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2 Green Refractor…………..not numbered 1 Rookie Refractor…………..numbered, 73 Rookies Checklist……..SSP and SP of top rookies, and thousand of unnumbered unknown rookies, So really only getting two numbered cards and an auto of undrafted TE, 2013 Topps Chrome Football rated 4.3 / 5.0, 8 Reflectors equals: Variation 2: Barry Sanders (autograph), Base: Arm extended with ball Not overly impressed by the 2 autographed cards, I’ll just have to wait them out to see what they do later down the road. Variation: Bo Jackson, Base: Peyton Manning - white jersey Also, 1/1 on Dres Anderson. Variation: Hand up (autograph), Base: Hunched, jersey number obscured Some of the biggest pulls each year come from these boxes and that cannot be overlooked. Warning if it stays as it is stated this is the box break down, 2014 Topps Chrome Football rated 2.8 / 5.0, 8 Reflectors equals: The 2015 Topps Chrome Football base set has 200 cards. Expand Set Name Card Nbr Card Description Total Qty Low Price; 2015 Topps Chrome: 1: Marshawn Lynch 122: $0.18 Variation Superfractors (1/1) make their debut in 2015 Topps Chrome Football. 2012 Topps Chrome Football Box Rack Pack Factory Sealed Value Packs. While die-cuts have been done ad nauseum, I will admit that the design has a certain regal quality, and, while the actual die-cut design is unnecessary, it does make the cards stand out. Variation: Ball in right arm, left hand extended, Base: Running Variation: Brett Favre, Base: Arm extended toward defender, ball against chest I particularly like the 1989 Super Rookies. Variation: White jersey, Base: DeMarco Murray I liked the selection of Refractors I pulled in 2015 Chrome and I also enjoyed the inserts. Variation: Running, Base: Arian Foster 2015 Topps Chrome Football EXCLUSIVE Factory Sealed Blaster Box-Bonus REFRACTORS. Variation: Dan Marino, Base: Tre Mason Phx � This was the checklist provided by Topps. He does have a variation card in regular Topps Football. Yee Haw! What do you expect to happen. I think the box prices will stay relatively the same or go higher at least until the season is over. For most collectors, 2015 Topps Chrome Football is about its cornerstone Refractors and the promise of one Rookie Autograph per hobby box. The full list of veterans can be seen below and the rookies are available using the tab above. It also gave me the standard Chrome design that I was missing. For most collectors, 2015 Topps Chrome Football is about its cornerstone Refractors and the promise of one Rookie Autograph per hobby box. Today, I relapsed. Variation: Standing with ball near thigh, Base: Calvin Johnson I appreciate that Chrome makes them much tougher to pull but I still feel like things have gone too far with variations and no more than twenty is needed in any one set. Variation 1: Matthew Staffford - blue jersey (autograph) The rarity of the Mariota/Gurley/Cooper/Winston Base RC Autos make them extremely valuable if hit. Variation: Vertical, turkey, Base: Black jersey The rookie signature theme continues in the numbered Dual and Triple Rookie Autograph inserts. (Note to self, stick to BB :-)). I’ll let everyone else buy cases and wait till they’re $400 and then buy. Variation 2: John Elway, Base: One knee up I know retail is not the best way to go but it’s definitely something topps can improve on for chrome especially considering you only get like 15 cards total for 10 bucks. Tre Mason camo refractor /499 can someone explain to me how David Johnson and others have a variation autograph but don’t show up on this checklist? One thing I did not come across is the base short print variations. One of them was a case hit Steve Young card that I cannot sell for five bucks, and the Blue Refractors, rare though they might be, are not numbered, and I cannot sell the lot of them either. 1 Veteran Refractor…………… numbered Eddie Goldman base auto I hope Platinum FB will be better. 1 Blue Wave…………………not numbered Maybe this is a blessing in disguise, as I realize I would have to diagnose myself with severe retardation to dwindle further into this bullsh*t product. My case was a total disaster. Any news on the autos /100? Cards 72. Variation: Arm extended, no ball, Base: Running with ball Please email us or leave a comment if you see anything we don't have. Variation: Kneeling, arm extended, Base: Ball in right arm (green) They look like they’re Yellow, but similar to the Sepias where the entire card is yellow, not just the border. 4) Tom Brady pulsar refractor, 1 super bowl die cut (Terrell Davis), 89 Amari Cooper, 2- T60 Calvin Johnson and Emmet Smith Shop for 2015 Topps Chrome Football variations on eBay. Product Configuration: 24 packs per box, 4 cards per pack $285.00. Variation: Steve Young, Base: Patrick Willis There are also Rookie Autograph Patches that come hard-signed and with a multi-colored swatch. Variation: Ball near helmet, Base: Running with ball in right arm When combined with the fact that most of the best rookies appear to be short-printed, the chips are stacked against collectors, especially those that bust by the box. Variation: Standing (autograph), Base: White jersey Having said that, with only one autograph per box and a checklist that does not scream value, it is a tough proposition to get your money’s worth even at $60-70 per box.

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