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Here are Adweek’s picks for the Top 25 ads of 2018: These print and outdoor ad images are classic art direction at its best: simple in concept, flawless in execution and (once you catch the concept) impossible to stop staring at. Not the case with this video by HP, a lovely commercial that shows a dad trying to connect with his adolescent daughter. This commercial wasn’t our favorite — it’s odd and actually a little confusing. This is a hilarious awareness campaign that doesn’t rely on storytelling or characters to impart their message; Instead, they use a funny scenario and, by challenging the viewer to ignore it, you can’t help but be drawn in even more. In each, take note of what makes the commercial a good one — the story? Promotional videos for film festivals have become some of the most fun and freaky ads in recent years, and Newport Beach Film Festival has certainly been one of the leaders in the trend. From Harbour’s monotone delivery, to the cleverly understated tag line at the end, Tide firmly seats itself in our favourite ads of … By David Griner For this year’s festival, director Jillian Martin created a mini-masterpiece with “Quota: Who Made the Cut.” It’s a fantastic feat of short-form storytelling with an ending that … well, let’s just say it makes its point in a way you won’t forget. Martin was featured on this year’s Adweek Creative 100 as an emerging director to watch. HP — “Little Moments” Mcdonald’s — “Behold, the Micro Mac” Perhaps the most powerful visual to make the case for this consumer shift came from Greenpeace Canada and agency Rethink, whose print ads feel like a punch in the throat to each viewer. Without further ado, here are our picks for the best commercials of 2018. More than that though, this commercial also serves as a teaser to. as well as other partner offers and accept our. They pique your interest and drive you to go online to learn more. Want to make your own commercial? Plus, it’s an excellent demonstration of the power of real-life testimonials. Peter Dinklage and Busta Rhymes teamed up against Morgan Freeman and Missy Elliot in this epic showdown between Doritos Blaze and Mountain Dew Ice. Both television and the internet have become home to some of the most amazing advertising campaigns and we wanted to highlight a few of our favorites from 2017-2018. To promote its app, Burger King did the unthinkable, directing customers to its biggest competitor. Google brought the holiday cheer for fans of the 1990 movie "Home Alone" when it roped in Macaulay Culkin to reprise his role of 8-year-old Kevin McCallister in its holiday spot for the Google Assistant. Though the product isn’t front and center, it is a major tool that helps move the story along. The 25 Best Ads of 2018 KFC U.K.'s unforgettable apology, Bud Light's supernaturally good marketing and Tide's meta Super Bowl ads were just a few of 2018's best. Both television and the internet have become home to some of the most amazing advertising campaigns and we wanted to highlight a few of our favorites from 2017-2018. We can help you develop your video marketing strategy. They also did a great job incorporating this into a larger marketing campaign that included online advertising and other commercials, like this amazing tiny-kitchen edition of the making of the Micro Mac. The year isn’t over yet, but already we’ve seen some amazing short-form commercials come our way. Several of the ads that stood out this year involved brands like Nike and McDonald's taking a stand on a political or social issues. “Oracle Susana” was the first foray into this wider world. And the balance of humor, branding, and emotional appeal is unexpectedly perfect, an unusual feat for something that could easily feel more like an after-school PSA. That was until we read the fine print: “. While a number of brands have taken stands on hot-button issues in recent years, few have been as bold as Nike. KFC U.K.'s unforgettable apology, Bud Light's supernaturally good marketing and Tide's meta Super Bowl ads were just a few of 2018's best. , a beautiful video that uses narrative storytelling and characters to personify their products. There was no dearth of marketers pushing the envelope to create some brilliant ads in 2018. “I wasn’t supposed to see the bright side of my journey,” says Mustafa, who has cerebral palsy, in her narration of the spot. HBO put together an entire reality-meets-fantasy recreation of the sci-fi town of Sweetwater in "Westworld" during SXSW this year, where fans of the show could experience the sci-fi world for themselves. We can help you develop your. This commercial is funny, it’s memorable, and it shows off Instagram’s new Stories feature in a unique way. Schedule a free 15-minute creative call today. By replacing the fire in different images with KFC’s Hot and Spicy fried chicken, Ogilvy Hong Kong created a campaign that sparked praise among consumers and creative peers alike. A producer will reach out shortly to explore video ideas for your brand. The quality or style? The Micro Mac is not and never will be real. The campaign by FCB New York invited fans to unlock a 1-cent Whopper coupon on the app — but only when they were within 600 feet of a McDonald's. The most important stories about advertising and media.

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