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We will see how long it takes before they go dead. In another post, I mentioned that I was getting a strange, non-musical harmonic distortion/vibration when I played a strong six string harmonic at the 12th fret. Click to get started. Are you sure the posts aren't drilled with holes. Loop the string through the opening in the ball ? 'Banjo action and string spacing trouble' 5 hrs, 'Want To Trade: Shelor Wideband Picks for Shelor Narrowband Picks' 7 hrs, 'Ralph Stanley’s Stelling Questions' 9 hrs. (To be thorough, he also examined the inner portions of the guitar for any loose bracing.). Use this popup to embed a mailing list sign up form. These come with a ball end that can be plucked out to reveal a loop. It looks like you're new here. I was successful with all four strings but it was tedious and damaging the string loop itself was always a possibility. I was thinking later, after my original post. The Kaplan Ball End Adapter allows any violin or viola string with a ball end to be used with standard single hook-type fine tuners normally used for loop-end strings. Run the string through as per normal for a ball end and thread it through the loop. 23 through 39 are wound.It was a pain removing the "balls" from the string loops. Thanks. © 2020 roycemusic | Powered by Shopify | Designed by WeTheme. See our vintage Gibson inventory, plus new banjos from Prucha, OME, Williams and more. He wants to take a set of new strings and do the entire set for me in addition to replacing the felt under the tailpiece to complete his diagnosis of the nonmusical rattling distortion. They are a little less "plunky" sounding and offer a little more "growl" than what I was previously using. Carefully pull tight. My earlier experience with phosphor bronze has been that they go dead fairly fast.  Playing Advice: 4-String (Irish Trad Music & Related Styles) Has anyone out there found an easy way to accomplish this? The special design of the adapter preserves the alignment of the string into the tuner. Playing Advice: 4-String (Irish Trad Music & Related Styles) ARCHIVED TOPIC: converting ball-end strings to loop-end. I realise now it probably won't work as you probably wont get a tight enough loop or enough of an angle to keep the string on the post. ), Edited by - Meles_Meles on 10/02/2018 20:43:02, That's prety much what Frank Ford described, he just winds his own loop Worked for me. November 2011 edited November 2011 in Guitars, Strings, Picks, Amps, Pickups and Other Accessories Posts: 4. The Kaplan brand represents the highest quality in strings and accessories for bowed instruments.  ARCHIVED TOPIC: converting ball-end strings to loop-end, Please note this is an archived topic, so it is locked and unable to be replied to. Some brands have "removable ball" strings.

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