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If your claim is for $10,000 or less, Bored Teachers agrees that you may choose whether the arbitration will be conducted solely on the basis of documents submitted to the arbitrator, through a telephonic hearing, or by an in-person hearing as established by the AAA Rules. I’m generally pretty good about … when reading things like this. Guided Reading Questions Mats - Levels 1 to 5. In the event you change or deactivate your mobile telephone number, you agree to promptly update your Bored Teachers account information to ensure that your messages are not sent to the person that acquires your old number. Learn more. With this one text, you transported your class to a realm that every teacher dreams of. We also offer this for free. You agree to (a) immediately notify Bored Teachers of any unauthorized use of your password or account or any other breach of security, and (b) ensure that you log-out from your account at the end of each session when accessing the Service. What you choose to do next can make or break students’ perceptions of what they just read. THE SERVICE IS PROVIDED ON AN “AS IS” AND “AS AVAILABLE” BASIS. After 2 years of researching (source list included), implementing in my own classroom, and tweaking, this STEP By STEP WRITING R.A.T.S. Sentence Stems for Fiction Then these sentence stems are for you! You agree that any termination of your access to the Service under any provision of this Terms of Service may be effected without prior notice, and acknowledge and agree that Bored Teachers may immediately deactivate or delete your account and all related information and files in your account and/or bar any further access to such files or the Service. Number of times cited according to CrossRef: Using Sentence Stems to Promote Comprehension. I think the author could have improved the story by including…. Liking and disliking and agreeing and disagreeing, of course, matter. You look up from your copy to find twenty-plus pairs of eyes watching you expectantly. All resources include sentence starters/frames, writing organizers, and publishing templates can be used to help your little writers write an informational report or biography. Emotion can be a cause and effect of understanding. Children can choose the stem that helps most with their answer and use it to scaffold their explanation. They are able to be used ALL year!2. Sentence Stems for Reading Responses: Sentence stems provide a scaffold for students to respond to questions in an open-ended way. You may also contact us by mail at: 1533 U.S. Highway 1, Vero Beach, FL 32960. Arbitration will be conducted by a neutral arbitrator in accordance with the American Arbitration Association’s (“AAA”) rules and procedures, including the AAA’s Supplementary Procedures for Consumer-Related Disputes (collectively, the “AAA Rules”), as modified by this Arbitration Agreement. Twenty-four cards with reflective sentence starters. I would want to read more of this author’s work because…, A good example of teamwork in this story is…, I do not think this story could happen in real life because…, This reminds me of another book/story I read because…, I think this story could happen in real life because…, The most interesting new fact I learned was…, I already knew some things about…because…, An incorrect assumption I had about this was…but now I know…, I would want to visit this region/period because…, I would not want to visit this region/period because…, The author conveys his or her opinion by…, I agree with the author’s opinion because…, I disagree with the author’s opinion because…, The author establishes his/her authority to write on the topic by…, If I were a part of this situation/event, I would…, This situation/event makes me feel… because…, I would want to meet (contemporary or historical figure) because…, If I could meet (contemporary or historical figure), I would say…, If I met someone from this time/region/situation, I would say to them and ask them…, I would not want to meet (contemporary or historical figure) because…, If (historical figure) were alive today, I think he or she would…, This situation/event will impact the future because…, If I were making a time capsule from (contemporary or historical event), I would include…, If (historical event) happened today, I think that…, If I were creating a poster or advertisement for this event, I would include…, If I were creating a museum exhibit for this situation/event, I would include…, People in the future will remember this situation/event because…, A similar situation in my life/community is…, I can see the effects of (historical event) in my life today because…, If I had to explain this from an insider’s perspective, I would say…, If I had to explain this from an oppositional perspective, I would say…, If I had to explain this to someone younger than me, I would say…, If I were a reporter, the 6 most important facts (5Ws and H) for my article would be…, It is important to learn about this because…, Reading this changed my perspective on…because…, Before reading this, I was biased because…, This text is different from anything else I’ve ever read because…, My favorite quote from the text is…because…, The author’s purpose in writing this was…, The literary devices I noticed in their text are…, The most effective literary device was…because…, The author’s word choices affected this text by…, The author’s voice and style are… and he/she achieved this by…, The author puts himself/herself into the text by….

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