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The head of the coven arrives riding a pterodactyl and the ceremony commences. Above the gates are intricately adorned roofs, supported by four pillars and with a fire burning in the middle. This means there can be at most 3 persons with the knowledge of the martial art active at one time. However, she is suddenly frozen in stone by Tremaine with the use of Blood Magic. On rare occasions they arrive called there by their master or sometimes even Ksaravadgati himself. Prior to the sister's reunion, Henry learned of Lucy's coma, so he returned to Seattle to find out what he can do. The coven is completely unknown to the general populace, who has no idea of it actually existing. Meanwhile in San Francisco, Regina enlisted Henry in helping her meet someone who happens to work in a fitness center. Once they reach the altar, they will be greeted by Ksaravadgati himself and finally acknowledged as a true disciple. However, if she does break the curse, Henry will die. Learning this martial art is nigh impossible however, and it has taken Ksaravadgati a thousand years to find someone who could be his disciple. The last route, the same route that Ksaravadgati took, is the path of virtue. The artwork is dominated by lots of dark colors sporadically contrasted with moments of bright pastels. Pretending to be new members, the two see the bike trainer leading the group, Kelly, who happens to be Zelena under her new cursed identity. The evil pterodactyl spots our two heroes and the witches give chase through the dark woods. Cartoon video Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal Episode 8 online for free in HD. The witch ultimately finds empathy with both Spear and Fang after visiting their histories and discovering they are very much the same. Drizella needs Regina’s blood to cast the curse. View more posts. Paul Dailly of TV Fanatic gave it a 4.8 out of 5 stars. After Henry called Regina regarding Lucy, Regina tells Zelena the only way to break the curse could have consequences and implications. It is the longest and most dangerous path, taken by those who wish to find truth within themselves. Members Gothel/Eloise Gardener, Seraphina, Hedge Witch/Doctor Sage, Madame Leota, Blind Witch/Hilda Braeburn, 4 Unknown Member, Drizella/Ivy Belfrey (formerly), Anastasia (formerly), Tilly Trivia Gothel and Drizella tried recruiting Breanne of Middle-Earth. Victoria is more upset that Weaver believes that Anastasia might be the Guardian that he's been seeking. Robin embraces and kisses Alice, thus revealing the true love she had alluded to. The first one is the path of valor, that one is traveled by those who have nothing to prove, either to themselves or someone else. ( Log Out /  Alongside them are the current 8 masters of the Coven and Ksaravadgati himself. Drizella has already set a scheme to make her mother believe she had cast the curse in order to help bring Anastasia back to life and casts a spell that causes Tremaine to collapse. Every technique has a unique name that can be called upon when utilized, which is often required of young disciples to actually manage to pull it off. Each and every seat holds a unique martial art, and all of them are different from eachother, only sharing the primary beliefs listed above. When Regina warns Zelena of this new threat, she agrees to help. The tear that Victoria used on Anastasia caused Lucy to slip into a coma, thus rendering her ability to being a true believer. To this day, there have not been a single soul to have defied the rules of Inheritence of One and lived to tell the tale, as the Masters of each discipline hunts down and kills them before any such thing can happen. Current Master: Ksaravadgati the Boddhisattva, Current Disciple: Maya, female, 11 years old, Indian. Once inside the shrine, one will come across a wall with a mighty Buddha statue and the corridor will split in two. Red Banners have long tried to nestle their way inside, however every man or woman sent into their ranks either fail and die or adhere to the rules of the coven, cutting their ties with The red banners. Lastly, one becomes a Master when they've more or less mastered their martial art and their disciple has has reached or is nearing the Inheritor rank. Everyone gathers for Lucy's birthday, but they are interrupted by the arrival of Gothel, who not only restores Drizella to life, but brings along a group of cloaked witches. Alongside the mountain wall, a small shrine acts as an entrance to the interior of the table. Henry and Ella come up with a plan to protect Lucy from the curse while Regina tries to find a way to prevent it from being cast. ( Log Out /  It is the easiest path and leads to the eastern side of the temple but few possess the confidence to consider themselves flawless, thus opting another route. Both sisters now must find a way to restore their powers in order to save them. Unfortunately, Anastasia became more disturbed when Eloise found her and she knocked Victoria and Weaver out. The Ascension Altar is a huge stone construct atop the mountain that is said to have been there when Ksaravadgati first reached the summit a thousand years ago. Regina and Zelena return to discover that Drizella had poisoned Henry, and that the only way to save him is to send him to a land without magic. Ivy/Drizella is then sent to a well hole, joining Rapunzel/Victoria as her prisoner. Disciple is the first rank, this is the rank one gains while training to become an inheritor. Drizella has already set a scheme to make her mother believe she had cast the curse in order to help bring Anastasia back to life and casts a spell that causes Tremaine to collapse. Zelena tells Regina that Gothel and her fellow witches are part of a group known as the Coven of the Eight, who are more powerful than expected. Coven of the Eight, also known as the Dark Coven, and the Cult, are a group of characters featured in ABC's Once Upon a Time. At the foot of the mountain housing Piercing Heaven's temple lies three routes leading to the top. [1], Entertainment Weekly's Justin Kirkland gave it a B-. The head of the coven arrives riding a pterodactyl and the ceremony commences. The first half of the episode is very good though the dark colors throughout come across a little too dark. It is still very entertaining and the emphasize on facial features does a lot to keep viewer engagement. Afterwards, Rogers and Tilly, who have been tracking down a series of strange symbols that have shown up around the area, visit the lab and find an unconscious Weaver, who informed the two that the Coven of Eight are in Hyperion Heights right now. Instead of going to the tree, Lucy returns to the palace to tell Ella that Henry was kidnapped by the Coven of Eight. Most of the characters mentioned her are NPC's and mostly used in stories revolving the few PC's mentioned there. Hook gives Ella the White Elephant so she and Lucy can be together, thus sacrificing his chance to reunite with Alice. Ultimately it just doesn’t reach the heights this series is capable of. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Regular martial artists might've heard legends of the "Temple in the sky" where forgotten martial arts are taught. ( Log Out /  Rumple tells Hook that he can't stop the new curse, but he gives Hook a white elephant carving that will ensure that Hook and Alice will be together under the curse. Kelly, who still believes that Regina is still Roni and is bitter over having hired her daughter to work at the bar and giving her a ticket to Amsterdam and now instead of going to college, is now at a foam party in Phuket and never coming home. In a lab room, Weaver has Anastasia pick out which of the five knives is the Dagger, and suddenly she causes a rumble that allowed the knives to direct itself to a cabinet and Weaver finds the real Dagger. With Anastasia alive again, Victoria is trying to get her to assimilate to the new world. Everything written here is player-created and under no circumstances will it be treated as or claimed to be official Champions lore. These legends have been around for several centuries and are usually very glorified and blown out of proportions at times. The episode received mostly positive reviews from critics, although some thought it wasn't as strong as the previous episodes, but were impressed with how it kept the twists and dark overtones throughout the story. This page was last modified on 8 May 2015, at 14:48. Kelly refuses to go back to Seattle with Regina, but using a potion to restore her memory, Regina offered Kelly a drink of whiskey and Kelly reluctantly accepted. He is a filmmaker and writer having previously published the print zine HyperActivate in the early 2000's. At the foot of the mountain housing Piercing Heaven's temple lies three routes leading to the top. The temple itself is built in crimson steel adorned with golden, ornamental trims along the sides. The evil pterodactyl spots our two heroes and the witches give chase through the dark woods. The Coven's alignment is to be considered True Neutral and it doesn't care for the alignment of their disciples, as long as they stay true to the chosen paths. Be it magic, technology or otherworldly, it can easily deflect all kinds of energy with a wave of it's hand. The prime witch has moments of good animation during its various metamorphoses and it may be intentional that the character design is very reminiscent of Aku from ‘Samurai Jack’.

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