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This ancient little device allows gases to escape as the yeast starts to ferment, but prevents air (and foreign contaminants, and icky fruit flies) from getting into your cider. I have a question for anyone who has experience with this. NOTE: I mentioned Campden Tablets earlier. You can reuse any store-bought bottles (from beer, cider, etc), so long as it is. Bloop! Unlike grape juice, apple juice is deficient in a few nutrients that yeast needs to thrive. If you have store bought apple juice already in a 1 gallon glass jug you can leave it in that container. You can also choose to add 1/4 cup of brown sugar if you don’t add the concentrate. Stick the thermometer onto the side of your jug. 4 years ago. Try TOASTED, The good boy of Blake’s Hard Cider is coming bac, Join us on September 10th, 6-9PM at Blake’s Orch, Who’s excited for the ‘Force Your Loved Ones T, Since 2015, the Cider Dayze Festival has been one, Don’t we all just want someone to look at us the, Did you know that Rainbow Seeker is more than just, Roses are red and also pink. Now that you’ve gathered the supplies and sanitized the equipment, it’s time to start fermenting (making alcohol). Do not add any sugar at bottling time. You can also use vodka to fill your airlock if you have some to spare. That's like zero percent alcohol isn't it? seal the lids on well and let sit for another week to mellow and carbonate, chill and drink! Then rinse thoroughly with cold water. There are also much more expensive liquid cider yeasts but these will be much more expensive. The pros even will brew in a room around 55-60F (13-15.5C). This is, by miles, the easiest recipe to follow that I've come across (with pictures and all). After you finish several bottles, place a cap loosely on them and let it sit as you continue filling. Please don't use bleach to sanitize brewing equipment; it can leave residues and off flavors. If you want to learn more about Johnny Appleseed or the remarkable history of apples, I recommend you pick up the book "The Botany of Desire." Now that that's out of the way, let me explain the basic process. Step 1. If you don't have a vapor lock, you can place one end of a length of tubing in the opening of your carboy and put the other end in a glass of water (below the surface). Even brief contact with the air can result in contamination from dust and wild yeasts. Sterilize all containers and tools and use only fresh ingredients. I bet you can rack it, add more sugar, and some B-complex nutrients and more yeast and get it a much higher alc%.

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