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Close the lid and turn on the “cook” button. Plus, the rice cooker’s pot has embedded marks of measurement (in cups) that can help you … 1) Rinsing the rice won’t affect the doneness of the rice… it’s the rice:water ratio which in an electric pressure cooker is 1:1. Place inner pot in the rice cooker, close the lid, and set to White Rice or press the Cook switch. The secret is in the mix of water and lentils – I prefer to use 2 cups of water to every cup of lentils – and remember, you dont need to soak them but, if you choose to, you should use slightly less water in the cook as, obviously the lentils will already contain quite a lot of moisture. DIRECTIONS. You can easily drain the water with or without a strainer, too. Rinse rice, lentils, and barley thoroughly and mix in a rice cooker pot; add olive oil, garlic, and stock … Other Add water according to your rice cooker’s instruction manual or use 4 cups of water. Cooking rice and lentils together didn’t sound appealing at all. Midway through cooking, carefully open … Yes, you heard it. If they are not tender, add 1/4 cup more water and restart. Add all ingredients to inner pot and stir. Put all ingredients except parsley into the rice cooker. Stir the mixture with the approximate amount of water. I like my rice grain separated (not mushy) and the soft lentils on the side so I can mix them with every bite. When you cook rice and lentils together in … When the cooker shuts off, check to make sure both rice and lentils are tender and no water remains. (This shouldn’t be necessary… Place the cooker pot into your rice cooker and add the lentil mixture into the pot. You’ll skip some steps in the classic way of cooking lentils if you use a rice cooker. Using a rice cooker to prepare lentils is the best way to do it. Let it cook for 30 minutes (you can set the timer to avoid blunder). However, if you’re in a hurry and want to cook the lentils within a short time, you can simply use your rice cooker.Cooking lentils in a rice cooker also requires less effort where cooking pans will take away both your time and energy. Luckily, cooking lentils is very simple in a rice cooker – in fact, I cant think of a better or easier way to cook them. So, let’s check the post to know How to Cook Lentils in Rice Cooker with some easy and simple steps. Stir and set to Cook. For one, you may simply use the rice cooker pot to sort and rinse the lentils.

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