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Will there truly be a death in the Bat-Family? [53][54][55][56] The art by Ed Benes and Daniel Sampere received a mixed response from reviewers who described it as fair[54] and serviceable,[55] but also noted garish colors and inconsistent quality. He eventually manages to bring Joker out of hiding and defeats him in a fight. After testing the Joker venom used on Jimmy, Dick discovers an intentional anomaly that leads him to an abandoned aerospace facility. He then goes to the Gotham Reservoir, the first place he faced off against the Joker. View production, box office, & company info, Jim Aparo (based on: Batman: A Death in the Family by), The latter was a light-hearted, Hellboy-esque adventure featuring Peter Serafinowicz as the eponymous paranormal superhero while the former was a more sombre affair centred on Neil Gaiman’s character Death from The Sandman graphic novel. But when it comes to the small amount of added footage, there are a couple of alternate endings that are powerful additions to the Jason Todd story, particularly the one involving a bleak and shocking twist on the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh. There are plenty of references and easter eggs for eagle-eyed fans, including some scenarios and characters we’ve never seen adapted before that may make fans of Grant Morrison’s Batman run happy. Praised highly for its top-notch animation, emotionally resonating narrative and exceptional voice acting performances, Batman: Under the Red Hood also went on to become a solid hit in terms of domestic home video sales as well. Joker convinces her to allow herself to be captured to spare the orphan's life. "The Tell-Tale Face", Glass, Adam (w), Dagnino, Fernando (a), Yackey, Matt (col). [21], In Detective Comics #15, while distracted by his search for the Joker, Batman is forced to confront Clayface, who has been chemically possessed by Poison Ivy into believing they are married, turning him into a fierce bodyguard. Reach out for the physical Blu-ray copy if you must, but avoid the digital format at all costs. Why is this titled Batman: Death in the Family? The viewer then has the option to determine if he turns himself in or escapes. Jason is traumatized from the event and sees himself as a victim of Batman's crusade, leading him to run away. Reviewers noted that the story continued to be strong, but was marred by confusing elements created by dialogue structure, unexplained actions such as Batman's glove being removed off panel during a confrontation with Joker, and small artistic inconsistencies. Pepose noted that Joker having the upper hand in dialogue with Catwoman, made the character appear like a rube in her own book. If I've learned anything over the years it's that the impossible is just the unthinkable lying in wait. Shortly afterwards, two GCPD police officers arrive to arrest Jason. Adding insult to injury, the digital-distribution is a pre-fabricated version offering no interactive option as well. [65] Pepose scored the issue 3 out of 10, saying the issue was all spectacle without substance.

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