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The first recorded mention of Cataract Gorge is in 1804. An outgoing and knowledgeable host, Tanya brings to the role a passion for the environment, the community, and all things Launceston. have your own transport an excellent afternoon out is to take the Trevallyn Watch for the path turnoff to the right that takes you uphill to a lookout for scenic views up the Gorge if so inclined. The bus trip is a scenic to Duck Reach Power Station Museum next to the old intake pipes. Our Cataract Gorge Launceston walking tour is a self guided nature walk close to the centre of Launceston City. Get in touch by emailing Make sure you pack a picnic lunch! You can also subscribe to the Sci Art Walks podcast at your favourite podcast platform. the dam picnic area. You'll hear from us when we have something worth saying. See the website for details. There are a number of well marked paths that will take you further into the Reserve on isolated bush trails, and these make for excellent walking. The trail head is located on the north side of the bridge, below the Cataract Gorge Reserve sign. Immediately over the bridge, the path runs left and along the Gorge. A very scenic walk back Suggested Walking Location: Cataract Gorge Find Cataract Gorge Reserve just outside the city center, where the South Esk River courses down a deep, rugged trench. Our Cataract Gorge Launceston walking tour is a self guided nature walk close to the centre of Launceston City. Latest travel information concerning COVID-19. The gorge commences at Kings Bridge just 10 or 15 minutes walk from the city Grounds to Alexandra Suspension Bridge - 5 min, Alexandra Suspension Bridge to Duck Reach Power Station Museum - 45 min, Duck If you don't left, Toilets including facilities for disabled at the Hoo Hoo Hut. There is about a 2 kilometre walk to Trevallyn Dam, Walk Cataract Gorge launched in 2018 with its first one hour walk The Jewel of Launceston, which combines the best that Cataract Gorge has to offer, and has now added the 45-minute second tour Launceston’s Natural Heart, giving you natures essentials for your Cataract Gorge visit. Click Here For More Sci Art Walks Episodes. Talk by Professor Barbara Holland with music by Brian Ritchie, Suggested walking location @ Cataract Gorge, Launceston. Shortly after moving to Tasmania, Brian met gambler David Walsh and they conceived of MONA FOMA (Museum of Old and New Art Festival of Music and Art). Brian’s musical career extends across the fields of rock, classical, folk, blues, Japanese traditional music, musique concrete, and beyond. As you wander through the ancient geological formation of Launceston’s Cataract Gorge, a reflection on using mathematical tools to understand evolution, species diversity, and what ties us all together. Before the Zig Zag Track was cut in the early 20th century, the only access from Kings Bridge, at the river mouth, to First Basin was by boat up the Cataracts. Thanks for signing up! The water of the South Esk River will be on your left. Die Schlucht. Cataract Gorge Reserve is a slice of wilderness, just a short walk from the centre of Launceston. Hoo Hut next to Deadman's Hollow lookout. centre. History Cataract Gorge. included on our You will see the Car Park up and on your right as you head downstream from the first Basin. ABN 34 620 639 376, Waterfall Bay, Tasman Peninsula Walk Itinerary. Cataract Gorge. See the map. Suggested Walking Location: Cataract Gorge Find Cataract Gorge Reserve just outside the city center, where the South Esk River courses down a deep, rugged trench. Kings Bridge (entrance to the Gorge) - 15 min, Cliff a warm day there are plenty of swimming opportunities along the way . She works within the Theoretical Phylogenetics research group and lectures in Statistics. Brian Ritchie is a musician and curator residing in Tasmania. The chairlift that crosses the Gorge at the First Basin was built in 1972 and is listed as having the longest single span chairlift in the world. Deadman's Hollow, across Deadman's Knob. After walking these trails return to the First Basin. to the first basin. Cataract Gorge beim Niedrigwasser . Brian is a licensed Shihan (master) of shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo Zen flute). Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Brian moved to Australia in 2006. track branches off to the right to Duck Reach. In 2015 your guide Tanya turned her back on a long and successful career in hotel management, to pursue her dream of starting a tourism business so that she could show off Cataract Gorge to the world and make a lasting positive contribution to the community.

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