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If you get too far away from the boss it will disappear into the darkness and you'll have difficulty finding it again. If he floats high into the air, get ready to dodge as soon as he moves, or take cover behind the objects along the rooftop. Don't run too far up the stairs or you'll have to fight both of them at once. A few of its attacks may hit you, but if you continue to attack you'll replenish your health thanks to the Regain system. If that happens, move to the opposite side. When the battle begins, ignore The One Reborn and head to the far left corner. Paarl will appear to fall a couple of times, but stay on your guard. Even if you can't see the other two bosses very well, by continuously moving and dodging when you see a boss get close or a projectile attack coming your way, you'll avoid almost everything. Instead, move toward him, then dodge his inevitable attack and hit him with an attack of your own. If you provoke one of the Soot Monsters, take it down before the others notice. During this battle there are times when you may only be able to run in, hit Rom's side one time and then have to run right back out. The easiest method is to simply stay behind the Wet Nurse as much as possible. If Gehrman places his scythe behind his back, wait a brief moment and then use your gun to stun him. Continue to attack Amygdala's arms and head, and stay to the side to avoid most of its attacks. This does not inflict any damage. If it hits you while the Witch is close enough, she follows with an attack that inflicts a lot of damage, and if enough time passes a third Witch appears with similar attacks, but sharing the health bar of one of the other Witches. Head down the stairs, turn right and head down a second flight of stairs. Make sure you are close to Father Gascoigne before you use the item, or you won't have time to move around behind him for a Charge Attack and visceral attack while he's stunned. Amygdala will jump in an effort to land on you or stomp you with its feet if you are close enough, but once you get it down to roughly 50 percent health, it will tear off two arms and start attacking with them. First, activate the Advent Plaza lamp and return to Hunter’s Dream. Watch out for Ebrietas raising her hands. Or perhaps, it is a descendant of the city of the plague of beasts. Dodge in the direction the Blood-starved Beast swings from, and with proper timing you won't take any damage from its attacks. Once you have them all gathered, jump off and head back over to the boss. He uses the Hunter Axe and Blunderbuss to perfection, and even has a beast transformation once his health gets low enough. After any of the laser attacks, Amygdala's head moves close to the ground. Bloodborne. Sometimes you'll get in a lot more attacks. While that's good advice for many of the other bosses, it's virtually required if you wish to defeat Ebrietas. Use Blood Vials to keep your health up because you have twice as many compared to antidotes, and it's much easier to farm Blood Vials than antidotes. Amygdala has a wide variety of attacks, but as long as you're careful you won't have too much trouble. Weaknesses: Somewhat vulnerable to magic and fire; Has to be stationary to recharge itself. Whenever you decide to approach him, just make sure you have the right strategy in hand. I found this on …, There hasn’t been a good movie based on a video …, How to Beat DarkBeast Paarl in BloodBorne. Repeat this pattern until it goes down for good. This is one of the easiest boss battles in the game. Focus on the skeletons, then turn your attention towards the boss. When Micolash reaches 50 percent health he disappears. It won't try again for another few seconds. With a faster weapon either method works, but if you're using a Hunter Axe or another slower weapon, it's easier to dodge and then counter attack.

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