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Our daughter is looking forward to her first semester at Pitt. Students who consider living off campus should realize that a studio apartment in the Evanston area averages $1190 per month, compared to the national average of $821. Good for the Illinois’ family on their decision. A Northwestern Grad will have the doors open to any top graduate schools in the country. Similar to grants, scholarships also do not have to be repaid. Congratulations on the full scholarship. For our purposes, we will look at net cost after financial aid only. • Department’s description of its undergraduate education. With the cost of college akin to a second mortgage payment for so many families, they need to understand the net price at a potential college before applying for admission. I must say everyone’s decision is very individual! They want the candidates to have been taught by the top researchers in the field. I simply share with you our story and the choice we made. Graduates that leave from top tier schools and then go on to pursue graduate work will be have an easier time getting into other top tiered graduate school programs. In fact, the admission letter our daughter received from NU stated that this was its “most selective class in history” or words to that effect. This is a great story, but most parents need to have this conversation before their student even starts looking at schools. Our daughter has experienced a sea change since the decision to attend Pitt was confirmed. When it comes to choosing a college, cost is a significant concern for many families. from Lesley University. Students who are eligible for need-based Northwestern Scholarship may receive a named endowed scholarship. I would have had to come up with $6000/year after work study and getting a bank loan to pay for it isn’t wise. If she accepted her first choice she would leave college with $80,000 in debt and nothing for graduate school. But it is tough when one goes down to a lower tier school, sorry to say, that but that is the reality these days. • How easy or hard is it to find mentors among the faculty? Our daughter received an 8k ouside scholarship to attend NU, and only NU. Accepting or declining loans will not have any impact on your other financial aid. As far as the “shame” you suggest we should feel, I respectfully disagree. I believe in four years, when the daughter has no debt and many options for Graduate School the wisdom of the parents will be apparent to the daughter. Few students typically pay the list price. We knew the price tag and were shaking in our boots, so we sat him down and told him we would fill out all financials and see what happens. • Have you or other students experienced difficulties finding faculty to provide recommendations for med school, grad school, jobs? Those who score in roughly the top one percent become National Merit Semifinalists and are asked to fill out a complete scholarship application. Not to mention having the most selective companies (ex. Criteria for receiving merit scholarships are directly linked to a student’s performance in academics, sports, music, or another field of special interest. It would be helpful to hear what his daughter thinks about choosing the best financial choice over her first choice after one year there. Bruce — It’s on my list of stories to write about! Money is the same for both. People from the Ivy League and similarly prestigious universities do not have a monopoly on the good jobs/career paths. She is also looking at the catalog with regard to a first semester schedule of classes. Some students also qualify for scholarships in this way through the National Hispanic Recognition Program or other special awards sponsored by corporations or individual colleges. I am certain you will coach your kids on the financial realities well ahead of their choice time so that heartbreak does not ensure, and not wait until they have selected the “dream school” that simply can’t be afforded. Numerous scholarships are available to students attending the University of Northwestern Ohio through gifts to the University in the names of generous donors who wish to assist students. Sadly we have seen the story several times locally in Seattle where friends dropped the bomb/decision on the kiddos after the dream choice acceptance. I believe that about four years from now, our daughter will have both the ability to gain admission to an outstanding graduate program and the opportunity to participate in same without fear of crushing financial debt. She made contact with the head of the IR department and she’s planning to apply for the International Scholars Program. A campus visit, unless done properly, won’t tell you much. Maybe you have elite bias since your husband works there, but unless you have experience with student loans, it is nuts. We had to say “no.”. Here is what the dad said: Our daughter’s reaction to the Northwestern veto was tearful and emotional. (For students who elect to join the armed services after high school graduation, scholarship awards require students to start within one year of being honorably discharged.). All admitted freshman applicants are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships so that no separate application forms or interviews are necessary. • Departmental newsletter. In addition, the School of Music awards a number of talent scholarships to incoming students with outstanding performance in auditions. We did this with our son in October, so when he applied to his dream top-25 school in CA and his match schools in CO and MN he knew that he would be $30-$40k in debt if he chose the dream. This is why there is a higher tuition rate for families with $0-30k vs. those with $30k-48k. We had a student two years ago who had her heart set on a nursing major at UCLA. Our freshman is at University of Florida, finishing his freshman year. Request Admission Information Admission Portal Esther. No additional application materials are required beyond the, For more information, including deadline dates, please. At one point, that school was #1 on her list. I asked her if she had the 150k to pay law school tuition. At that point, it is only prudent to consider all the pros and cons before finalizing a decision. He had gotten into top 20 schools (like Emory and Wash U) but we couldn’t afford and wouldn’t co-sign on loans for him to attend. What a great gift her parents have given her. What Is Yale’s Acceptance Rate and Admissions Requirements? The story I’m sharing today is of a brilliant girl from the Chicago suburbs who did beat the odds. Outside Scholarships Overview of Northwestern’s outside scholarship policy. She applied to many schools, Loyola gave her the second best financial aid package (with merit money) and a vist there sealed the deal (first best package gave her maybe 2 thousand more). It was hard to watch and experience. Your advice was right on the money (pun intended). All Rights Reserved. I think a better way to go (as you wrote about in your last blog) would have been to educate her about costs, preferably earlier, and let her make her own decision. He applied to transfer to Northwestern University and was accepted. Here is what you should do when looking at schools: It’s a great public university with several advantages, but it’s NOT MIT, NU, or CMU. He is an assistant producer at a big Ad firm in Austin now. The median hourly wage is $18.69. Ultimately, my wife and I had to be the adults in the room and say “no” to Northwestern. • Graduation outcomes – graduate and professional schools, jobs. Many of the more prestigious schools offer little to no merit aid, so this is typical for a top 15 school. I DO have a son at the University of Notre Dame (jr.) and had another who just graduated in December from the University of Alabama. Your noncustodial parent must complete a separate Noncustodial CSS Profile. She ordered logo wear and is proudly displaying her mascot! The individual’s GPA and overall merit will determine that. That being said, you can more accurately predict what you’ll pay by learning about the factors that impact costs. Students will return at the University’s current tuition rate if they withdraw, excluding a withdrawal for an approved exception. She was disappointed, to put it mildly, that we weren’t willing to pay $60K per year for her to go to a “big name” university. • Are you assigned a faculty advisor? If either of our sons decide to go on for an MBA (since they are both business majors) they know they are on their own! They include: federal, state, and local government aid; institutional financial aid; and merit scholarships. Ultimately, it was a good outcome for the family whose daughter wanted to go to Northwestern. We all know that is not curremtly the case. • On a 1-10 scale, how would you rate the professors in this department? There are plenty of great schools in this country (and beyond) that don’t have to cost an arm and a leg! The average salary ten years after graduation is $69,000. Her sister graduates in this May. However, Northwestern is an institutional sponsor of National Merit Scholarships. I hope his daughter does not wish to go to graduate school in the future. Please note that: We are still here for you! Perhaps that’s why student loan debt now exceeds consumer debt in our country. Evanston has a high cost of living compared to many other places in the United States. After submitting your FAFSA online, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) via email within 3-5 business days, after it has been processed and sent to your first 10 schools. The thought of disappointing his daughter seemed to weigh heavily on the dad’s shoulders. As you know, Northwestern does not give out merit scholarships. Will your child end up going to his or her dream school? Then lay out how much you’ll pay and what this means for your kiddo in terms of college loans, work-study. While loans are not offered on an initial award to meet your institutional need, most students are eligible to borrow federal loans as a financing option. Although exact out-of-pocket costs are difficult to predict, it’s important to have an estimate of how much your teen’s tuition will cost. Once you receive your SAR, log back in to your FAFSA and click “Make FAFSA Corrections.” Remove one or more of the colleges listed, add the additional school codes, and resubmit. Northwestern expects that both biological/adoptive parents will contribute to your educational expenses to the extent that they are able. A university could have a tremendous English department that regularly places graduates in top PhD programs, but it could also have a business department that produces weak graduates that regional industries spurn.

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