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The International Journal of Mathematics and Scientific Computing (IJMSC) is an international journal of high quality, devoted to the publication of original research articles from all fields of Mathematics and Scientific Computing. Vertex Bi-magic Graphs from Magic and Anti-magic Graphs, 3. The split and nonsplit eccentric domination number of a graph, 13. Sarma, Ch. IJMSC also publishes special issues. A fuzzy mathematics based approach for poor household identification, 6. Complementary tree domination number and chromatic number of graphs, 14. Acharyulu, S. Sreenadh, D. Venkateswarulu Naidu & P. Devaki. Murti, P.K. Rootindexing is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, :   Mathematics, soft computing, graph theory, Topology, Algebra, Real and Complex analysis, Functional analysis, differential equations, difference equations, :   Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics, International Journal of Mathematics and Soft Computing. Generalized fixed point results in dislocated and dislocated quasi-metric spaces, 1. Proper acknowledgment of the work of others must always be given. It is expected that authors are aware of the latest research work related to the subject of their research articles and authors are requested to give recent research publications in journals and conference proceedings relevant to their research problems. Srinivas &R. Hemadri Reddy, A.V. Deriving a formula in solving Fibonacci-like sequence, 5. An effective algorithm to solve assignment problems: Opportunity cost approach, 1. Line gracefulness of some path related graphs, 6. Dominator Coloring of Some Degree Splitting Graphs, 11. The International Journal of Mathematics and Soft Computing (IJMSC) is published twice a year (both printed and online version). ... and data-intensive uncertainty quantification. The corresponding author should ensure that all appropriate co-authors and no inappropriate co-authors are included on the paper, and that all co-authors have seen and approved the final version of the paper and have agreed to its submission for publication. Correlation between Hepatitis and Cancer: A mathematical model, 15. Thermal diffusion and chemical reaction effects on free convection MHD flow through a porous medium bounded by a vertical surface with constant heat flux, 13. School of Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Homi Bhabha Road, Mumbai-400005, INDIA. Chung & J.D. Fixed point theorems in right dislocated and left dislocated metric spaces, 5. On the solutions of two sum of divisor equations, 4. Unsteady MHD laminar momentum boundary layer over a flat plate with leading edge accretion (ablation), 4. The possible decisions include acceptance, acceptance with revisions, or rejection. Prediction of weld bead geometry for CO2 welding process by multiple regression analysis, 11. A New Formulation of Adomian Polynomials, 8. On solving Fibonacci-like sequences of fourth, fifth and sixth order, 12. International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research. Group symmetry and similarity solutions for MHD mixed-convection flow of power-law fluid over a non-linear stretching surface, 11. Some new families of line graceful graphs, 6. The International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science (IJMCS) is a high-quality refereed quarterly journal (semiannual from 2009 to 2018-OPEN-ACCESS since 2012) which publishes original papers in the broad subjects of mathematics and computer science written in English. Anyhow, everyone is allowed to access the full-text articles. Numerical solution of two-dimensional laminar circular jet in a variable magnetic field, 6. Multi-objective interval-valued transportation probabilistic problem involving log-normal, 4. Robust guaranteed cost control for uncertain T-S fuzzy time-delay sampled-data systems with nonlinear and linear fractional perturbations, 2. Prompt review is expected from all reviewers. Some fixed point theorems in generating spaces of semi-norm family, 16. Vel Tech IJMSC is an international journal of high quality, devoted to the publication of Mathematics and Scientific Computing. Bound lengths based on empirical Bayesian scenario for a repairable system, 8. Some results on D-fuzzy metric spaces, 7. Reviewers are expected to conduct a peer-review of the research submission in a fair and objective manner without any bias of any kind. Dominator coloring of some wheel related graphs, 3. Cover letter (optional) may be enclosed highlighting the novel features of the submitted paper. There are no publishing charges for accepted papers. Upon acceptance, authors using MS-Word are requested to submit final camera-ready-format Word file and authors using LaTeX are requested to submit all LaTeX documents, figures (in encapsulated postscript format), etc. On arithmetic right circulant matrix sequences, 9. The journal is devoted to publish research articles in the field of Mathematics and Soft Computing. IJMSC gives one month time to all reviewers for making peer-reviews and if for any reason, prompt review within the timeline is not possible, the selected reviewers may notify the editor immediately for making alternate arrangements. On some properties of Lind’s circulant matrices, 9. ISAR International Journal of Mathematics and Computing Techniques (ISSN 2455-7994) is a fully peer-reviewed open access journal which provides an advanced forum for studies related to mathematics and published Bi-monthly online Journal.Mathematics Journal call for paper original research articles as well as review articles on all aspects of both pure and applied mathematics area.A valuable resource for pure and applied mathematicians, statisticians, systems theorists and analysts, and information scientists.The journal aims at presenting high-impact and relevant research on topics across the full span of mathematics Coverage topics.

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