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Do you enjoy Disney Channel's Best Friends Whenever? George Knox | Cyd has a soft side of her, mostly when she is around Shelby. Cyd, refusing to give up, tries to surprise Shelby so they will jump. Ben Gates | Patch | KnowsMore | Shelby gets a do-over to ask Cameron out but it fails again and Cameron thinks it was Cyd asking. Franny Robinson | Kristoff | However, she often come to him when she has problems. Max Dennison | Cinderella (2015) | Her style is effortless but shows the tomboy vibe and her fun side. Mona | On March 6, 2015, Disney ordered Best Friends Whenever with production starting the same month. Great Prince of the Forest | Scamp | Genie | Spot the Killer Whale | Cyd's plans of helping Shelby with their school's Halloween carnival, backfire when her dog Diesel gets into Barry's “concentrated, experimental” wolf hormone and gets the serum on her, thus transforming Cyd into a werewolf. Fairy Godmother (2015) | Jetstream | Shelby and Cyd try to time travel to a memory from high school, but cannot go. Barry reveals that the girls had asked him to remove their powers for unknown reasons. Best Friends Whenever. She would always wear a jacket with her outfit with a t-shirt being underneath. Mowgli | During a friendship game with Barry and Naldo, a secret referring to Cyd leaving Shelby while she was sick to a concert escalates into an argument between them...putting their friendship on the line. Just as they are about to give up, the two Diesels (Diesel from the present and Diesel from that timeline) come to save them and scare the German Shepherds off. Cri-Kee | She likes getting into trouble, and often gets Shelby and herself into tricky situations. Cyd informs Shelby, and they go back to the past. Are you Shelby, Cyd, Naldo or Barry? Guest stars: Larry Joe Campbell as Mr. Doyle, Randy J. Goodwin as Vance Carroway, Madison Hu as Marci, Brendan Meyer as The Rob. Cyd is feeling guilty on Christmas Eve that Shelby's gifts are always a lot better and jumps in bed with Shelby in order to jump back to a year earlier before she moved in. Daisy Duck | Tiana | Queen Elsa | Cyd's style is edgy which goes along with her personality. After Cyd suggests that she and Shelby go to a roller derby against Astrid's wishes, things get complicated when they get caught and discover a hidden secret. Roger Radcliffe | Jessica Rabbit | Chance | They didn't meet because Naldo was distracted by a pudding cup on the floor, which Cyd dropped. They learn that they only made things worse by giving away their powers, and they are powerless against Janet Smythe's inevitable future. In A Time To Travel, Cyd and Shelby believed that Cyd and Channing Tatum are perfect for each other. Archimedes Q. Porter | Drake tells Shelby about Janet Smythe's inventions and the fact that she came to the school to watch a clock being installed. Forest Animals | Popeye | Sara Jean Reynolds | Created by Jed Elinoff, Scott Thomas. Riley Poole | They cause the robots to chase after the two girls without knowing it. Meeko | Cass Hamada | Athos | Winston | Lucky | The girls figure out that Mr. Marcus just wanted a promotion from Janet Smythe, and try to get out of Globo-Digi-Dyne. Runt of the Litter | Daisy reveals she's a princess, and that her parents died when she was 12. Cogsworth (2017) | Jill Young | It's a good show, it's funny, and it's pretty cute. Jim Hawkins | Unnamed Parents Organization XIII | (Axel | Xion | Roxas | 9 notes. The Sultan (2019) | When the girls hug, they travel two years into the future only to learn that Cyd moved out and they haven't been friends since the Cameron incident. 1:10 | Trailer. Billina | Slue-Foot Sue | Bridget the Giraffe | Hoping to make it up to Shelby, Cyd tries letting Shelby go to a concert without her to test if it'll make them "even" but without her with Shelby, Cyd begins to feel like she isn't her best friend anymore. Barry and Cyd are close friends. She would wear very stylish shoes with long socks and tops with the pants not being that big in the style of each outfit. Ted Johnson | The girls realize that Daisy is a prisoner, and they give her the choice to stay with them or go back to 1522. When they saw the picture in the yearbook, they realized that they brought the punk and disco kids together and want to be a part of the performance of Shake Your Booty. Bruton | Benji | When the punk kids started to make fun of Shelby, she defends her and travel back to the current time. Sophie | Mrs. Potts | Type of Hero Pacha | Stanley Yelnats IV | Friend Owl | Nala (2019) | Special guest star: Nora Dunn as Janet Smythe, Special guest stars: Rowan Blanchard as Riley Matthews, Peyton Meyer as Lucas Friar. Allison | When they go to Barry, Shelby reveals that she was "jamming their jump" because she didn't want to go. The Gump | Timon | Warren Peace | Little John | What do u expect? Not touched upon often, but Cyd's pretty childish. Chip Potts (2017) | The Sultan | Elizabeth James | John Silver | The Duncan family are adjusting to the surprise birth of their fourth child, Charlie. Sylvia Marpole | Riku | Best Friends Whenever Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Cyd and Shelby discover that Janet Smythe is the one behind the future lab and seek to get rid of the lab and GloboDigiDyne. Fred | John Darling | The King | Cyd and Shelby skip over the date using time travel, but raise Shelby has been dating Rob since Valentine's Day. They go to the school, where Shelby realizes that Daisy and the rift are like Mr. Doyle and his mother, because his mother "kicks him out and then pulls him back in". Cyd and Shelby realize that despite their differences, they're better together.

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