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Trees. Erica Tennenhouse. The beauty of fractals is that their infinite complexity is formed through the repetition of simple equations. “Study the science of art. The pattern below was created by running electricity between two nails sunk in a piece of wet pine. Notice anything similar between where you start and where you end? The latest science on what makes us grow old or stay young. Pineapples grow according to fractal laws and ice crystals form in fractal shapes, the same ones that show up in river deltas and the veins of your body. And a 20 times magnification of dendritic copper crystals forming. Mandelbrot is best known for his discovery in mathematics of the Mandelbrot Set, which can be programmed into basic lines of code that create an infinite stream of changing, self-similar patterns. These fractal patterns of growth have a mathematical, as well as physical, beauty. This aerial footage from NASA of the Ayeyarwady River Delta (also referred to as Irrawaddy) in Myanmar is a great example of the fractal branching patterns of river delta ecosystems. A great example of how fractals can be constructed with just a few terms is my favorite fractal, the Mandelbrot Set. Fractal formulas are used to generate computer graphics that look realistically like mountain ranges, and rivers, and forests, and clouds. Trees are natural fractals, patterns that repeat smaller and smaller copies of themselves to create the biodiversity of a forest. Develop your senses – especially learn how to see. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated by the similar patterns and shapes that nature repeats all around us. So, why are fractals important to ecological awareness? Unfurling Fern Here are ice crystals forming. Scientists studied his artwork and realized his use of fractals. Another characteristic of fractals is that they exhibit great complexity driven by simplicity — some of the most complicated and beautiful fractals can be created with an equation populated with just a handful of terms. Try not to fall into this closeup photo of Romanesco broccoli. Did You Know There Are 8 Types of Glaciers? It's often been said that Mother Nature is a hell of a good designer, and fractals can be thought of as the design principles she follows when putting things together. The term fractal was coined by the mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot in 1975. One of the things that attracted me to fractals is their ubiquity in nature. Each of the smaller buds is made up of even smaller buds. Read my guide to learning the art and science of eco-mindfulness. From the point of view of chemistry, a spiral can be generated by a reaction-diffusion process, involving both activation and inhibition. Abstract fractals – such as the Mandelbrot Set – can be generated by a computer calculating a simple equation over and over. This aerial footage from NASA of the Ayeyarwady River Delta (also referred to as Irrawaddy) in Myanmar... 3. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”. 1. Mature ferns are some of the most of the coolest fractal patterns in nature. Here's what I mean by fractals looking the same throughout the scale. Here are a few of the more well-known fractals. Besides the Mandelbrot Set, there are scores of other types of fractals. The ability of machines or software to think for themselves. He covers topics such as renewable energy, climate change, and nature. You will find fractals at every level of the forest... 2. Here Are 14 Amazing Fractals Found in Nature, 7 Amazing Facts About Strange and Beautiful Cuttlefish, 5 Brilliant Mathematicians and Their Impact on the Modern World, Watch: The Beautiful Visualization of the Numbers of Nature, 11 Stunning Images of Rainbows and Their Less-Famous Cousins, Image Awards Celebrate the Beauty of Invisible Biological Worlds, 30 of the Most Beautiful Places in the World. Lightning is an impressive force of nature. Want to learn more about exploring the patterns and fractals in nature where you live? This is a basic principle that we see over and over again in the fractal structure of organic life forms throughout the natural world. Fractals have been used to design antennas in greatly reduced sizes, which enabled the creation of the next generation of cell phones and other electronic communicators. Watching it will help you further develop your pattern recognition skills so you can recognize and understand the fractal patterns all around you. Wow! Here are some examples of fractal patterns in nature: Trees are perfect examples of fractals in nature. Where To Observe Fractals In Nature: 1. You can see some of the same fractality in the spirals of pinecone seeds. Frederi Viens, a program director at the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Division of Mathematical Science, explains in a recent NSF news release, “If I wanted to construct a fractal, I would take a simple rule, like adding three small triangles on the edge of a big triangle […]. Credit: Chris 73/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0) 4. The nautilus is one of the most famous examples of a fractal in nature. From sea shells and spiral galaxies to the structure of human lungs, the patterns of chaos are all around us. Each tree branch, from the trunk to the tips, is a copy of the one that came before it. Examples are everywhere in the forest. Isn’t that amazing? I was reading an article about Jackson Pollock’s art which led me to this website. DON'T MISS: See the 20 Best Medical Science Images of the... 3. Trees are perfect examples of fractals in nature. Fractals, first named by mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot in 1975, are special mathematical sets of numbers that display similarity through the full range of scale — i.e., they look the same no matter how big or how small they are. These repeating patterns are displayed at every scale. Fractal patterns are extremely familiar, since nature is full of fractals. The structure of so much organic life follows self-similar, fractal patterns, which can be observed in flowers, trees, plants, and even mountains and coastlines. Here are some of the most stunning examples of fractals in nature. You won’t find it in the forest, but this edible flower bud of the species Brassica oleracea (broccoli) from Italy is a wholesome and delicious example of fractal geometry. That same pattern shows up all over the place. Growth Spirals. Fractals are hyper-efficient in their construction and this allows plants to maximize their exposure to sunlight and also efficiently transport nutritious throughout their cellular structure. Most people are extremely familiar with fractals because they are seen throughout the natural world. Your email address will not be published. Super interesting. Can you solve our toughest math and logic problems? To expand your understanding of fractals, I highly recommend watching the documentary Fractals: Hunting The Hidden Dimension. Sea shells. Learn how your comment data is processed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Sunflower Spirals: Complexity Beyond the Fibonacci Sequence, See the 20 Best Medical Science Images of the Year, 5 of the Most Addictive Wildlife Cams on the Web, Hummingbird Brains are Uniquely Wired to Process Motion. I’m glad I found you. Fractal geometry is enlarging our ability to create new devices that work better because they follow patterns that resonate with the natural patterns around us.”. Some of the most common examples of Fractals in nature would include branches of trees, animal circulatory systems, snowflakes, lightning and electricity, plants and leaves, geographic terrain and river systems, clouds, crystals. In his seminal work The Fractal Geometry of Nature, he defines a fractal as “a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole.”. Credit: Thomas Brown/Wikipedia (CC BY 2.0) Down The Rabbit Hole We Go! Phyllotaxis is controlled by proteins that manipulate the concentration of the plant hormone auxin, which activates meristem growth, alongside other mechanisms to control the relative angle of buds around the stem. Share some links in comments. Credit: Alexey Kljatov/flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0), Credit: Thomas Brown/Wikipedia (CC BY 2.0), Credit: Chris 73/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0), Credit: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0), Credit: Chiswick Chap/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0), Credit: Schnobby/Wikipedia (CC BY_SA 3.0), Credit: cyclonebill/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.0), Read next: 5 of the Most Addictive Wildlife Cams on the Web. I will be looking through this site a lot. For an extreme example of how this works, check out this video showing a super deep zoom into the Mandelbrot Set. Snowflake Gardens are amazing places to explore the fractal nature of growth. And in how this plant's leaves grow around each other. July 5, 2016 | (More on that later.). Thank you for sharing this important knowledge. The fundamental principles that govern the behavior of matter. The perfect … Look at the shape of the largest leaf, then look for that shape in smaller and smaller forms. Nautilus Shell It has helped me see the fractal patterns all around me! Credit: Alexey Kljatov/flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0) 2. You will also find fractal patterns in growth spirals, which follow a Fibonacci Sequence (also referred to as the Golden Spiral) and can be seen as a special case of self-similarity. what an amazing article……?…..beautifully written and beautifully illustrated ?…….thanks . River Deltas. The latest research on degenerative cognitive disorders. You will also find them throughout the natural world in the patterns of streams, rivers, coastlines, mountains, waves, waterfalls and water droplets. For instance: trees, rivers, coastlines, mountains, clouds, seashells, hurricanes, etc. When you think of fractals, you might think of Grateful Dead posters and T-shirts, all pulsating with rainbow colors and swirling similarity. 300+ Mind Expanding Documentaries, 101 Quotes About Unschooling, Education And Lifelong Learning, Fractals In Nature: Develop Your Pattern Recognition Skills In The Forest, Biomimicry: Sustainability and Design Thinking Inspired by Nature, The Remote Office: How To Start A Location Independent Business, Storytelling For Leaders: Learn From The World’s Best Storytellers. Walking through a forest, you will find fractal patterns in the network-like branching patterns everywhere among the ferns, trees, roots, leaves, and the fungal mycelium in the soil.

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