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That role has changed because of the pandemic, so I’m doing a lot more widespread responsibilities than I was expecting. Research from the Network Science Institute uses mathematical equations to track how “social contagions” spread. You will be connected to professionals and peers who will open the right doors, whether you are starting your career or advancing your business. Connect with our team at an upcoming program info session, industry speaker series and other community events. Featuring: David DeSteno Topics: Psychology. Featuring: Thomas Gilbert Topics: Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Motor skills such as throwing a ball, eating with knife and fork or dancing are uniquely human and key to functional behavior. What Democratic candidates for president got right—and wrong—when they spoke about the future of work. Together, and in every discipline of science, they were able to make significant contributions to the collective good, such as: developing epidemic models, serving as advisors to local and national government, studying the virus’ proteins, developing methods for contact tracing, creating the infrastructure for on-campus testing, and more. The Center investigates the effects of lifestyle choices and health behaviors (e.g., physical activity, diet) and their physiological sequelae (e.g., fitness, adiposity) on brain and cognition. Chemical Imaging of Living Systems Institute. Northeastern University’s Master of Science in Computer Science is designed for experienced professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and expand their technology leadership responsibilities in organizations that design, develop, market, or utilize computing systems. The stigma around neuroscience can be really difficult, but if there are other people just like you who can do it, then you can do it too. This unique graduate degree is designed to deepen your understanding of current regulations and their practical application in the development and commercialization of drugs, biologics, and medical devices. I’m progressing in my lab skills specific to this job, but I still wouldn’t say I’m anywhere close to being okay doing everything by myself. Northeastern started with a new idea: that higher education would be enriched by integrating students’ coursework with opportunities for experience in their field of study; that a university could best serve its students and lead innovation by engaging directly with its community through partnerships with employers. “The public is getting front-row seats to the scientific method, probably in a way they never imagined they would’ve experienced,” says Samuel Scarpino, who runs the Emergent Epidemics Lab at Northeastern. There are people at every stage of their scientific career working here,  and there’s this unanimous sense that, sure, I have a plan for the next couple months, but do I really know what I want to do with my life? Everything was abstract. If you like what you're reading online, why not take advantage of our subscription and get unlimited access to all of Times Higher Education's content?

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