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In the meantime, Dennis Dunkel and Cy Stapelton filed a class action against eBay on March 22, 2012, alleging, among other things, that eBay improperly closed their accounts without just cause or prior notice, purportedly in violation of the terms of the eBay User Agreement. When I called them, their rep said “we can’t send you the checks to your PO Box any longer because you could be living anywhere…”. Yes, they will still be not only holding, but increasing holding people’s funds despite the lawsuits! He filed a dispute with Paypal stating 1. (that was a lie) the policy was paid in full for the year. *I need to understand what amount I should request in my letter, as I have lost well over 25,000 dollars worth of sales and business just in a month’s time. I have audio recording of the entire conversation and all my emails to prove on my side what I say is true. Did you get you issue resolved? federal violation’s. var m3_r = Math.floor(Math.random()*99999999999); And we have been told they are going to hold it for 180 days for “further investigation”. //]]>-->,