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It is currently impossible to obtain the Cobra Royale on v1.2.1 of the PC version from Nomad's Bazaar (Heka Chests). A dangerous Predator Bow that is just that, a pure predator. Must have been an extremely rare drop. Sometimes you simply need the right tool for the right task. Honestly any of the ones that deal bleeding damage with another effect, either health or sleep. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If so, that and the Ash bow (hunter with ranged hit multiplier) are my go to bows I usually have equipped. How do I complete the First Blood sidequest. The Papyrus puzzle says something like "in the south-east isle of Memphis there is a river of unusual colour, you can find me at the unique source". Health in Hit and Accuracy for a narrower dispersion. Assassin’s Creed Origins features a large array of randomized Weapons which can be acquired by defeating enemies, looting chests, or even crafting. To know the weapon rarity, check their attributes, Common weapons and shields have only one attribute similarly, Rare Weapons as two attributes and lastly Legendary Weapons has three attributes. That is the fire arrow light bow right? There are three types of ranged weapons: Hunter Bows, Light Bows, Predator Bows, and Warrior Bows. Amenhotep's bow is really nice indeed for stealth, Any Hunter/Predator bow with the legendary Ranged Hit Multiplier. Inhabitants of the Im-Khent Nome will prefer to communicate with ranged tools rather than risking the dangerous crocodile-infested Nile. Hunter bows are definitely the most plentiful weapons in the game, but you will also find all sorts of swords, axes, maces, spears, and even scepters that you can add to your stash. If I could find a Hunter bow that had ranged multiplier, I would be in love. A strong, steady weapon that keeps you calm in even the most trying situations. Unlike other Assassin’s Creed games the weapons in Origins have different rarity levels, bonus and effects like Common, Rare and Legendary. During the 1st century BCE, it was obtained by the Medjay Bayek of Siwa during his travels in Egypt.1 Assassin's Creed: Origins ... Ash Bow: Charging Speed III: Blacksmith Shop & Loot: Blacksmith This page was last edited on 28 October 2017, at 00:47. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Assassin's Creed Origins Legendary Weapons Guide to help you learn all about different available Legendary Weapons in AC: Origins and how to get them. TH can regularly kill mobs with body shots that requires a head shot from S&M. // Discussion. How to Obtain [edit | edit source]. I kinda liked fire bow too but I found no use to it after I noticed not many challenging enemies took much dmg from fire nor the fire last long on them. Here are all weapons location and their stats before Double damage just for standing 20 meters away? Assassin’s Creed Origin is out and Bayek of Siwa(the last Medjay), an Assassin of the Egyptian Brotherhood is seeking revenge to the last pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra VII. You get it for completing one of the Papyrus puzzles, at least I did anyway. Smoke and Mirrors is probably my favourite. Aim it high, aim it true, pull the string, and follow through. These two are superior two everything else. TH gives you bonus damage if you have a height advantage. Those are the exact bows I use! For news, discussion and more about Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed franchise. I use the Ash Bow, but not in love with it. If so, that and the Ash bow (hunter with ranged hit multiplier) are my go to bows I usually have equipped. leveling past 40 assassin's creed origins? Just finished the game, ending was frustrating, few questions(spoilers). Most predator bows are instant kill in stealth. Hunter bows are definitely the most plentiful weapons in the game, but you will also find all sorts of swords, axes, maces, spears, and even scepters that you can add to your stash. There are three types of ranged weapons: Hunter Bows, Light Bows, Predator Bows, and Warrior Bows. Sure, we always go for head shots, but sometimes the target is moving. Determination, patience, focus. Isn't the Predator Bow the sniper rifle one? Warrior bow - Assessor of Ma'at for some devastating close range damage (I already got the bow thx to the community challenge bug). Lord of bones for example seems like a good predator bow in my eyes. At elevation the TH was doing 7200 damage for crit, same spot and distance with Smoke & Mirrors did 3600. The limbs of this elegant bow are fashioned of coal dust and ashes encased in gold, making it nimble and easy to deploy. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Composite light bow and Smoke and Mirrors predator bow. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Trophy Hunter over Smoke and Mirrors any day. Carefully constructed from gazelle horn and acacia wood, this bow has a strong draw and true aim. Each have a unique style of shooting, from automatic fire and splash style shots to precision sniping and hunting. Check out other Location Guide to know more about Assassin’s Creed Origins Tips and Cheats. Amenhotep's Bow for stealth. I don't get why so many use the fire bows. I've heard you kind find it on guys in Memphis. Location: Blacksmith, Loot adn Normad’s Bazaar, Location: Complete Medjay Quest – The Nomad’s Bazaar, Location: Complete Medjay Quest – Bayek’s House, Location: Complete Medjay Quest – Song of the Desert, Location: Complete Medjay Quest – Mound of Grain and Gold, Location: Defeat Elite Brothers in Krokodilopolis Gladiator Arena, Location: Complete Medjay Quest – Grand Theft Cargo, Location: Blacksmith, Loot and Nomad’s Bazaar, Location: Complete Medjay Quest – Making History, Location: Complete Medjay Quest – All in Bad Faith, Location: Complete Medjay Quest – Loose Lips, Location: Complete Medjay Quest – Fair Trade, Location: Complete Medjay Quest – Predator to Prey, Location: Complete Medjay Quest – Pax Romana, Location: Complete Medjay Quest – Sleepless Nights, Location: Complete Medjay Quest – The Heart of Faiyum, Location: Complete Medjay Quest – Founding Father, Location: Defeat Boss Hammer in Cyrene Gladiator Arena, Location: Complete Medjay Quest – Seven Farmers, Location: Defeat War Elephant – Qetesh and Resheph, Location: Complete Medjay Quest – Plight of the Rebels, Location: Complete Medjay Quest – Conflicts of Interest, Location: Complete Medjay Quest – General Issue, Location: Complete Medjay Quest – Farms of Dionysias, Location: Complete Medjay Quest – The Champion. You get the Smoke and Mirrors bow from killing The Iron Ram Phylakes. Jump to: navigation, search. COME ON INNNNNNN. Archived. I found mine in Memphis and a couple other people on this board found it in memphis. When Assassin’s Creed finally returned in 2017, it was with a major make-over that turned the game from a classic “Ubisoft” open-world adventure into a full on RPG, complete with side quests, a lengthy story, and plenty of loot. Accurate at long range. Deployed by Nubian archers for decades, this is a basic but effective weapon. You can always switch bows though if you need it for one engagement. Others, however, require a more deliberate approach. Just like pharaohs of old, you too can hunt large game of Kemet. I think I've only gotten 2 legendary predator bows, the one you mentioned and the ahmenotep bow which is health on kill. Well, Assassin's Creed Odyssey would add the loot (and inspire an array of similar games) a year later, but Assassin's Creed Origins certainly had plenty of weapons. No quest gives this specifically (very few weapons are quest specific - though a few are - like Jackal's Gaze), it will be random loot, and it may randomly be available at Blacksmiths (after you unlock the ability for them to have Legendary). It also offers adrenaline with each kill and sets anyone it hits on fire, … Why AC game is not taking place in Babylon or Mesopotamia? Hunter bow - lightning's strike from 1st civ pack (great dmg multipliers) Light bow - composite bow (my number 1 pick for boss fights) Predator bow - Trophy Hunter for the best ranged dmg or Lord of Bones for the poison reasons you mentioned.

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