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Once you launch the Connectify Hotspot app, it will open a window that requires you to determine a name and password for your hotspot. HostedNetworkStarter is yet another software that you can use to turn your PC into a WiFi hotspot. Unlike many of the other programs on the list, MyPublicWiFi is officially compatible with Windows 10, alongside Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Server 2008 R2. I can’t thank you enough. university campuses, and even coast-to-coast wide-area network (WAN) deployments. If someone is using up too much of your connection, you’ll be able to find out who it is without much trouble. There is some sort of client management as well where you can scan and blacklist users from eating your internet bandwidth. For developers the program is written in C# and is available for Windows 7 and 8. It’s a lightweight tool and takes up only 5MB of space. Very helpful. On top of that, you can also track all the devices that are connected to your hotspot and further, you can block them as well. Now this is Hotspot software, unlike the other Wifi Hotspot software for Windows, Virtual Router Plus is free and open source. The software is compatible with the Windows 7, 8 and 10 but does not support XP and Vista. You can just download the zip file then unzip it and run the software. There's the basic paid version under the name 'Pro,' as well as upgraded 'Max' bundle which comes with all features available to any Connectify user. — Rebecca Isaacs, Product Tester, Offers solid performance at longer ranges. Security is the main challenge of wireless networks, and this is especially true for hotspots. The sleek, foldable design is great for preventing damage while traveling or moving your computer around the home. The interface will keep you updated on the devices connected to your hotspot at all times. Virtual Router 10. My WIFI Router 4. "Offers maximum performance for gaming and streaming. It allows users to set up an internet access point much like the other programs on this list, but it offers a few interesting possibilities for its users that none of the others offer. For anything more advanced, like manuals, tutorials or presentations, Techsmith SnagIt is the tool of choice. So check out our list of the best USB Wi-Fi adapters to help you cut the wires and get your surfing into the fast lane. Adapters that extend further out from your computer's USB port or connect separately via a cable will also avoid being affected by interference from the electronics in your computer, although your mileage will vary depending on what type of PC or laptop you're using; some are better than others in this regard. Naturally, Netgear brings its years of networking expertise to bear in producing quality USB Wi-Fi adapters, and while they tend to be pricey, as with the company's extensive lineup of routers you're getting what you're paying for. But how it is different from other Hotspot software mentioned here, is that you don’t need to install it. If you are looking for an open-source solution to create a WiFi hotspot on Windows then check out Virtual Router by Codeplex.

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