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In the meantime, I’ll be chowing down on hot chicken and watermelon seed spread, waiting for the rest of the world to catch on. Research is proving a host of benefits that include an increase in longevity and stress resistance and a decrease in the probability of cancer and obesity. No one asked for the jerky industry to get a shake-up, but here we are. By signing up, I agree to the Terms & to receive emails from POPSUGAR. Honestly, this is one of the 2020 food trends we’re pretty excited about. Last year, we saw companies beginning to experiment with the model: Starbucks opened a pick-up location in New York City, and Chick-fil-A piloted a program to test three delivery-only spots in three major cities. But the concept of peas as protein source doesn't stop there. New, either innovative or long-thought-lost traditional, products are made available through state-of-the-art methods and/or equipment, while the needs and wants of paying customers shift the direction of the whole sector. Food brands are clearly already caching on, too: Banza (makers of our favorite chickpea pasta) recently released their first-ever lasagna noodles. Unlike other trendy diets that remain controversial (cough, keto, cough), not many scientists are squabbling over the idea of limiting your eating hours throughout the day. That means that the decadent, cheesy, greasy goodness you normally associate with self-soothing, sweatpants, and binge-watch sessions could be getting makeovers with vegan meats, alternative butters, and sauces created from (gag) squash and veggies. Nielsen reports 37% of the people purchasing meat alternatives are people who identify as such. ), considering we've already got 88 lasagna recipes on this very site—but consider our interest peaked. A post shared by Kin Euphorics (@kineuphorics). Delish participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. It starts on the west coast usually: California bans something plastic and the nation follows suit. How about that horrible year that everyone was “eating for the Insta”? Staying ahead of the curve is the only way to thrive in this brutally antagonistic economic field. Here's what was see in our crystal ball at the start of this new decade... As the worlds of meal-worthy smoothies and plant-based lifestyles collide, you're going to see pea protein offered up in place of powders like whey and collagen, both of which are derived from animal sources. It's got a healthier rep, often containing no sugar and aligning with paleo and keto lifestyles. They've been especially trendy when pegged to a holiday, but consider this your permission to start employing the trend year round—with whatever food you want. Call me old-fashioned, guys. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. It is only thr… They expanded to Portland, OR, first and came to Brooklyn most recently. Interested? She resides in Asheville, NC, where she spends her time judging hipsters and holding on to her Jersey heritage and superiority. I have to hand it to the South: when it comes to comfort food, they know what the f*ck is up. Spoiler alert: I’m betting there will be a HUGE pushback once people realize the amount of chemicals that are used to make plant-based meats. Another year, another bout of really f*cking stupid food trends on the horizon. As of now, Trader Joe's reigns supreme, dreaming up insanely creative (sauce-stuffed gnocchi) and sometimes downright outlandish (chocolate gnocchi!) Named a food trend by TIME in 2015, harissa actually died off a bit between then and now, but is expected to make a comeback. Perhaps the real reason people are flocking to it? San Francisco's Montesacro, which claims to be America's original pinseria, seems to be attempting a cross-country takeover (and fans aren't mad about it). Pretty much every single major chain is putting out new breakfast options. According to Today, “Non-alcoholic bars are popping up all across the country and zero-proof concoctions with delicious juice and tea blends may become just as popular as a glass of wine when it comes to unwinding after work.” Hmm. 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And with stay at home moms regular people searching the interwebs more than ever for Filipino desserts (see: those tired of the usual Oreo cheesecakes for Jan’s monthly neighborhood get-together), expect to see this weird sh*t everywhere by summer. 22 hours ago, by Yerin Kim A post shared by (@montesacrosf). After perusing what experts across the internet have to say about it, here are the top 2020 food trends we expect to see f*cking everywhere this year. This content is imported from Instagram. We'll send you an email once a week with only the best stuff we put out. Hostess's Party-Size Twinkies Baking Kit Serves 20 People, Dunkaroos Are Getting a Lot Bigger Thanks to New Sugar Cookie Dough and Sprinkle Frosting, McDonald's Is Adding a New Plant-Based McPlant Burger to Its Menu, How to Channel Kamala Harris's First VP Look With These 7 Banana Republic Pieces, The Queen's Gambit: How to Dress Like Grandmaster and '60s Babe Beth Harmon. If you aren’t familiar, ube is a purple yam used mainly in Filipino cooking and desserts. From chicken sandwiches to pancakes to plant-based burgers, the food and drink industry is changing, and we're getting ready for a year full of good … Suck it, boomers. This doesn't mean that all of our favorite food and drink trends from 2019 will be thrown out the window, but it does mean that we'll need to make room to explore a few new ones in 2020, and we're already so excited. Biltong, which hails from South Africa, is a form of dried, cured meat. Thus, food trends are a central element to success and the reason why everyone in the market is proeoccupied with them. Others chalk up the decline in boozy nights to a rise in Goop-y lifestyles. As this number rises, so to will trends that are already popular with the veg-head set, like Meatless Monday and meat-free fast food alternatives. How about we eat to like, maintain consciousness? All it really takes to make (or break a trend) is for a storied media outlet to weigh in. by Samantha Brodsky Instead of just bans, though, expect to see companies refusing to use single-use plastic in their packaging in the first place. Even vegetarianism can be. This year, expect the same fervor around harissa, a spice paste originally hailing from Africa. And, hey—Jennifer Aniston's a fan. Green Giant...the ball's in your court. Her parents might have grown up in a different country, and she might be more open to spicier or unique flavors. That sentence started out sarcastic, but now it doesn’t sound so horrible. Although most of our parents’ generation was all about styrofoam and like, destroying the planet, millennials are clearly here to save the day with zero-waste food taking a firm grip in our collective food culture in 2o20. HEALTHY mac and cheese. Remember the year of Sriracha? Men's Fashion Tips & Style Guide 2020. More flavours of cashew butter, watermelon seed butter, and macadamia nut butter never hurt anybody. Food fairs have become a popular way to eat these days. According to Insider, “Composting and avoiding purchasing foods with excess or wasteful packaging are all ways that home cooks and restaurant chefs will be incorporating the zero-waste trend into the kitchen in 2020.” I’m personally curious how this is going to affect my addiction to GrubHub, PostMates, and Uber Eats, all of which require restaurants to have a lot of to-go packaging (some of which is less green than others). Good-for-me fried chicken. Try a bottle from Seedlip, Kin Euphorics, or Curious Elixirs. Chef's Cut and Kalahari offer trendy flavors for you to try. First it was bags, then straws, and most recently, San Francisco International Airport banned single-use plastic water bottles. In short, a ghost kitchen is one where restaurants strip the setting of any in-house dining options, creating a large commercial space that can churn out more food. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Yell at her on Instagram @sarahnowicholson. Watermelon seed butter? Apparently, 2020 will see the emergence of comfort foods created to be, like, better for us.

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