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The blue hibiscus flowers are a sign of fertility and serenity, the white ones speak of enlightenment, and the pink ones, a rare class of beauty. Often, people get a hibiscus tattoo to symbolize their respect for the state of Hawaii. While at first you may look at this and think it is pink, take another look. It is true that each flower is special and that each flower contains a special energy, meaning and has a special role. What is the Symbolism of a Hibiscus Tattoo? The hibiscus flower tattoo symbolizes perfection, power, royalty, respect, and beauty. However, the flower can also symbolize things like friendship, passion, love, and desire, so it’s not out of the question for someone to choose a hibiscus tattoo for one of these reasons, either. HIBISCUS TATTOO MEANINGS The meaning of the color of hibiscus: Red hibiscus is the color of intense passion, while yellow stands for camaraderie, purple for riches and royalty, blue for calm and fecundity, pink is for exotic beauty and white for enlightenment. The Chinese seem to really value this flower for the symbolic reasons and practical ones as well. In Hawaii, the yellow hibiscus is their state flower. The hibiscus flower tattoos afford the wearer the opportunity to cover as many or as few of these meanings as they like. Meaning of the Hibiscus flower Flower symbolism is a special view of energy, culture and science that reveals the meaning of each flower. Meanwhile, in China, hibiscus flowers are seen as symbols of the fleeting and beauty of fame or personal glory. 4) Here this red hibiscus … For this reason, a hibiscus tattoo design can have a variety of meanings depending on the context and surrounding artwork. It is only outlined and then dashed in pink. Yellow Hibiscus Tattoos. Finally, the white hibiscus is a sign of enlightenment, perfect for the person who has seen the light. However, in Japanese, the name of the hibiscus flower actually translates into the word “gentle”. Many people get the hibiscus tattoo as a symbol of respect for the state of Hawaii. The blue hibiscus symbolizes serenity and fertility, while the pink flower is a symbol of a rare beauty. Jun 28, 2013 - Explore Haily Peterson's board "Hibiscus Flower Tattoos", followed by 878 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Hibiscus flower tattoos, Flower tattoos, Tattoos. You should use yellow hibiscus tattoos as icons for sunshine, happiness, and good luck. Therefore, you know it is a white flower. For other cultures, hibiscus flowers symbolize young women as such flowers are delicate and very beautiful just like how young women appear to be. As a result, individuals with hibiscus tattoos get a little confused about what meaning they want to attach to the tattoos. It symbolizes prosperity, fame, softness and virginity. We must be aware of the fact that every flower has a special story, just like humans. In North America, for instance, hibiscus flowers mean a perfect wife or woman.

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