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A wealth of material for effective chalk talks may be found among the drawings in the Sabbath School Worker. "On acquisition or completion of any church-owned building, a service of consecration may be held" (The Book of Discipline 2012, ¶ 2545). The invitation should include the date and time of the event, location of the event, list of key participants and other important information. Ushers should assist in welcoming the people on this occasion. If the people process to. The entire program should leave a lasting impression of the sacredness of God's pres­ence in His temple. The song of praise, the prayer, the words spoken by Christ's representatives, are God's appointed agencies to prepare a people for the church above, for that loftier worship into which there can enter nothing that de­fileth."—"Testimonies." Allowing enough preparation time will ensure you have a fantastic, stress-free event. . Consult with the business professionals and important people you would like to have involved in the event. Presentation of deed to conference by elder of church. During the dedication ceremony, the church remembered the lives lost as Mark Collins, previously on staff at FBC Sutherland Springs and now pastor of First Baptist Church, Yorktown, Texas, read the names to those who were killed. Dear friends, now that we have completed building. and confessing that apart from us their work cannot be made perfect. On the day of dedication (preferably a Sab­bath morning), a printed program should be placed in the hands of everyone present to avoid the necessity of announcing each per­son's part. Set up the chairs, podium, microphone, ribbon and other aspects of the ceremony on the morning of the event. Choose someone comfortable with speaking in front of a crowd and able to entertain people. The burning may be accompanied by an anthem of praise or a brief witness to the congregation by several representatives of the different ministries of the church—such as worship, education, evangelism, mission—concerning the meaning of this event and hopes for the future. 1 Kings 8:22 –30 Solomon's prayer dedicating the Temple. Create fliers and posters for the event and hang them in areas where your target audience will frequent. Promote the ceremony to local -- and possibly national -- media outlets. Take notes during the ceremony to decide what went well and what could be improved for the next dedication ceremony you arrange. Who are the two witnesses of bible prophecy? The congregation shall be assembled outside the door of the new building where the Pastor shall say: “Having been prospered by the good hand of our God, and who enabled us by His Grace and Power to complete this House of Worship to be used to the Glory of God, we stand before these doors and His Holy Presence to dedicate … And so on our first gathering here in our new building, we are going to pray a prayer of dedication and blessing over this church and this location we meet together in. The fol. Seventh-day Adventists believe in inspiring those around us to experience a life of wholeness and hope for an eternal future with God. Being at the forefront of this kind of event can be stressful, but with proper planning the event will go off without a hitch. A church should not be dedicated until it is free from debt. A church dedicatory service is also a sacred occasion, and if properly planned and carried out, will inspire greater respect for the house of God. I was brought up a staid Presbyterian, skeptical of all things fanatical and visionary, and so I know something of the difficul­ties of presenting the Spirit of prophecy to those not of our faith. lo. Dedicatory sermon. There are many solemn occasions in a minister's experience which require care­ful planning, so that the members may re­ceive the blessings which God has in store for them. V, p. 491. This can include grocery stores, schools and other high traffic areas. Nashville, TN 37212 . We build a church for God, but by the dedication we give it to God. To the glory of God, who has called us by grace; to the honor of Jesus Christ, who loved us and gave himself for us; to the praise of the Holy Spirit, who illumines and sanctifies us; For the worship of God in prayer and praise; for the preaching of the everlasting gospel; for the celebration of the Holy Sacraments; R. in the bond of brotherhood and sisterhood; In gratitude for the labors of all who love and serve this church; in loving remembrance of those who have finished their course; in the hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord; R. surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.

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