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Jul 13, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Muhaned AL Hayali. Glubock, Shirley. (noun) I never would have thought them intimidating, but I see what you mean after you described why they are so intimidating. It is a great example of Ancient Near East modern Kharsabad art. Every feature of this piece is a representation of strength and power. Lamassu protected and supported important doorways in Assyrian palaces. For me this would scare me if it were coming at me, having power over me and intimidation. Lamassus My formal analysis is on the Lamassus or as it is named in the book Guardian Figures at the Gate A of the Citadel of Sargon II during its Excavation. To put into better terms if the guardians fail to keep the enemy out this huge wall will not. Read More. I like how you mentioned that not all the stone or brick was carved, giving the image a white-space. 1963. Again looking at the side view we see these huge almost stretched out wings and for me showing another sign of running or charging. To what I can tell from the pictures of the Lamassus it looks like it is made out of a stone or brick like medium. When walking up to the gate and seeing the Lamassus, and humans averaging around the height of 5 to 6’ we would only come up to the top of this beings legs. Untuk Info, Bisa Hubungi Customer Service Kami ( SIAP MELAYANI 24 JAM ) :Wechat : bolavitaLine : cs_bolavitaWA : 0812-2222-995Link :, Disini menyediakan semua permainan POPULER.Anda juga dapat deposit menggunakan PULSA XL dan TSEL Tanpa PotonganBisa juga di Daftarkan Dengan Akun E-moneyDaftar : Museumbola Demo Slot: Login Museumbola Paito Warna hk Slot 888 Agen Casino Online Demo Slot Pragmatic Slot Pulsa Tanpa Potongan Demo Slot Habanero. Temple Architecture in the Greek Orientalizing Period, Art and Architecture of the Achaemenid Empire, Originally a protective spirit to the households of Babylonian commoners, the, Among the ornamental features excavated was a monumental, The gates of the Palace of Dur-Sharrukin, occupied by Sargon II, featured monumental alto reliefs of a mythological guardian figure called a, The winged bull figure, known as a shedu or a, Atop the entablature sat sculptures of two winged female creatures resembling the sphinx or the, This attention to diversity also appears in the reliefs from the hall of Apadana, in which leaders and dignitaries from various provinces appear in regional fashions beneath a frieze punctuated by male. You brought up a lot of interesting thoughts that never came across my mind when I was looking at this piece. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin incorporating the Ninetieth Annual Report of the Trustees for the Fiscal Year 1959-1960, front cover. I get the same feeling while looking at them, I could only imagine how amazing it would be to stand next to them in person, the strength and power is almost overwhelming, which I'm sure was the main point in creating these intimidating mythological type creatures.

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