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for the general public and for the individual patient is the assessment of ‘risks to health’. community nutrition schemes; and it may be helpful to support and work with such schemes. Public health surveillance has been defined as the ongoing collection, analysis, and interpretation of health data essential to public health practice, closely integrated with timely dissemination of information for intervention. A diagrammatic formulation of this concept is seen at Fig 2: The Report uses the health field concept to draw attention to the urgent need in contemporary, developed societies to expand our official and professional discourse on health decisively beyond, the narrow scope of medical services or the health care system. be taken on a particular health problem, and who should be doing what across this range. How, well do you think most health professionals and/or health agencies carry out the job of, ‘communicating about risk’ to the public? London, Health Education Authority (1993) Peers in Partnership: HIV/AIDS Education with Young People. profile is given to issues around personal and workplace stress and lifestyles among the, practice population; and this can be supported and followed up through primary health care, facilitators. In schools, colleges and youth clubs, projects can be set. What are the difficulties or dangers of these lines of development. Schools should be helped to maintain sex education books. nas bases de dados: SciELO, Lilacs, Medline, PubMed e Portal Capes. However, although UK governments have been signatories to the WHO charters, concerted. Their 3 broad strategic objectives, are to reduce health inequalities in a local area; to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and, responsiveness of local services; and to “create alliances for change” that ‘add value’ by, “breaking through current organisational boundaries”, by “creating synergy between the work. AIDS in Africa is a gender, development and rights issue involving power and differential access to resources. to explore the possibilities for local citizen action on ‘safe community projects’ etc. In 1992, as a way of making its Health of the Nation strategy work, the UK Department, of Health encouraged the setting-up at all levels of the service of ‘healthy alliances’, that is, “active partnerships between the many organisations and individuals who can come together to, help improve health” (DoH 1992, p5). As we saw above it is not new for, governments to ask people to take responsibility for their own health, to suggest that there are, actions that we can each of us take to improve our own health. and challenges of their lives, to manage stress and emotions in creative and adaptive ways. Basic epidemiology was originally written with a view to strengthening education, training and research in the field of public health. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Davies JK, Macdonald G (Eds, 1998) Quality, Evidence and Effectiveness in Health Promotion. Sleeping, rough is one stage in a continuum of housing poverty. Worked example 5: action on health in relation to homelessness and housing poverty, The numbers of people sleeping rough (‘roofless’) in Britain has been growing alarmingly for over, 20 years, as has been obvious in city centre shop doorways, multi-centre car parks, cardboard city, etc. concerns, and support each other in improving their own circumstances. What dilemmas arise in defining ‘risk’ in different areas and aspects of health today? ); where necessary aids and adaptations can be put in place, and, other socio-physical and socio-economic elements of domiciliary care and support. especially ‘poly-pharmacy’. types of practice that are summarised in quadrant A – what some call ‘medical model’ health, promotion. The sustained body of practice that has. As EPSs precisam ser certificadas e submetidas a um processo avaliativo contínuo. by survivors can have a beneficial impact on people with or at risk of mental health problems. The risk of CHD, is closely associated with social disadvantage: unskilled men are 3 times more likely to die from, CHD than professional men (and their wives 2 times more). reports on inequalities in health, likewise illustrate the ‘multi-level’ approach to health promotion. occupy themselves with policy and practice in public health and health promotion. This will require new. A classic statement of the WHO approach is in the Ottawa Charter (1986), which identifies - as the basic tools or ‘building-blocks’ of health promotion – the following. Health Promotion International, 13 (4) 340-364. Another, example of a broader agenda to which health professionals can contribute significantly is that, of challenging the negative stereotypes of mental illness in the media, fighting discrimination, against people with mental health problems and promoting their social inclusion (NSF 1999), Worked example 3: action on coronary heart disease and cardiovascular health, Coronary heart disease [CHD] is the single commonest causes of premature and avoidable death in, the UK. Identificou-se como principais desafios enfrentados para a implantação, o desenvolvimento e a continuidade das EPS, a intersetorialidade e a insuficiência de recursos financeiros e humanos capacitados. social support for each other in meeting their own agreed needs. All this can be linked to a planned 'health promoting school/college', policy. But the health field concept pulls these insights together, juxtaposes them in a vivid, phrase and a memorable picture, and provides a salutary stimulus to new thought - beyond the, study, out in the worlds of policy and practice. ‘social capital for health’ is a term that refers to the fabric of local life at the grassroots - trust. The ‘Health of, the Nation’ strategy introduced in the 1980s was the first attempt by a UK government to establish, a coherent and systematic policy for health promotion, and although this avoided direct reference, to the context of social inequalities in health, it did highlight a number of key concepts with origins, in the WHO approach. Practitioners are sometimes attracted to one particular, mode because of distinctive personal and social values it is seen to embody – which may be partly, a matter of ethical standpoint, partly to do with political views, and for some people perhaps more, to do with what kinds of knowledge they deem most trustworthy (eg whether oriented towards the, positivist and ‘objective’, or towards the humanist and ‘interpretive’). A CONTRACT FOR ACTION ON HEALTH IMPROVEMENT, This sort of tabulation (Table 2 above) can be a useful device in planning, consultation and, review, and has for example been taken further in a series of ‘National Service Frameworks’ –, for example for mental health and for coronary heart disease - which decisively place health, promotion at the heart of mainstream health care development and management. policy development for public health and health promotion at national level was slower in coming, and has sometimes taken a lukewarm and selective approach to the WHO precepts.

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