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By joining Mastermind Edge, I’m able to glean best practices from other business owners, and as a result, “sharpen my ax” which has helped me run my businesses better and become more profitable.”, “Before joining this Mastermind Group I felt stuck. Logistics, like mastermind group rules, mastermind members, mastermind hours, formats for a mastermind, and more! Was it because you, in so many directions that your brain felt frazzled? 12-How often and for how long do you meet? How to run a mastermind group for your community. Examples of what a mastermind group might look like if you were running it for your community, Running a mastermind online versus in person, What a growth strategy might look like for your mastermind group, How to attract the right mastermind members. What is the Format of this Mastermind Group: Peer or Guru? TRANSFORM. The flag of which Southeast Asian country is red with a five-pointed yellow star in the centre? Whether you're a business owner or a salesperson, we have groups available that are custom designed to unite positive, collaborative, and growth-oriented leaders. Step-by-step guide to Hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines, Learn How To Set Up A Mastermind Group | Increase Revenue & Authority, The Entrepreneur 12 Steps – A Guide on Using 12 Steps Framework, Business Growth | Searching for Blue Streams not Blue Oceans, Tweets by This Mastermind Group allows me to draw on the experience of peers who’ve faced similar situations and can ask the tough questions. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. All the following questions have been asked in the general knowledge round of the TV series Mastermind. . I quickly determined it’s exactly what I needed, a group of high-performing Presidents and CEO’s that act as a trusted sounding board for my ideas and challenges. Mastermind Group Success Starts Here. A true mastermind is a collection of opinions and ideas. It was a real wake up call. What Happens in a Typical Mastermind Group Meeting? Over a 5 month period, you and your fellow group members (3-5 individuals) will set off on a mutual journey of learning, evolving and solving – THE MASTERMIND SPRINT. They assume the topics they discuss should all be about one area of expertise. This is the whole idea behind the Mastermind concept. A quick reminder: Mastermind Group Facilitator Training begins October 26. “Although I’m a decent size company ($40+ million yr. in sales) I knew I could be doing more to create greater efficiencies and grow my company faster. Mastermind Group Discussion Questions. Learn the art of empowering your members and facilitating your groups successfully! Without question this has been a great investment of my time and money.”, “I wanted to sell more. What’s a highlight or win you’ve had in the last 30 days? They key reasons it’s not a true Mastermind is that the dynamic is a master to student. ", TAKE YOUR LIFE & BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

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