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You apply for residency (permanent or temporary), you succeed and become a resident. It was just a lot of paperwork, fingerprints and photos. In spite of what I just told you, the fact is that the financial requirements do vary from one consulate location to another and the reason why is this: That’s right, they are setting the value based on an exchange rate that is in a constant state of change. For this procedure, you must submit an apostilled (or legalized) marriage certificate. I have tried to find info on that type of visa and can’t seem to come up with anything. Hope to see you sometime in the future. We did our own but we switch to permanent in August and we’ll be hiring someone for that because I don’t want the hassle. It’s unlikely to even come up during part tow of the process. Thanks for sharing that. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Don’t they realize that won’t be our same income? This article will show you what to expect:, Always great articles Paul & Linda . The good news: At first, this might seem a serious problem. Other than that I cannot find any other requirements. I think it would make a great blog article. No, Vivian. Then a government-appointed translator (Perito Traductor) in Mexico must translate the legalized marriage certificate into Spanish.. Apart from the marriage certificate, you must also submit the usual paperwork to apply for residency in Mexico: Read more about the requirements in this article: Requirements to Apply for Temporary or Permanent Residency in Mexico for Family Unity. This article has been updated to reflect the multiples based on updated minimum wage levels for 2019. Married couples: If you’re applying for residency as a married couple, to qualify financially you will need to demonstrate income or a savings balance in the amounts above plus an additional 100 days minimum wage (approximately US$540*) for the dependent spouse. In fact, your spouse won’t need to apply again at a Mexican consulate, in the US, Canada or wherever! So yes different consulates make a big difference. We really don’t wasn’t to wait that long, especially if we have already sold our house and all belongings. If you can get the permanent first, get it. When my husband retires next year, we plan to do like you did and sell everything and go. How do family ties in Mexico affect their decision? It really depends on which resident card you want. He spoke about a “lucrativo visa”. There is a procedure called. Mexico is our plan B. He would pay me per patient seen on a part time basis. Talking about different requirements from consulate to consulate.

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