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- Added EasyAntiCheat and Halo MCC applications to firewall whitelisting -I was used & do most of thease & any previous solution & still don't get this game working in co-op & also every of those is still solution that any normal user or players not should or need to do if they want or start playing co-op or multiplayer if game & multiplayer working normally. I've been excited to play all the Halo titles on PC when everything is released. Hi!Got Halo MCC when it was released on PC. I have tried:-Using the "fix it" button on the Windows 10 Xbox networking settings. Your connection to the game session was interrupted." (It should be noted the "Teredo" feature ALWAYS needs fixing every time I start my PC) Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Game: Halo:Reach I've been getting a lot of "Connection Interrupted: Your connection to the game session was interrupted." It has happened on other playlists, but it seems to more commonly occur on large game types. My problem is that only reach is available in game. Everything else have a lock on it.I can see on forums and updates that a couple of the other games have been released, but i can't play any of them. No fix for this I have tried has come even close to working. when I've been trying to do match making. To summarize the matter, Xbox Live servers handle multiplayer connections for Halo: Master Chief Collection (even on PC), and if you’re not connected to them with an … "CONNECTION INTERRUPTED. It usually happens after the loading bar fills up on a big team battle match.

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