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This is just garden variety sexism in a new guise. It's not defined as a medical disorder, but as a person who simply does not fit into retrograde, restrictive gender roles (which is all of us!). Gender refers to an individual's anatomical sex, or sexual assignment, and the cultural and social aspects of being male or female. As far as determining identity with that 'button': it depends on who you are, remembering that gender identity is not binary, though most societies assume it is. This is not sexism, but sociobiological reality. It's a debate that has to be conducted modestly and with courtesy. Feelings change... You cannot equate what All communities were deemed as being demographically similar based on analyses. We asked children what kind of attributes they thought their friends would say is the most important in boys and girls. Parents may -- consciously or unconsciously -- affect their children’s gender-related behavior in several ways. Fancy words but no. I'm not convinced the basic identity and role model of gender is complete. People with depression, anorexia, and other mental disorders that cause them to act out behaviors which any doctor would deem harmful to the body are generally treated by changing the brain to match the physical realities. This finding suggests that the high treatment intervention may have reduced gender gaps, supporting previous research that has found similar results (Garcia et al., 2017). Gender stereotypes affect child development, but are we on the brink of a backlash? According to “Child Psychology: A Contemporary Viewpoint Updated,” by Mavis E. Hetherington and Ross D. Parke, children learn values, motives and behaviors from their parents and the culture within which they live 3. On the contrary, boys have been found to have stronger visual processing (Palejwala and Fine, 2015) and spatial ability skills (Merrill et al., 2016). For me I would never want my gender identity changed to match what society deems it should have based on the piece of my anatomy I use primarily for excreting waste or even my particular gene combination. I would never agree to someone asking me to change my gender identity, no matter what developmental changes may have happened to the rest of my body. Further research is necessary to understand the mechanisms underlying this effect and whether any long-term effects result from this early discrepancy. "feels right" to what is "physical"... That is exactly why it is a "mental illness". A pure nightmare and dystopia. Child school readiness was assessed at school entry using a teacher completed, 48-item version of the Early Development Instrument (SEDI; Janus, Duku and Stat, 2005). And each factor is variable, so although many will identify as 'female' or 'male' there is overlap in every case. There is overlap between the classical genders, as there is in physical measures such as height or strength. You only have ONE reference to how a male or female is supposed to feel.. and that would be yourself. If so then doesn't gender fluidity kind of contradict this. Ring, E., Mhic Mhathúna, M., Moloney, M., Hayes, N., Breathnach, D., Stafford, P., Carswell, D., Keegan, S., Kelleher, C., McCafferty, D., O’Keeffe, A., Leavy, A., Madden, R. and Ozonyia, M. (2016) An Examination of Concepts of School Readiness Among Parents and Educators in Ireland, Dublin: Department of Children and Youth Affairs. Does a high-intensity, early intervention programme reduce gender discrepancies in cognitive abilities at four years of age and school readiness at five years of age.

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