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Uploaded by Head over to the gun now and use the console nearby. Do so and kill off anything that remains. Disarmament - Destroy 3 arm cannon Weak Points on Mancubi. Go inside for SENTINEL CRYSTAL [1/1] and upgrade whatever you wish (I got the Belch Armor Boost here). 7 That's not good. Use the jump pad to head back inside a building and kill the zombies here (some have weapons). Next → We have to cross the gap again, which is fine. See that pillar? Use the pistons to get in and once you drop out look to the left for CODEX [1/2], BFG-10000. There is actually an EXTRA LIFE [5/6] out in the air down here, and we want to drop down, grab it, and dash to the wall to save ourselves. Go ahead and break through hordes of enemies. Once you enter the huge portal, the mission will be over. Your hero will target Mars surface and destroy it with the BFG-10000 cannon. Enter in the building and go to the other side. The projectile will create a huge crater on the Mars surface. Not very hard, but you can kill some fodder along the way. Unique DLs-- Total DLs-- Total views. You need to get back up to jump to the land beyond here, which has a large first aid and a PRAETOR SUIT POINT [4/5] beyond that. You can get to the first one just by falling and dashing, so save your double jump for the second one to make it easier on yourself. For now, just jump down through the destroyed gap. He has his wolf spirit that will attack you (annoying) and has several Maykr Drones. Phobos (moon) and Mars 3 You need to make some jumps now to get to the next area filled with enemies. Climb down and double jump over to the booster pad. Thin out the fodder and we'll see part of the bridge rise up when you're done. Up ahead is more land with two Cacodemons floating around. Go back and take the main path now. The only known path to this accursed place is through the dimensional gateway hidden in the core of Mars, wherein the lost city of Hebeth resides. This arena is broken up into two parts, so it's not too hard. Mars Core is the seventh level of the campaign in Doom Eternal. That will complete the encounter easily and help on your challenge (although now I'm 30/40 on the challenge and out of ammo...). Mwahahaha! Move forward to a bridge area (killing soldiers on the way). This page of our guide to Doom Eternal contains a detailed walkthrough of Mars Core mission. Head forward here and watch out for a TON of Tentacles. A prowler and a Cacodemon round things out at the end, so use rockets on the Cacodemon and kill the prowler quickly to pass this challenge. Break the wall here to drop down once again to the land down below. Take it out with your Ballista (Arbalest) and watch out for the lasers here. 0. Information about the secrets and collectibles are in separate chapters of our guide. 1 Description 2 Objectives 3 Mission challenges 4 Quick Travel Points 5 Achievements 6 Walkthrough 7 See also With the help of Samuel Hayden, the final Hell Priest has been located on Sentinel Prime - a city from your past. We're still in "Arena Mode" as you go inside here. We can see a gap that we can jump to a door. There's a gargoyle on the right too. There's a couple of secrets here though, so follow along with me. Download: Manual; 0 of 0 File information. There is a Dread Knight and various fodder over here, so be ready (we killed the Pain Elemental earlier). Enjoy the UAC announcement here and go right to the escape pods. When you land, if you have any BFG ammo, you can use it here. Use the yellow bar and dash to the building ahead. Destroy your enemies and proceed straight ahead - some enemies will appear from time to time. Exploration We have to make our way across the floating debris now. Original upload 02 October 2020 12:06PM. You'll end up in a facility with another demon army. The first part has a Marauder. We want the one on the right glowing green. It may take a couple tries, but it is do-able (it may take two tries just to get a feeling for where the life is). 2 Go down the stairs and watch out for the tentacles. As you climb back up, some gargoyles will appear, so be ready for them. Toys None of the others work and there's nothing else here, so use it and enjoy your trip to Mars' core. Clear them out and push on, finding the first collectable in your way: a RUNE [1/2]. I shot off the Arachnatron's tail from here and used the Arbalest to kill the Pain Elemental in the far distance. Mars Core is quite a strange level in Doom Eternal. Codex There’s a total of 30 collectibles and secrets to find in Mission 7: Mars Core, and you need to find 19 to complete the level 100%. 3 Enter the next shaft to move further and watch a cutscene. Destroy enemies and tentacles. Mars (aka Risi Soru the Red Planet) is the fourth planet from the sun in the Solar System. 3. Uploaded by Where there is a gate, there is a key. Drop down and to your right you'll see SENTINEL BATTERY [3/3]. With the help of Samuel Hayden, the final Hell Priest has been located on Sentinel Prime - a city from your past. Doom Eternal Now you have to jump on the crates and enter the shaft. Almost no reason to fight him, but if you do there's a launch pad that lets you get back up. Continue inside the building and take a left. Samuel will mention they are trying to keep us out. Mars Core Secret Encounter #2. After the knights, an Arachnatron will show up (save your blood punch), and after him there will be a Doom Hunter. 2,050. Sentinel Prime. He's busy fighting so you can ambush him with grenades easily. Even worse is a stalker imp and a Mancubus up ahead. We'll be rewarded with the EMPYREAN KEY once we've taken everyone out. Destroy his sled to neuter him and stay on the move using the jump pads. There will be some gargoyles and a Pain Elemental. Once you've taken him out, Hell Knights and Dread Knights will show up. Several imps and gargoyles will spawn behind and off to the sides of the Revenant as well. Go ahead and fight the demons. Doom Eternal pushes forward to smash launch weekend sales record for franchise, Doom Eternal: Release Date And What We Know So Far, Big Ba-da Boom: Kill 40 Demons with a very big gun, Disarmament: Destroy 3 arm cannon Weak Points on Mancubi. With that, let's go do the Slayer's Gate area. Kill all monsters, and after a while you'll reach the teleport. and drop down to a climb-able wall. From here we have some choices. Several of them. Navigation Copyright © 2000 - 2020 GRY-Online S.A. for, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games. Go straight though into the side room and make a left to climb UP. This one has several imps and a Whiplash that spawn on the left side. They keep respawning, so try to focus on the Marauder as hard as that can be. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Bethesda Softworks or id Software. That's the last secret encounter too. You now have to drop down to the big arena up ahead. You'll be brought to an area with SECRET ENCOUNTER [2/2]. From here we can dash to the next area thanks to the climbable walls. Remember your grenades and chainsaw (blood punch the spider if it is still alive). We have to fall down once again to continue. This goes towards the "Big Ba-da Boom" challenge and you should have 15 kills right about now. There are shielded soldiers and a Revenant here too. Sentinel Battery Again, try to stay at mid-range and wait for the green flash to blast him. Mobile versions of this guide will be available for download as soon as WWW version is ready. From where we entered this area, head into the room on the left and look for a button you can press on the computers nearby. Arc Complex This big area all leads to a hole in the floor. Grab the ammo in the center and take the warp pod. The last arena is down below. Head over there and use the box to jump up to the left first. Collect the loot nearby now and break the wall. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. You can find PRAETOR SUIT POINT [3/5] here. Kill them off and look up for some armor. Yep... ride the left pistons (left from where you entered) up to a walkway where you can find PRAETOR SUIT POINT [1/5]. We'll be down on some land now, with electric traps nearby so be careful! Drop down and take a left when you can. 1 1 IMMEDIATELY turn around and jump the gaps here to find a SENTINEL BATTERY [1/3]. Original upload 02 October 2020 12:06PM. There's several demons here. Sentinel Crystal We'll need to drop down and dash into the hole. Once you regain control, you'll get a tutorial on the BFG-9000. The last cubby over here has PRAETOR SUIT POINT [5/5]. 1.21. Mars Core Keep going and you'll interact with a ladder. Jump below, where a bunch of enemies are waiting for you. 1 In the next room, there are some chambers that move up - jump in them and keep going. You will complete this level and automatically start the Sentinel Prime mission. We need to be ready for Mancubi, basically. DOOM Eternal. Go to the structure that raised up and drop down. Mars Core is the seventh level of the campaign in Doom Eternal. Archived. This starts a big fight, and we need to be careful of the open areas thanks to the electric traps. There's more fodder here (a ton of zombies if you need armor or a multi-kill challenge) as well as stalkers and a Pinky. This encounter will open the door nearby and spawn a Revenant. Big Ba-Da Boom - Kill 40 Demons with a very big gun. This page of our guide to Doom Eternal contains a detailed walkthrough of Mars Core mission. Insane and a lot closer to Mars now. Gather up all the loot here (there's some armor on a top platform) and drop down the hole they want you to drop down. Doing this nets you a bunch of ammo refills and SENTINEL BATTERY [2/3]. What gives? Off to the right of where we're at is a launcher.

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