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You are eligible to declare the major in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics if you have met ALL of the following criteria: 1) Completion of Math 1A & Math 1B (or equivalent) with averages grades of at least "C". in Mathematics & Computer Science. 201 North Goodwin Avenue MC 258 Course planning forms provide a checklist of all requirements for the major and a framework for creating four-year plan on the back of the form. The PhD program proceeds in three phases: During the first phase, the Qualifying Phase, the students demonstrate knowledge in several fundamental subareas of Computer Science, start doing research, and refine their research interests, including identifying a research advisor. After successful completion of the Candidacy Exam the student will continue to do research, obtaining results that constitutes their PhD dissertation. Success in this Qualifying Exam leads to the next phase where the student is expected to identify a research topic, and start doing research. Thesis Format Review Guidelines, Online Master of Computer Science in Data Science, Illinois Computing Accelerator for Non-Specialists (iCAN), Graduate Student Annual Evaluation Process, MCS On-Campus General Advising for Registration, Architecture, Compilers, and Parallel Computing, Programming Languages, Formal Methods, and Software Engineering, Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates, Computer Science Visionary Scholarship Donors, Prerequisite Flowchart and Course Planning Forms, CS 374 Algorithms and Models of Computation, Students who entered Fall 2016 until Fall 2018, Thomas M. Siebel Center for Computer Science. They will also show competence in writing, producing a technical document (a research or survey paper) that indicates that the student is qualified to pursue their studies eventually leading to a doctorate. P: 773.702.6614 University of Illinois, Copyright © 2020 University of Illinois Board of Trustees, Powered by SiteManager | Contact Webmaster, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Donald B. Gillies Chair in Computer Science, Donald B. Gillies Professorship in Computer Science, Donald Biggar Willett Professorship in Engineering, Fulton Watson Copp Chair in Computer Science, George and Ann Fisher Distinguished Professorship in Engineering, Michael Faiman Professorship in Computer Science, Paul and Cynthia Saylor Professorship in Computer Science, Ralph M. and Catherine V. Fisher Professorship, Richard T. Cheng Professorship in Computer Science, Saburo Muroga Professorship in Computer Science, Sohaib and Sara Abbasi Professorship in Computer Science, Thomas M. Siebel Chair in Computer Science, C.W. The vast majority of CS academics are awful programmers. Have their Thesis Defense by Spring Quarter of their sixth year. I think I’ll reach out to some advisers at schools that interest me and some students as well to get a better sense. 120 Total Hours Required. With all the above in mind, you should probably consider both math and CS programs when you are applying. Students must complete at least 120 total hours from the following university, college and departmental requirements. The last phase concludes with a successful thesis defense. In this case, the student and Advisor should submit an alternate plan to the Graduate Committee. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A PhD is not about learning from courses as an bachelor's/master's is, but about doing research. Even the ones that are teaching the programming classes. The research you do will be greatly personalized, but this has to happen in coordination with your PhD supervisor. If I want to get a PhD in AI/CS for robotics, do you think EE is a good choice instead of CS? It wasn’t enough for me. I did a masters degree in operations research (after my year as a math PhD student convinced me pure math wasn't for me). Is your research theoretical? After joining the professional society INFORMS more than 30 years ago, professor Sheldon H. Jacobson named winner of George E. Kimball Medal and Saul Gass Expository Writing Award. Those programs tend to be competitive, and I'd probably compete with hundreds of CS major who are intensely qualified for AI stuff. 5730 S. Ellis Avenue However, you should really be having this discussion with potential supervisors. D. in Mathematics and Computer Science. Speaking from experience since I am doing one atm. Learn more ... Department of Computer Science Graduate Advising: Chicago, IL 60637 I'm not sure what the difference between Intro to Linear Algebra and Linear Algebra w/ Applications is, but which ever course spends more time on matrix transformations would be the one I suggest. PhD in Math or CS if my focus is theoretical CS? In Winter 2018, the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Computer Science launched a joint program through which participating students can earn the degree of Ph. Prerequisite flowchart. To continue to advance through the PhD program, students must maintain good academic standing. A central component of the program is the interaction of the student with their research advisor, and with the research community. Course planning forms provide a checklist of all requirements for the major and a framework for creating four-year plan on the back of the form. It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. I can definitely see some focuses within TCS wanting to collaborate more with non-TCS math people and also other focuses wanting to collaborate more with non-TCS CS people. Email: So when you think about applying to grad programs you should try to find departments with several faculty you could imagine working with since your first choice of advisor may not always work out. All my research is mathematics (I work with Linked Data). This is true regardless of whether you target math or CS departments. Generally speaking, the research you do for math would be more fundamental and the research you do for CS would be more applied. My coworkers have PhDs in Physics and CS (respectively) and they work on math-heavy areas of our product, namely imaging and 3D engine. When looking at course requirements and offerings the most important question should be whether or not you will have access to good courses to help you develop skills in TCS (regardless of which department these courses are offered in). If I get my PhD in CS and focus on theoretical CS, will I be taking mostly math and theory classes, or will I still need to take some coding based classes? New certificate program for college graduates who want a deeper understanding of computers, algorithms, and programming. Minor exceptions require approval of the Graduate Committee. Throughout the process, students document successful research in appropriate publications. You'll do mostly applied math if you do a PhD in CS. I worked in ML and robotics. Alternative Timelines and Exceptional Circumstances. Undergraduate Advising: A student who has joined the program under special circumstances and a timeline that explicitly differs from the standard 6-year one, will be subject to the timeline specified at their admission. In my opinion, advisor considerations should be prioritized over course requirement considerations. See also: Prerequisite Flowchart and Course Planning Forms, University and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirements, Department of Computer Science Requirements, CS 361 Probability and Statistics for Computer Science (recommended), STAT 400/MATH 463 Statistics and Probability I, CS 477 Formal Software Development Methods, CS 481 Stochastic Processes and Applications. No exceptions can be made to University requirements. John Crerar Library This ... reasons, I didn't really plan to get where I am today. (CJ) Desai and Hina Desai Computer Science Fellowship, Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship, Graduate College Distinguished Fellowship, Graduate Student Outstanding Ambassador Award, Graduate Student Outstanding Service Award, Illinois Computer Science Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, Lifetime, Ira & Debra Cohen Graduate Fellowship in Computer Science, National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship, Sohaib and Sara Abbasi Computer Science Fellowship, State Farm Companies Foundation Doctoral Scholars, Support for Under-Represented Groups in Engineering (SURGE) Fellowship, Professional Master of Computer Science (MCS) Program, Additional Required Application Materials for International Students, Computer Science + Geography & Geographic Information Science, CS + X Degree Requirements & Planning Forms, Ph.D. / M.S.

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