slab Creek Reservoir. It was a lot less intimidating at this flow. of Rea 's Listings, Shasta County, California Slab Creek Dam is a 250’ arched wall of concrete and rebar built in 1967. Rank Cities, Towns & ZIP Codes by Population, Income & Diversity Sorted by … The steep shores are lined with rock slabs, waterfalls, oaks, and pine trees. The Slab Creek Ranch is an exceptional 160-acre property near Placerville, the Swansboro Airport and Finnon Lake recreation area in the El Dorado National Forest. About Rea The same year that SMUD was licensed to operate UARP, the utility entered into a partnership with the U.S. Forest Service to develop recreational facilities in conjunction with UARP on 85,000 acres under Forest Service management. Thanks to the policy changing efforts of many environmentalists, advocates, and concerned citizens, SMUD has had to redesign their dam to include a valve capable of releasing a “boatable” flow*. This initiated the first consistent recreational season in this canyon since whitewater boating became a pastime…and a new chapter in my intimate relationship with this river. I have a deep personal relationship with the American Rivers. PROPERTY TYPE: In exchange for EDWPA’s support of SMUD’s relicensing, SMUD agreed to allow certain facilities to be used to meet the water delivery needs of EID and GDPUD. Located in a gorge within the South Fork of the American River, this hidden gem is secretly one of the best places to go kayaking near Sacramento. Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Cooperation Agreement funds. Mike DeBord and Lois Bailey-Hacker are active members. You can run all of the holes at low flows and are more worried about big rocks in the way than anything else. Whether you’re fly fishing, baitcasting or spinning your chances of getting a bite here are good. of Ed 's Listings, Contact Rea Construction on the new bridge is expected to begin May 2020 and be completed by October 2022. Since my first run out there in 2005, I have gained a lot of river experience: it’s come in the form of thousands of miles logged, and some life-changing swims. Based on the ongoing heavy construction activities at the South Fork Powerhouse, public vehicular access to Slab Creek Reservoir via Slab Creek Dam road is restricted over the next couple months. Nevertheless, Slab Creek has a big reputation because of the quality of its consistent whitewater. Their committee was represented in the Iowa Hill Joint Advisory Committee that was formed pursuant to the cooperation agreement to study the visual, noise, transportation, fire protection and socioeconomic impacts of the Iowa Hill project. It was during this period that we first ran Slab Creek. Canyon winds, the steep topography, dense vegetation, the multiple canyons and the difficulty of access for fire equipment will influence rate of spread. There are at least 3 river wide ledges that have only one weakness to drive through. This dammed portion of the river creates the Slab Creek Reservoir and just a little ways down from the reservoir is where the Iowa Canyon Creek flows into the American River. The lines are blind at times with the waves crashing high into the air. Below the bridge, if you choose to go the full 7 miles down to the Rock Creek take-out, the gradient picks up and the sieves grow more dangerous. coalition to consider a more permanent parking solution that won’t require County funds or The flows varied between 550 and 1600 cfs. We didn’t get out of the canyon until 10 pm. The chances are good that it will escape initial attack for suppression, exhibit erratic fire behavior, and become a major conflagration. use after completion of a new, safer bridge that will carry vehicles across the South Fork Location: Placerville, Eldorado National Forest, Slab Creek Reservoir, El Dorado County Stream: Iowa Canyon Creek Alternate Names: Height: Access: Distance: Elevation: Season: Form: Lat/Long: N/A Directions:N/A: Iowa Canyon Falls is a pretty little 50 ft. high waterfall dropping on Iowa Canyon Creek, which dumps into the South Fork American River just below the Slab Creek Reservoir Dam. The dam became a 250’ waterfall, and all of the river water began flowing in its natural course again. It gets a tad easier as the lines open up a bit more, but that’s not to say it’s easy. There’s still couple of class IV rapids including one called Pamplona since a swim here would feel like running with the bulls. We met Mother Lode Falls, a big class V series of drops and holes. One morning at 7 am, my brother ran by my tent yelling, “Slab Creek Dam is spilling.” We were on the river by 9 am, slaloming through rockpiles on 600 cfs. The flow was a healthy 1200 cfs. Every 50 years, dam operators like SMUD are required to re-license their hydropower project. The committee has requested that rafters and kayakers not be allowed to get off the river in the area. We took the upper-end road to check out the new parking lot. During times of high-energy demand or electrical emergencies, the water from the upper reservoir would be released to provide energy. California Research Tools . After these experiences, I decided that it was too unreliable to be fun, and not worth planning for. land purchases. It has unique walls of “slabbed” granite creating interesting patterns, overhangs, waterfalls, and beauty. Slab Creek Reservoir Paddling Accessibility & Safety Issues Analysis & Recommendations By Paul Redd Slab Creek Reservoir is a fabulous paddle in a re-mote, steep walled canyon at 3,000 ft. elevation. The project includes tunnels and shafts and a cavern to enclose a 400 MW powerhouse and pumping facility within Iowa Hill, construction of an underwater intake/outlet structure in Slab Hill Reservoir, upgrade of access roads, a 230-kV switchyard adjacent to the upper reservoir and about two miles of electrical transmission line tying into existing UARP lines. the maintenance to be economically infeasible, it will meet with the coalition to consider other Director Ray Nutting said that radiant heat can rise to more than 1,000 degrees when fire comes up a steep canyon. The Slab Creek Ranch is an exceptional 160-acre property near Placerville, the Swansboro Airport and Finnon Lake recreation area in the El Dorado National Forest. The Upper American River Project contains a proposal to construct another reservoir above the 13,335 acre-foot Slab Creek Reservoir. Among them are that SMUD must maintain the reservoir levels and maintain minimum flows in the UARP measured by cfs (cubic feet per second), by month and water year type and test the water for various elements and monitor for yellow-legged frogs and western pond turtles. At this time all parties interested in using the water come to the table to lobby for access and flow. Every rapid has class IV features, and some feel even harder. SMUD’s customers are mainly in Sacramento County. Slab Creek Reservoir Local Area Photos. If the kayaking dates are canceled, they may be added to the following year spring or fall dates. I logged 8 trips on Slab Creek in December and January (some friends of mine rafted it 20 times!). At first sight the river falls over a ledge, crashes into a rock, and spits a rooster tail wave into the air. They see people using the narrow access roads to reach the river and camp there. Research Neighborhoods Home Values, School Zones & Diversity Instant Data Access! This creek spans roughly six miles through El Dorado County and gradually descends roughly 2000 feet in elevation until it merges with the South Fork American River. It is classic pool-drop, but there isn’t much flat space between each of the drops. Terms of Service. EDWPA was formed in 2003 as a joint powers authority of four agencies to negotiate as a unified whole. I see a new whitewater festival in the works, a compliment to Feather Fest and Gauley Fest. California Stewardship Director. $349,000, Santa Cruz County, California They are worried that construction activities that could last five years will pose an increased hazard. Road Bridge and those who use the area as an access point to enjoy the beauty this county has to It’s a wide gorge with the water crashing against solid walls and building big ledge drops and wicked cross-currents in narrow places. “The County heard our concerns and worked with us to find The new Iowa Hill Reservoir would have a maximum capacity of 6,400 acre-feet. From the put-in to Mosquito Bridge the river drops 400 feet in four miles. Bob Penn is chairman. COVID-19 Awareness: We are currently requiring all guests to wear face coverings when in van and bus transportation to and from the river. dusk unless a closure is required for emergencies or maintenance. PG&E’s license to operate the Chili Bar Project expired on the same date. Water would be pumped from the lower reservoir to be stored in the higher reservoir. (PLACERVILLE, CA) – The County of El Dorado and a coalition comprising The expenses will be covered by Sacramento The first two rapids are really testy. We’re making improvements. The great waters of the South Fork of the American were gelded by engineering in what is known as the Upper American River Project. In fact, the valve at the dam’s base could only release a trickle of water. It may well spot so that both sides of the canyon are burning.”.

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