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My body needs this. This is still a great way to maintain your healthy lifestyle, try new recipes and seek out motivation from others doing the challenge. I’ve always wanted to try eating clean or just healthier in general, but I struggle with what foods to buy and meals to make so this plan would be so helpful to me. I’m in! Well Jamie and Kristen have started a private Facebook page that anyone can join that is SO helpful because this is where you’ll find your weekly meal plan and recipes as well as everyone else that has joined the challenge for awesome accountability and support! (#foodporn!) Therefore, a perfectly planned Monday would be worth 10 points total. Clean eating recipe is always welcome. I want my energy and pretty skin back and I know clean eating is a good place to start! Sunni here, and I have to say ‘WOO HOO! This challenge is designed to show you how to eat clean with proper macronutrient balance so you never feel overly hungry (or full). I did really good for about two months then fell off the wagon. Is there another way that I can get the information. Want to lose weight without feeling deprived of food or hungry, Want to develop eating habits that are sustainable, Want to give you body what it needs to function optimally, Want to be able to eat your favorite foods while losing weight. I’m getting married in a year and I want to look my best. If you incorporate some daily exercise (even if you only go for a walk) that’s even better. Posted on April 24, 2015. Others may wish to only try and drink 100% of the water schedule. *insert excited face of choice*, I am looking forward to starting a new change. This is a great challenge! I’ve been wanting to try the clean eating way, and this is the best way to start! Beginning Monday, March 2nd, these girls will be kicking off this challenge by providing a full shopping list, meal plans, delicious recipes and daily check-ins all to make it oh so easy to start your journey to eating clean. starting every Monday and receive your  directions, menu suggestions and more by email. Just send me your email address and I’d be happy to get you all the information! I have been looking for a new challenge and this sounds perfect!! Shay’s interval eating meal plan will is perfect for the person who feels like they could eat all the time. Exercise: Get back into your usual fitness routine, or commit to at least 30 minutes a day of something that gets your heart rate going. I eat clean for the most part but I find that when I don’t it spirals. Many of you may not be sure what Clean Eating really means. Learn how your comment data is processed. Simply comment below that you’re ready to commit and join the group Facebook page HERE! MUST LOOSE WIEGHT PER DOCTOR CAN HARDLY WAIT TO JOIN, JUST SEEN THIS ADD TONIGHT WOULD LO VE TO JOIN I LOVE TO EAT AND LIKE FRESH FRUIT AND VEGGIES. What do you suggest? I do eat an occasional homemade cookie, but I am certain I can eat/cook clean for five days, as have been eating better since last fall. FREE 5-Day Clean Eating Challenge Group. Love, A. im in! So ready! Clean . 5 DAY CLEAN EATING CHALLENGE. Thanks for sharing! so glad people are embracing clean, healthy eating, portion control etc I’m excited to try this. Now, it’s a REAL Challenge: the 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge! I think they should include buying more organically grown fruits and vegetables. I need a push to get back on track! Subscribe for free recipes& entertaining tips! Has to wait until payday to go shopping but can’t wait! I can’t wait to do this challenge! Absolutely! Eating clean should be a lot easier when you’ve got plenty of advice and support from others while doing it. interested to see what this is all about. Sometimes, making the best food choices can be challenging! A nutrition nerd, fitness enthusiast, and healthy habit expert. This 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge is a great idea. Am I too late to join in? It literally changed my life for the better and the way I look at food. Here are some helpful tips to stay on track: So are you ready to get started? I’ve been eating clean for 3 weeks now, drinking TONS of water, and reaping the benefits already. Now, it’s a REAL Challenge: the 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge! Continue drinking water and herbal teas throughout the day, and coconut water after exercising. This sounds like something that could really improve my diet/energy/mood. Beginning Monday, March 2nd, these girls will be kicking off this challenge by providing a full shopping list, meal plans, delicious recipes and daily check-ins all to make it oh so easy to start your journey to eating clean. You should also try to eat 5 times a day. This sounds like a great challenge. Love this! Need all the help I can get, please!! It has made such a huge difference in how I feel. I’m hoping that being a part of a group will make it easier for me to eat clean . Posted below is the information I post for mine. its too late for me but i hope i can join next time.i enjoy reading all comments above. I have been trying to find a was to get started. With all the fitness and nutrition buzzwords out there, it can definitely be confusing. I have wanted this for such a long time – researched clean eating and know what to do but now have to just “do it”! I am so in. :}, Attention guys & gals! You are going to plan out your calories for the week with the help of the menu suggestions. I would looove to join you for this challenge! Lactose INTOLLERANT! Now, she’s here to teach you how to do the same. M Please count us in. Now don’t get me wrong, living a completely clean lifestyle doesn’t mean I’ve given up sweets and the occasional pizza completely, but I believe in living life by the 80/20 rule. This is perfect timing. A 5 Day meal plan – the exact menu of what I eat to get and stay lean without feeling deprived, restricted, or hungry! I’m always at the gym and don’t think my employer will appreciate me publicly “liking” that page. So how do you join?? I will be starting on Monday March 30th, to give me a chance to get what I need. I do not have a Facebook page but would love to join the challenge. To run a FREE clean eating challenge group, first you’ll want to set-up a FB Event to invite everyone to. 5. A main reason I love eating clean is for that reason exactly! If you’re not new to clean eating then that’s okay too! You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. I would like to know if it is vegetarian or includes vegetarian substitutions. I’m in! So excited. Spent out thousands of dollars on medical procedures, scans, and advice without any help. I have joined the group . have we walked […], Hello Everyone! Shay understands what it’s like to feel drained after a long workday. Oh that’s horrible! By engaging in activities such as the 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge, you will make yourself more aware of better nutritional choices with foods that will fuel your body. This recipe meets all […], Disclaimer: All Rights Reserved. I with my team want to join with you. The entire weekly challenge is worth 50 points. 4. Skipping the wrong aisles in the grocery store is so important and helps a ton when trying to lose weight I found . I would love to join but I’m a personal trainer and fitness instructor. I’m really looking forward to this challenge! But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. I am so ready and I have joined the Facebook group! We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. I’m in. Remember clean eating is a lifestyle, NOT a diet so if you approach it head on with that mindset then you’re already off to a really great start. I just joined! Really makes such a difference to your body I’ve just started a clean eating vegetarian blog, its Oh and of course I can’t leave out the added bonus of needing new jeans which is always a plus. I just love them for my hangover days. I’m so excited to do this! start now. My prom dress just came in so, yep, time to get in shape! I’m a little late to the party, but I’m in for the challenge , Great idea and concept:) 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and 2 snacks (am/ pm). Challenges really help..I set them every week. I really need to get into eating healthier! Perfect timing – I am so ready to eat clean – have a headache this morning from too much sugar yesterday!!!

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