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Ashland's Gafchromic self-developing dosimetry film has been created specifically for applications in radiotherapy at the processorless environment of the modern medical center. These polymers, based on AN-119, are sold as 50 percent solutions in ethanol or isopropanol. Canned Pet Foods Inspired by telomere science, Telosense™ biofunctional, complex of hydrolzed yeast and soya proteins, is designed to reduce the signs of aging. recommended use level:  1% to 2%, to adapt skin to preserve sun defense capital and beauty Natrosol™ FPS fluidized polymer suspensions are solvent-free liquid versions of Natrosol hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC). is compatible with anionic and nonionic formulations After the blood product and its attached indicator are irradiated, the word “NOT” is obscured and the indicator reads “IRRADIATED”. Within the Escalol line there are many options for both UVB and UVA ranges, with our most recent addition – Escalol™ S UV filter– offering broad protection across UVA and UVB. In addition to modifying the behavior of water, cellulose gum is useful in modifying flow, adding texture and enhancing mouthfeel. We also offer a number of specialty cellulose gums for specific purposes. With clinically proven benefits on gray hair reduction, it can be used in hair treatments to address the following: skin benefits: These copolymers are water-soluble resulting in clear, tacky solutions whose rheology can be modified with the addition of salts and bases. Conarom P aromatic is based on phenylethanol and caprylyl glycol. Preservative system: sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate It is ideally suited for use as a conditioning and thickening polymer in  Prevents syneresis Click here for more information and / or to request a sample. the active compounds in Perluxan™ extract reduce inflammatory markers in laboratory tests (in vitro and ex vivo) In addition to the condensation reactions noted above, it can be converted to simple esters and halides, dehydrated to tetrahydrofuran (THF) and dehydrogenated to gamma-butyrolactone. Polyclar™ Endure regeneration-grade beer stabilizer represents a significant development in preserving the quality and character of beer after packaging. resistance to high humidity Klucel Nutra™ PLUS binder provides the premium binding ability of Klucel Nutra™ modified cellulose, widely known in the nutraceutical industry for superior performance, with ideal disintegration properties for improved bioavailability. This product is used in the electronics, textiles and specialty cleaners industries as a complexing agent, dispersion aid, solvent and surface active. A multifunctional solution for skin multilevel rescue easy to coat and excellent adhesion toothpaste Aqualon™ GMO and non-GMO cellulose gum grades are manufactured in the U.S. 3. sheltering scalp from air pollutants toluene-free products for heavily regulated markets Sterin is available for doses of 70 Gy, 100 Gy, 125 Gy, and 145 Gy. dishwashing water softener tablets Using proprietary Zeta Fraction™ technology, Ashland captures the benefit of the whole living plant and refines the usability of the Giant Kelp, the largest seaweed and fastest growing organism on the planet. BDO is also used as an intermediate to make polyurethane that is used in auto bumpers and dash boards. leave-on skin care This fast-wetting characteristic is due to its large surface area, which helps to accelerate the slurrying process and create efficient dispersion and hydration.

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