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He asks who it was that did this to him, but the Monk replies only that they are saving souls. Alias Sister Iris burns down the abbey and flees. Merlin shows Nimue his past with Lenore. Well, Fear not. He is known for being the greatest warrior of the age and for having an affair with King Arthur’s queen, Guinevere. Shortly after, King Uther kills her mother. He says that they should ride fast and return with numbers. recently and the reviews are fairly good. In return, the Weeping Monk also reveals his name, which may be even more significant. It's been brought... "It's Okay To Not Be Okay" or (Korean: 사이코지만 괜찮아; Saikojiman gwaenchana; literal. Merlin is now shortly before execution, but Nimues letter saves him, as the letter tells, that the Wolf-Blood Witch will bring him the sword. Father Carden is very pleased with his capture of the Green Knight, saying that God smiles upon them. The weeping Monk has found Nemos. [7] Creator Frank Miller appears in a cameo. To all those who are still unclear about what happened at the end of the series, here is Cursed ending explained. As the series continues to gain popularity, a lot of people who watched the show are wondering about the Cursed ending and are left with several questions like who is the weeping monk in Cursed? She is then shot down with arrows by her wannabe Red Paladin sister Iris. On their way they find the Fey-smuggler dead. So Nimue and Morgana flee with injured Merlin to a stone Ridge near a waterfall. If the Netflix show follows the cues … Lancelot is the most famous knight in Arthurian legends. Carden complains that he has ignored his summons and he replies that he cannot feel God's grace. Who is Whitney Rose’s Father? The Weepping Monk is a merciless and intelligent soldier even killing innocents to accomplish their goal. “Mostly just because I’m so curious to see what happens to Merlin and the other characters. “I just hope that we would see a second season,” he told Republic World is your one-stop destination for trending Bollywood news. The Weeping Monk battles Arthur valiantly until Gawain comes out rescue him. After Arthur lies about the swords history, Bors arrives and uncovers the truth. Everyone has a past, even the Weeping Monk… and it came back for him. Father Carden tells the Monk that the Fey have blended into the wood, but that even demons must eat. He reports this to Father Carden, but tells him that exactly whose scent is not yet clear. Applications for next year's series of The Great British Bake Off are already open - and here's what you need to do to get on the show, Byker Grove cast now - brutal assault, co-star romance and 'job in a bowling alley'. This page was last edited on 13 November 2020, at 05:03. He calls out to him, reaches out, but there is only darkness. When Squirrel is turned over to Brother Salt to be tortured, he comes to rescue him at great personal risk. Lancelot, also known as The Weeping Monk, is the secondary antagonist in Cursed. Here one of the Paladins-Iris shot Nimue and injured her real bad and she fell down the water. Also Read | Filmyzilla Leaks Netflix's 'Cursed' Web Series To Watch Online And Download, Also Read | Did Jada Pinkett Smith Wanted 'freedom' In Her Marriage? Carden's meeting with the Pope does not go well and he exits the tent fuming at the Monk, telling him that it's his failure that brought him there to be the subject of such humiliation. The Weeping Monk is both a tormented soul due to not being able to accept his Fey heritage, he is also a murderer killing men, women and teenagers, except kids by his code of honor. Here is a crazy explanation of what happened. When the Red Paladins arrive at Yvoire Abbey, the Weeping Monk senses Nimue's presence within the abbey. Arthur is riding to Gramaire, to ask for an audience at his uncle. Rugen pays a bounty hunter to kill Merlin. The Weeping Monk is played by Daniel Sharman, a British actor who is gaining his own obsessive following. During the ritual she is chosen to be the new summoner. When he gives it, he tells him that a squirrel is an animal, asking what name he was given at birth. Sofia Oxenham as Eydis, eldest daughter to Cumber, who operates as his roving ambassador, Sophie Harkness as Sister Celia, a fellow nun and Morgana's lover, Nickolaj Dencker Schmidt as Dof, a raider who rescues Pym and takes a liking to her. Later, he is present when Squirrel, having been captured, is brought before Father Carden. Born as Lancelot, he was a member of the Ashes, one of the Fey races who have the ability to trace over their own race, being orphaned after an attack by the Red Paladins was turned into an assassin to seek their redemption by see himself as a sin before God for having been born as a fey, becoming the right hand of Father Carden and the deadliest assassin of the army of the red paladins, his job was to track down and eliminate all the Fey that were within his reach. Consummating her relationship with Arthur, Nimue convinces him to lead the Fey should Uther betray them. Gawain tells him to tell it to the little ones her burns and the Monk counters that he never harms children. He asks if he has the will to do what is necessary and he tells him that he does. The Oval is a Soap-Opera created by Tyler Perry that aired its first season on BET. 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