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In Europe outside the British isles, mandola is the larger GDAE tuned instrument while the smaller CGDA tuned one is known as alt-mandoline (i.e., alto mandolin), mandoliola or liola. On modern instruments X-bracing is sometimes used. Item removed from wishlist. Add To Cart. Usually the courses are all unison pairs but the lower two may sometimes be strung as octave pairs with the higher-pitched octave string on top so that it is hit before the thicker lower-pitched string. Reply to Ad #162838; Category: Mandolin Accessories Ad Number 162838 Posted: Nov 12, 2020 08:19 PM CDT. SETS - PHOSPHOR BRONZE OCTAVE MANDOLIN. Mandolin Strings . Available in two sets, the popular bluegrass set has the slightly heavier gauged high E string and more overall tension. From the mid-20th century on, a number of makers have produced octave mandolins with guitar-shaped (e.g., the "hourglass" or "figure-8") bodies. We value your input. [1] The instruments that are known in the US as the mandola and the octave mandolin tend to be known in Great Britain and Ireland as the tenor mandola, the octave mandola (or the "Irish bouzouki"). Your question will appear on the site once someone answers it. As with the scale length, the number of frets on an octave mandolin also varies widely, from as few as 17 to as many as 24 frets: 18 or 19 frets is typical. (.25 mm) Single String, D'Addario PL011 Plain Steel Ball End .011 in. OCTAVE MANDOLIN. GM-50+: A-Style Mandolin with Pickup. I’ve order from Strings By Mail many times. Exactly what I wanted at the best price. The octave mandolin produces a rich haunting sound that is unlike any other stringed instrument. You will learn eight essential octave mandolin chords, strumming patterns and chord progressions used in folk and country music, a simple blues shuffle, and even a little rock-n-roll. GM-35: F-Style Mandolin. They sound great! GHS Professional Phosphor Bronze 12-44 Octave Mandolin Strings . As is typical of the mandolin family, octave mandolins can be found with either a single oval soundhole or a pair of "F" soundholes. Our Octave mandolin string sets are made from premium grade metal alloys designed to deliver long lasting, powerful tone with a complex harmonic character. Tuned to the same pitch as a violin in a G-D-A-E, the mandolin is played, or chopped, for chordal accompaniment or played with tremolo. PayPal preferred. Since 1964, GHS Strings has been winding electric guitar strings in the southwestern corner of Michigan. Similar Products. Out Of Stock. (.28 mm) Single String, D'Addario PL012 Plain Steel Ball End .012 in. They were all labeled for easy installation. Showing all 14 results . Confusion will likely continue as the terms continue to be used interchangeably. Strings up to .016" are plain steel; heavier strings The internal bracing is similar to the mandolin and mandola, with a single transverse brace on the top just below the oval soundhole. £15.99 RRP £16.95 | Save: £0.96. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Octave string set gauges: E-.012” A-.022” (Wound) D-.032” G-.046” Tenor Guitar string set gauges: E-.011” Unison. Please enter a star rating for this review, Please fill out all of the mandatory (*) fields, One or more of your answers does not meet the required criteria. Octave Mandolin Strings. Strings Direct, Units 1 & 2 Roach View Business Park, Millhead Way, Purdeys Industrial Estate, Rochford, Essex, SS4 1LBCompany Registration Number 4226132. Octave Mandolin: Essential Chords & Rhythm Patterns will help make the transition from mandolin or guitar easier. Alternate tunings exist in which the strings in some courses are tuned to octaves, rather than unisons, but this is more typical of the Irish Bouzouki. Octave – Trinity College … Learn more at, Octave Mandolin: Essential Chords & Rhythms. you put these strings on your mandolin, use this handy. Choose an option below, or design your own set., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 10 May 2020, at 01:54. Striking a balance between tradition and innovation, GHS Strings is a major manufacturer of strings for electric & acoustic guitars, bass guitar, classical guitar, banjo, mandolin and much more. Gary Lewandowski of Cedar Mountain Mandolins made the beautiful instrument used in these videos. © 2020 Strings Direct. Fingerboard Compound Radiused Select Wood Frets 21 Inlay Snowflake Material Mahogany … $449.99. Octave mandolin … Mandolin Strings; Mandolin Family; Guitars & Banjos; FAQs. The standard octave mandolin tuning is G2 G2 • D3 D3 • A3 A3 • E4 E4, so the lowest open strings are tuned to the lowest 'G' on the guitar, and the highest strings are tuned to the same 'E' as the highest string of the guitar. Kentucky / Trinity College . The names of the mandolin family instruments vary between Europe and the United States. [2] The mandolinists thus avoid learning to read music on the alto clef; music for the octave mandolin is usually written on the more familiar treble clef, and plays an octave lower than the notes shown (see octave clefs). Choose an option below, or. Need some strings for your 8-string electric VAT no. This tuning is one octave below the mandolin (or a fourth below the mandola), and is equivalent to that of the tenor violin: The average range, therefore, is about three-and-a-half octaves, with the exact range depending on the number of frets on the individual instrument: from about one and one-third octaves below middle C up to A#5/Bb5, in the octave above middle C, (with 18 frets), to as high as E6, with 24 frets. Beginner/Intermediate level. These beasts tend to have much more sustain than traditional mandolins. $11.99. D'Addario EJ80 Phosphor Bronze Octave Mandolin Strings, Medium, 12-46 These folks are my go-to for my instrument business. Due to the length of the octave mandolin neck, standard mandolin fingerings do not always work. Buttons Gold Nut Width 1-11/32"Bone Tuners Sealed Guitar-Style Neck. Octave String Set – Ball End $ 14.99 $ 11.49. The octave mandolin produces a rich haunting sound that is unlike any other stringed instrument. (.30 mm) Single String, D'Addario PL013 Plain Steel Ball End .013 in. The strings were exactly as expected. Need some strings for your 8-string electric octave mandolin or bouzouki? Great selection, and the strings arrive promptly, especially when you need something specific. Sets are available Mandolin players will find Martin 80/20 bronze mandolin strings are excellent for the many styles of mandolin playing. I put these strings on a 17 fret tenor banjo and they work perfectly for GDAE tuning. Eastman Mandolins . Usually, courses of 2 adjacent strings are doubled (tuned to the same pitch). If you want to benefit from this improved service, please opt-in. Used & recommended worldwide. 52 Items -. You will All Rights Reserved. G-.023”, .008” Octaves. It is larger than the mandola, but smaller than the mandocello and its construction is similar to other instruments in the mandolin family. Item added to wishlist. The octave mandolin is usually tuned G-D-A-E like a mandolin, but one octave lower. (If you want 5-string or 8-string standard mandolin sets, or mandocello sets, I also have those.) Your review was sent successfully and is now waiting for our staff to publish it. Please click on the link in the confirmation email we just sent you to submit your question. Jimmy Moon, a Scottish luthier calls his version of the instrument by both names and Paul Shippey, an English luthier, uses the term octave mandolin. Overview. If you have a magnetic pickup, you need nickel steel strings like these; they'll provide a stronger signal than bronze acoustic strings. The two strings in each course are tuned in unison. Sale! The octave mandolin is usually tuned G-D-A-E like a mandolin, but one octave lower.

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