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Your email address will not be published. But I’ll get back to that in a section below (the ‘banned list’). This tense appears in three different forms in Spanish conversations. We can categorise irregular gerunds in Spanish into two groups: stem-changing and completely irregular. Great, then your next step is to put some of it to use. Español: Ahora mismo, estás leyendo este artículo. Your lessons are outstanding, both in content and presentation and tend to be comprehensive as well as exhaustive. : Understanding your accent is difficult – entender su acento es difícil. Although, if you do express an idea using this construction, it doesn’t have to be negative. !Gracias! Again, this needs to be in the present tense: English: Right now, I’m going to the gym.Español: Ahora mismo, voy al gimnasio. Note, however, that you also could say "I am studying" as "Estudio." Your email address will not be published. You are running. All of these examples translate really well to Spanish. Sometimes the present progressive in English translates to the normal present tense in Spanish. In Spanish, the progressive forms put additional emphasis on the continuing nature of the action, although the distinction isn't readily translatable. I learned a lot! But, if it happens that one year it is uncharacteristically cold, you would hear: English: It is really cold this summer. The verb is on the ‘banned list’ for gerunds. The last topic for this article is about Spanish phrases that use gerunds, apart from estar. A very interesting lesson indeed. Español: Hace mucho calor este verano. Muy interesante. I’m only going to briefly introduce ‘perifrasis verbales‘ here because the topic could be a whole article on its own. Pero correct me if I am wrong: I think you should include “ir + gerund” to the “phrases with gerund” part. If it is habitually hot every year, then you’ll hear this idea expressed in the present tense. This is because these verbs are on the ‘banned list’ for Spanish gerunds. And, sometimes the verb form used in the English progressive tense can’t be translated at all. Note, however, that you also could say "I am studying" as "Estudio." Yet, when you form reflexive verbs in the Spanish present progressive you can move the pronoun to after the gerund as follows: English: I’m washing my hands.Español: Estoy lavándome las manos. The example of the camera thing is a brilliant way to remember when to use the present progressive. I was suspecting about some odd sentences in Duolingo, but it was good for the start. But, if you can’t do that, maybe the next best thing is to practice forming these sentences with a piece of paper and a pen. Instead of “more correct”, you can think of any sentence in Spanish as being “grammatically correct” or “incorrect”, and then for grammatically correct sentences, the question becomes which is the “more common” use amongst native speakers. Thank you so much. For this reason, hopefully, it will be easier to use this second group of verbs on the gerund banned list in Spanish. It might be a habitual action (see the next section). You should also combine this phrase with a time period to specify how long you have been doing whatever it is that you have been doing. For example: I am studying. What I left out of the previous section was how to form the present progressive using reflexive verbs. ¿Qué estás leyendo estos días? a developing action), “I’m working on the weekend” then this would be “estoy trabajando el fin de semana”. Creo que las construcciones “llevar + gerundio” y “seguir + gerundio” son las mas dificiles a aprender, por la gente que sigue hablando ingles! In the present progressive tense, for example, "Estoy estudiando" is roughly the equivalent of "I am studying." When you combine a Spanish gerund with the verb llevar, you create an especially useful phrase. He is cleaning. It is characterized by the verb “to be,” followed by a second verb that ends with –ing (the present participle). In the present progressive tense, for example, "Estoy estudiando" is roughly the equivalent of "I am studying." Knowing your enemies is important – conocer a tus enemigos es importante. You also need to learn the irregular Spanish gerunds. How will you use the Spanish present progressive tense? But, if you want to go deeper, then keep reading! If so, sign up for access to The Definitive Guide to Conversation Hacking in Spanish. But, the problem is, you can’t just simply translate the English present progressive to the Spanish present progressive whenever you want to. Is that true? And, often, you’ll use it in negative contexts. English: I’m coming from work in order to arrive at the party on time.Español: Vengo del trabajo para llegar a tiempo a la fiesta. Español: ¿Cuánto tiempo llevas estudiando español? Right now, I’m writing this article. It has to do with whether a developing action is habitual or not. I do study Spanish. And, I’ll pick a few of the most common and useful. With the second example, if you had been in the middle of a drought for years, you might be using this phrase to celebrate and point out how wonderful three weeks of rain is. Thanks Kyle for the kind words about the article. Español: ¿Vas a visitarme la semana que viene?

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