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The Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA's), skateparks and outdoor gym facilities are particularly aimed at teenagers to socially engage in sport and fitness activities. UK’s Best Park 2019 East Midlands Winner. bincollectiondaysspatialpolygondataofgeographicallocationsforbincollectiondays. annualmonitoringreportstheannualmonitoringreportreviewstheprogressoflocaldevelopment. byelawsthebyelawsrelatingtothedistrictofbassetlaw. stream The new school year has started. Any downloading or copying of this data is an infringement of the Ordnance Survey Licence. Last Updated on Friday, September 14, 2018, Data protection, Locations of Local Centre Boundaries, the retail centre's serving local communities. The dataset from 2012 includes land classified as Parks and Gardens within the Bassetlaw District Area. Opening Times: Kings Park is open to the public every day, 365 days a year. Parks and open spaces; Play areas; Play areas - Play area facilities . Locations of Council run short and long stay car parks in the Bassetlaw area. These are mainly in Retford and Worksop but there are other playgrounds across the District. The historic register of Planning Applications from 1974 onwards. | Bassetlaw District Council Parks and open spaces | Find out about the picturesque parks and open spaces in Bassetlaw. equalityanddiversityannualreportsthesereportshighlighttheworkofthecouncil,withitspartnersonaddressingequalityanddiversityissues. Venues and facilities that the Council has available to hire to the general public. conhtlr 0LKeo rBgM$LÀ DOIJCSe$6L . >> Location of the Town Halls and Council Buildings within the District of Bassetlaw. Spatial point data of geographical locations of Leisure facilities within Bassetlaw, leisurefacilitiesspatialpointdataofgeographicallocationsofleisurefacilitieswithinbassetlaw. librarylocationsspatialpointdataofthegeographicallocationsoflibrarieswithinthedistrict. The geographical locations of the Council's shopmobility centres. Recycling Centres, Country Parks and Passenger Transport to stay open during lockdown Nottinghamshire County Council is funding free school meals for 22,000 young people this half term Have your say on the future of local government The Parks and Gardens dataset contains information such as locations, settlements, catchment figures and wards for all Parks and Gardens within the Bassetlaw District Area. ... Information such as locations and settlements for all Civic Spaces within Bassetlaw. amenitygreenspace-openspacestudyinformationforallamenitygreenspacewithinthedistrictofbassetlaw. efficiencystrategyefficiencystrategy-helpingplanfuturebudgetstrategyandwhatwillbedelivered. Effective July 15, face coverings are required in outdoor public spaces when physical distancing is not possible. Information for all Public Outdoor Sports Facilities within the District of Bassetlaw. article4directionsarticle4directionsandit'saffects. Created Date: 20140502110004+00 Geocoded point data that locates all fire stations within Bassetlaw District Council. Locations around the district where certain types of household items can be recycled. publicnoticesweeklylistsofpublicnoticesthatarepublishedinthelocalpresseachweek. scrutinyreportlibraryoverviewandscrutinycommitteemonitortheimplementationofthereviewsrecommendationsforanagreedperiodoftime,usuallyoneyear. 2018 – 2019. websitestatisticsaselectionofwebsitestatisticsrecordedfromourwebsiteusinggoogleanalytics. Register your child for an after school program at one of various Miami-Dade parks. cemetery-openspacestudyinformationsuchaslocationsandsettlementsforallcemeterysiteswithinbassetlaw. The aim of our play sites is to provide safe and stimulating spaces for children and young people to interact and play. Cookies. Spatial point data of geographical locations/instances of Fly Tipping, flytippingspatialpointdataofgeographicallocations/instancesofflytipping, The register lists all the food establishments in the Bassetlaw area, foodpremisesregistertheregisterlistsallthefoodestablishmentsinthebassetlawarea.

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