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Contact us by calling (704) 525-6288 for a complimentary consultation today. Contact us by calling (704) 525-6288 for a complimentary consultation today. I look up to her, respect her and love her. It may include chiropractic, deep tissue massage, dry needling, nutritional support or ergonomic advice. Contact us for more details. I’m doing well at my job and I’m back in the shop working on cars!”. I cannot explain the satisfaction I have with Dynamic Health & Pain Management. She always tries to do whatever she can to help with my journey. The neck is able to twist and bend more than many other areas, making it more susceptible to injury. Treatment is tailored specifically for you, your condition and your goals. There came a point when I didn’t want to do any cooking or cleaning, only sleep. However, we use a range of effective neck pain treatment strategies and can tailor the treatment to your preferences. After just one meeting with Dr. Kane, I felt a big difference in my sinuses. Interactive rehabilitation. See the pricing page for more details. My hope when starting treatment was to strengthen my back so that I could exercise, which would in turn help to strengthen my leg so that I could get rid of the leg brace. Healthcare Disclaimer. Tired, drained, exhausted, and depressed? Would recommend highly.. The chiropractor can then determine which treatment will be most suitable and effective, We like to keep things simple. Anyway, thank you for your kind and gentle care.”, “The ProAdjuster has changed my life. After our session, not only have I made time to write daily, but my attitude toward time has transformed. I thought I may have slept wrong or pinched a nerve somehow and figured it would get better on it’s own in a few days. He found a congenital defect in my spine that no other doctor had noticed before. I feel the treatment has been very successful and I would recommend it to anyone, Patients may, occasionally, experience some soreness, stiffness or aching, just as they might after exercise. I have to wear larger shoes, larger pants, getting in and out of a vehicle is difficult and the list goes on. Her adjustments are flawless, and I love the ProAdjuster! Instead of feeling like time is constantly running out, I feel like time is my opportunity with which to do whatever I want.”, “I am elated at how HEALTHY I feel on SHAPE ReClaimed! I began to work more often and exercising was no longer impossible. Dizzy spells kept me from doing simple tasks like getting her dressed in the morning, and forget playing dress-up! I am able to exercise regularly and don’t need as many injections to help ease the pain. I sought relief from my primary care doctor and was told I pulled muscle. Eventually, I resorted to Advil. Just click the orange button to book your free ‘Initial consultation’ or, if you want to get going straight away, select ‘New Patient Examination’. The pain in my neck and shoulder has decreased dramatically and I have only had one migraine since starting treatment. Medications can only do so much to help relieve pain, and home remedies like ice and hot packs don’t dramatically change chronic pain conditions. I was also excited because for the first time in a long time I was able to drive a long distance to see my family. Dynamic Health offers a diverse and comprehensive collection of integrated physical rehabilitation and pain treatment options. Online Form - Dynamic Health Website Contact Form. Almost any type of movement using my upper body would bring on the pain. It really works. It may include chiropractic, deep tissue massage, dry needling, nutritional support or ergonomic advice. Expert clinicians (the only clinic in Jersey with a practitioner who is both DNS certified and a member of the International Society of Clinical Rehabilitation Specialists). We like to keep things simple. After treatment the neck is much much better and there is also definite improvement in lower back. After just a month of treatment, I started to notice a huge difference in my quality of life. For external information about neck pain, go to Arthritis Australia , Arthritis Victoria . Friends and family would ask me to bake desserts for them and that presented a challenge. When medications aren’t helping with pain management, seek relief from the chronic pain treatment and cervical pain treatment options offered by Dynamic Health in Charlotte, NC — learn more about our, Neck Pain Treatment Options in Charlotte, NC, Balance and coordination correction therapy. We also provide exercise rehabilitation in the form of home programs or small-group classes in our onsite studio with our expert trainers. Thank you so much!”, “I met Dr. Jennifer Kane over a decade ago. Once I began treatment, I could tell the difference. A few days passed and then a few more and it didn’t go away. “I first heard of Dynamic Health and Pain Management through a health fair at Duke Energy. I also couldn’t bend over to get in and out of the car, and forget about sitting in the vehicle for long periods of time! We also provide exercise rehabilitation in the form of home programs or small-group classes in our, Yes, we have a excellent success rate with treatment for a range of neck pain complaints but don’t just take our word for it, visit our, Every practitioner treats differently, even within professions. If you suffer from neck or cervical pain, it’s time to get your mobility — and your life — back. “...I was initially worried it may hurt to have treatment especially as I was already in so much pain but after the initial treatment I had no hesitations at all... No, you don’t have to be. I did physical therapy for one year to learn how to walk, however, I was numb on the left side of my body and weak on my right. All treatments at Dynamic Health are extremely safe. Dynamic Health is a Chiropractic Clinic located centrally in St Helier, Jersey CI. I saw Dr. Cox on Charlotte Today and scheduled an appointment for her. Call 01534 733162 I knew the moment I met my wife, I wanted to marry her. I also had a substantial improvement in the amount of swelling in the area. I was limited to the things I could do with her, which included no play time or daily activities. I recommend them to anyone and encourage them to reap the benefits like I have. When I went to my appointment the doctor was very thorough. Luckily, I have an understanding boss who tolerated my declining production so I didn’t lose my job or get forced out on disability. When I look down at my feet, I am amazed because I am walking straight! I was hesitant because I tried chiropractic care and that didn’t give relief, so what else could? But thanks to the treatment and the exercises I was given the condition of my back has improved significantly and is gradually getting stronger. She is my little best friend! “I suffered chronic lower back pain making it difficult for me to play golf. Unfortunately patients with long-standing or complex complaints are often told that there is nothing that can be done for them. If you are suffering with pain in your neck when perofming the side bridge try the following : 1Step 1 - Check your form Ensure you are lifting your trunk away from your supporting shoulder and pulling your lower shoulder down away from your ear.Ensure you are lengthening the back of your neck … I feel even more amazing after my adjustments!! I also began experiencing pain in my neck that radiated down my left arm and the pain was constant. Dr. Kane treated my long-term allergies of more than 30 years. “In 1992 I suffered a spinal chord injury that left me paralyzed. The care they provide is a completely unique and therapeutic approach that everyone in pain should try. I can now play golf regularly and increasingly without post round stiffness and pain. I would absolutely recommend treatment, ... My only hesitation before attending was whether my problem was possible to fix as I'd suffered for a long time. She took down the number and called to make me an appointment. We offer effective and fast acting care for backpain and neck pain. “I began having migraines 3-4 times a week. I would absolutely recommend treatment. Working in IT Programming, I constantly sit in front of computers all day and it was impossible to work because of the pain in my neck. It limited me and affected every personal and social aspect of my life. You will only pay for treatment you receive. It almost feels like my hips have been released and I can stretch out my legs further. Fantastic! I went to Dr. Kane last week for hypnosis to help with my snacking and over-eating problems. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants natural treatment. This made my job extremely difficult because I couldn’t sit still for long periods of time. I was also experiencing pain in my back and neck.My wife Wilma had been suffering with debilitating migraines for years. I’m continuing to go for preventative care, and each time, she has given me helpful exercises and tips. Sign Up for our Free Newsletter Subscribe. ... then Dynamic Health is the clinic for you. As exciting as is my WEIGHT LOSS, the elimination of the INFLAMMATION in my body is even more astonishing!!! I highly enjoy soccer and golf, but couldn’t be involved in any physical activity or sports. I called the next day and scheduled my consultation. How much treatment, help and advice you ultimately receive is completely up to you. I highly enjoy soccer and golf, but couldn’t be involved in any physical activity or sports. Within a few short weeks, I felt a significant difference. For months before beginning SHAPE ReClaimed, I had been in pain, but within 3 days of being on this program, my pain completely disappeared!!! !”, “I think I may have had the best adjustment ever and I have been getting them since I was 12 years old! It limited me and affected every personal and social aspect of my life. Most importantly, I was able to devote my full self to my daughter and be her mom again. The staff is great, too. “I was living with constant shoulder pain from a pinched nerve and was miserable every day. Then, out of nowhere the pain stopped and hasn’t returned. As of today, she has been migraine free for 60 days. My favorite area is on top of my head, the Chakra spot, it brings instant JOY to me. Normally, I would have to go to four different locations to get similar treatment.”. We understand how tiring neck pain can be and how frustrating it is when it stops you doing what you want. Book today to start your journey towards less pain, more mobility and better health. I couldn't believe how great I felt!”, “Cannot recommend Dr. Kane enough. I feel stronger and more powerful and have a deeper sense of ease and peace (exactly what I needed). We treat a range of neck conditions including: “I came in with lower back & neck pain. Kevin finds relief from neck and arm pain with help from Dynamic Health. The Doctors didn’t believe that I would ever walk again. I couldn’t sit still for more than a few minutes before the pain set in. As a pastime I love to work on dirt track race cars with my friend. Just starting to learn how to be a lady as she is growing up, made me want to be a major part of this process and not miss a second of her life. By nature when she tells me something, I listen.I had been living with atrocious neck pain for about 16 years. I have been going to Dr. Jennifer for over 10 years. I will be thankful all my life for Dr. Mazal and all the staff at Dynamic Health & Pain Management.”. I am proud to say that I can go without wearing the leg brace for 6-8 hours each day and I don’t experience as much pain in my back or neck as I did before starting therapy.

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