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That’s why we have compiled a list of the best silencers for Royal Enfield including an ultimate buying guide which clarifies most of your doubts and common misconceptions about changing exhausts. Let the Himalayan track days begin! Well while 160 would be over ambitious by doing few changes you still can get a marginal increase in cruising speeds. Loud, fast beats, emphasized on Bass, the sound is much more continuous without interval. You must log in or register to reply here. Anyway, thanks for reaching out to us, Siddharth. still unclear how much kilometers rrp’s life should one expect. i am not looking for anything loud, but would love to find a quality silencer that won’t affect the 500cc engine and backpressure, and which would make the closet sound to the legendary RE thump. The circular cutout on the outer covering of the muffler not only serves aesthetics but also cools the silencer quickly, helping in better heat dissipation. Made from stainless steel material, the Globe cobra has a chrome finish surface layer and the design in itself imparts a unique personality to your bullet. Design and Build Quality. The bike also gets 16-inch rims with spokes, fatter profile tyres with white painted walls and a grey paint scheme. Stay tuned, the little bike that could will likely see additional tweaks coming before long. How much(kms) life shall I expect maximum from rrp? Thank you a lot sir althaf, in today’s times yours feels & is really honest guidance….keep up the good work. The Himalayan burst onto the scene as a unique offering compared to what Royal Enfield had traditionally built over the past many decades, and a unique bike for the adventure motorcycle segment in general. Going from a traditional 60-watt filament bulb to four XHP 50 emitters at over 2500 lumens is a worthwhile change. Changing Silencers and their Effect on Engine, Best Camping Tents Under Rs.1,000 (March 2020), Best Home Theaters Under Rs.15,000 (April 2020). I ride it for 5500kms till now. Many customers have hit the online forums complaining the stock exhausts giving up during off-roading, mainly due to insufficient chassis support. With robotic TIG welds in the joints, this budget exhaust mod offers excellent structural strength. Let me tell you the real truth behind this. JavaScript is disabled. Brilliant blog with deep dive into issues. All I seek is optimum & complimenting performance from engine alongside best exhaust suitable to bike perfectly & best available option for tbts 500 specifically if anything exists as such (as tbts 500 is an engine with electronic fuel injection + fuel pump operated & not a carburetted one) hope I am clear enough. Intelligent charging circuitry identifies devices to provide optimal power levels, and the Motopower uniquely features battery status lights and an on/off switch so the unit can shut off power either automatically or manually to prevent parasitic battery drain. Sure. After a fair amount of trial and error, figuring out what works and what doesn’t, we came up with a list of 10 products to enhance the Himalayan’s capability. So, any sort of changing or modifying silencers are considered to be illegal if you don’t have approval from the RTO. Hello Althaf, & by doing so will that bend pipe harm the engine ? Thanks for sharing very useful guidance. I am really thankful to you for giving such huge pile of knowledge about the whole system. It traps many small pockets of air between the glass, and these small air pockets result in high thermal insulation properties. Let the Himalayan track days begin! Way2Speed Performance © 2014 - Designed by Templateism, Distributed By Blogger Templates | Templatelib, Custom Royal Enfield Himalayan Dual Sport EL Diablo, (Modified Royal Enfield Himalayans | custom royal enfield himalayan | royal enfield himalayan modified images | re himalayan modifications | royal enfield himalayan modified exhaust | himalayan modified | royal enfield himalayan modifications ). Platinum and Palladium convert harmful exhaust gases by further oxidation of Carbon Monoxide and unburned Hydrocarbons into Water and Carbon Dioxide, and Rhodium breaks the toxic Nitrogen Oxides into non-toxic Nitrogen and Oxygen. Plus for those who like to tinker, it’s fun to have this level of control over things. The durable non-slip cover featuring the Royal Enfield logo is a cool addition to an already cool looking bike. Your email address will not be published. My friend needs to change his silencer (damaged) but would want to buy an original seemingly to avoid being challan-ed by the cops. The Scud Special Edition Slip-on Exhaust is the first in the Barrel Exhaust line-up to come with a dedicated resonance chamber. Both are good, only differnce is the sound. As the name implies, one of the major purposes of a silencer/exhaust is silencing the engine exhaust sound. It is better to consult with a good mechanic for the particular issue as my technical knowledge about those kind of things are minimal. Royal Enfield’s optional touring seat has both performance and aesthetic characteristics. Non-fatiguing tune. Custom Royal Enfield Himalayan Dual Sport KIT El Diablo By Way2Speed Performance # Custom Royal Enfield Himalayan Dual Sport Kit Includes 3 part fairing # Custom Royal Enfield Himalayan handle bar for better maneuverability, # Custom Royal Enfield Himalayan knuckle guard, # Custom Royal Enfield Himalayan High lift aerodynamic front fender Did you switch back to the stock original exhaust so that we can check whether the issue is with the exhaust or not? 01 / 6. With a price point of $4,799, it leaves surplus funds for potential aftermarket upgrades to customize the bike to your aesthetic tastes, riding style and journeys as well. The Red Rooster Performance has launched a Rumbler series exhaust specifically designed for Continental GT motorcycles. This list contains the best possible modes for performance improvements, sound alterations and exhausts for changing the visual appeal of your bike. A click wheel-style adjuster moves the rubberized jaws to the appropriate size, and while it takes a few turns to get it there, the grip offered by the Perfect Squeeze is among the most solid of any style mounts available. With this mod retrofitted on your Royal Enfield motorcycle, you are sure to turn some heads on the roads. is there a specific brand you can recommend for a quality short bottle with ceramic whool ? The Canon Carbon 2.0 is not advertised as performance improvement mod but more as a retrofit which improves the sound as well as aesthetics. I had my BS4 standard 350 fitted with an empty flow mini punjab exhaust back in early 2019 and would now like to upgrade to a bit more premium one. Though it has brought me to unfortunate news that the latest RE will no longer have that thump and bass. What’s your suggestion? I think it is better to consult with a RE customizing team or mechanic regarding this. While grabbing a handful of throttle either on or off-road seldom results in the Himalayan’s back end breaking loose and the bike getting sideways, a set of knobby-style tires will still give the Himilayan more sure-footed grip and better cornering traction in loose terrain. Hello Aniruddha! Enfield Accessories Carbon Fender Risers – $20, Sena Launches Value-Oriented 5S Bluetooth Headset, Watch Chris Birch Rip Thru New Zealand on the Mighty KTM 1290R, 5 Essential Off-Road Upgrades for the Royal Enfield Himalayan, Female Rider Sells Everything to Ride The World Solo on a Himalayan, Moto Expedition to Everest on Himalayans – A Test of Endurance. 1 – to your opinion, which silencer would you recommend to be the closest to the original thump ? Is it good? The Barrel Exhaust Ghost is made from SS304, which is the highest grade stainless steel available in the market. Red Rooster Performance is a good choice for Classic 350. and the front fender is aerodynamically efficient for high speeds on road. Here is another modification job based on the Royal Enfield Himalayan and this one looks quite aggressive. This can lead to either the front fender ripping off or being sent over the handlebars at an inopportune moment. But he insisted and said that he will just give a demo, agar pasand aaye to rakh lena. Aftermarket exhausts free the engine up a bit, so it produces a little more torque and power. K&N also offers its own proprietary spray-on cleaning and oiling products that are designed to work with their air filters. Sounds like a small number until you’re holding both batteries at the same time and it quickly becomes apparent the Antigravity weighs less than half what the stock lead-acid power source does. In addition to the sound alteration, this exhaust mod also helps in vibration reduction while riding at higher speeds. I have got an RE Electra 350 2013, done around 73K KMS on it. I have 2 questions for you. The Canon Carbon 2.0 does true justice to this with a unique canon type design that looks attractive and intimidating at the same time. Hi, I had run my bike classic 350 BS-IV for 5000 KM with an original silencer. Moto Torque Beat is a reliable third party exhaust you can buy. With a fancy circle cutout pattern muffler pipe, the Barrel Exhaust Scud is one of the coolest looking muffler exhaust mods in the market right now. Let me tell you, due to some regulations of the Indian Government, new Royal Enfield stock silencers are manufactured in such a way that the exhaust sound and expelled gases are minimised to control sound and air pollution. The tyres have been upgraded to Firestone slick tyres. Thanks in advance. This project was designed and conceived by way2speed and Modsters automotive to celebrate our 5 years business collaboration . we wanted to get into the different genre of modification, why not add a Enduro fairing for Himalayan. Subscribe to our newsletter for best lists and buying guides. Its versatility and affordability make it a popular choice among adventure tourers. The Barrel Exhaust Scud has seperate dedicated models for Royal Enfield Classic, Royal Enfield Electra and Standard. Now I am looking for answers, what shall I do next? Hope this clarifies your doubt. These are very long and protrudes out of chassis. There’s even a “lock” feature in the software which can prevent a map from being copied from the ECU should you come up with a proprietary configuration you want to keep secret. Yet many more upgrade options for this interesting motorcycle are out there. Yet many more upgrade options for this interesting motorcycle are out there. The Red Rooster Performance Rumbler is a free flow exhaust addon. Made from carbon steel, the company offers a one year warranty on manufacturing defects with this exhaust mod and a generous lifetime service warranty. The new motorcycle sits lower than the Himalayan because of an all-new chassis. During our rides, we appreciated that the tank bag didn’t interfere with our riding position while standing on the pegs. Maintaining the cool look of the round headlight, and still using the stock reflector and lens, simply swapping out the stock bulb for Cyclops’ H4 setup massively changes the riding experience at night. We also added Wolfman’s Enduro Tank Bag, which offers an additional 4 liters of capacity. The RRP Stellar is a slip-on type exhaust which replaces the stock muffler for improved performance and sound characteristics. Royal Enfield’s history goes back to the 1950’s, and six-volt electrical systems. Just a few long distance trips. The Barrel Exhaust Scud Special Edition as the name suggests is a limited production slip-on exhaust compatible with royal Enfield classic motorcycles. Made like a gun, rides like a bullet is the tagline of the Royal Enfield motorcycles. But, if you are purchasing from reputed brands like Barrel Exhaust, Red Rooster Performance, Moto Torque, Globe etc you can be assured of the performance and durability you desire. I tried to procure it online (e.g. More noticeable was the improved throttle response, particularly off-the-line “snap,” and a more purposeful feel on acceleration. When I asked one of the service centres here in Chennai they say that bend pipe for BS 3 is no longer available.

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